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  1. Avi_dreader said:

    I think the guy running them was moved to a different department (I'm not sure, but I think it's the same guy I'm thinking of), but yes, you're right, obviously they should have notified players if they weren't intending to post results, or if they thought there would be long delays ::shrug::

    Yep, how much time did you spend writing this two lines? Ten seconds? Twenty?
    That's my point. No probs if something changes and so we won't see the results, but please, a line on your website in order everybody can know. A little clarity in life is the main point for a civil coexistence based on mutual respect

  2. I'd suggest you CotDP; the allies rock, and although the wording on some cards isn't  excellent, the game provides a lot of fun.
    BGotW is, in my opinion, the worst expansion ever released for AH. No reasons why you should join the cult, and most of its mechanics are very slow to start in case you do not use the *official* herald. Some of the Unique Items are cool, but... I'll go definitely with CotDP

  3. Avi_dreader said:

    I don't think that's really within the purview of the FAQ :')

    I'd say don't expect 2nd league results, but who knows, someday you might be pleasantly surprised, FFG has a way of doing that (but don't count on it).

    I'm not expecting them at all. It seems to be quite evident FFG ha no interest in completing this task. But I still wonder why. I mean, the most complex part should be writing the scenarios (or what they should be called), playtesting them at least once, answering all the related FAQ, decide in what-on-earth should be changed Calvin every time some new problem rises up, and all of this has been done.

    So what's the problem with publishing the results?? I personally feel they mocked me and I'm not that happy with this sensation. I'll gladly play some custom league like yours, but I personally won't ever waste my time in a league run by FFG.

    But please, do not misunderstand me. Last league was fun, but the deadline was very... close? strict? don't know the english word, I mean we had not that much time to finish it before the deadline. I'd like to finish on time, to be there with all the others, and so I sacrificed a lot of the few free time I had for this. And then 8 MONTHS passed without none from FFG being able to write "sorry, we are having troubles with XYZ and...". For me, it's not accettable.

  4. Avi_dreader said:

    ::Laughter:: sorry again, calling older files by the same name (back in the day when I wasn't excessively careful prior to posting this) would cause image display errors.

    No problem at all, Avi. I'm more excited for the things to come rather than disappointed for something it's not your fault. Can't wait tomorrow for reading the first scenario. Hope to be able to play AH finally again this w-end (three week of abstinence at the moment, and this disappoints me a lot) ::lol::

    And... what about adding a new FAQ in the FAQ you're checking out: "what has happened to the 2nd league final resaults?" I mean, they are a little late with posting results...

  5. Avi_dreader said:

    ::Laughter:: I'm sorry Julia, you seem to have bad luck.  Perhaps a Jinx or a Curse.  But look on the bright side ;') at least you haven't printed out The Maskless yet.  

    Well, actually I printed ALL your custom creations, Avi, so even the "Maskless2", as it's called on your Photobucket. But no problem, I'll gladly print everything again ::smile::

  6. Avi_dreader said:

    Really?  None of them?  

    Well, I haven't tried all of them yet, just the three impressing me the more, which means: Galaxy of R'lyeh, Creature in the clouds and The lich king.
    I'd like to play more with your custom material, but I think I have to improve my knowledge of the game with its basic elements. So I'm planning to start everything over again, and see how things have changed during these months. There are tons of possibilities still unexplored for me

    But I definitely love the idea of a custom league with some nasty background. Can't wait

  7. Avi_dreader said:

    Galaxy of R'lyeh is a herald, but if you want to call it a scenario and play it with Basatan I won't stop you ;'D

    Well, actually, they stopped me twice in a row ::laughing::
    Sorry for the scenario vs heralds mistake. Still make confusion on it. Anyway, the picture of the Galaxy is great; where does it come from?

  8. And if you want something really tough to beat, try Avi's "Galaxy of R'lyeh" scenario, enhancing it with some nasty herald, like the custom herald Basatan or (AND?) Father Dagon and Mother Hydra. Use only the Innsmouth expansion to avoid dilution of events and then... well, break a leg!

  9. My suggestion: allow players to switch starting random possession with objects acquired in the previous scenario, as previously suggested by Woodclaw and Mageith, BUT for each item they want to keep, draw a corruption or a madness or an injury (which flaw they have to draw depends on the kind of campaign you want to run; if you believe that fighting evil taints even the most pure soul, go for corruption, and so on; I mean, you decide from which deck all flaws have to be drawn). Madness, injuries and corruptions carry over from scenario to scenario regardless of the fact players decide to keep some items or not

    And yes, use Avi heralds for the last scenario. I've never ever been able to beat one of them (although I haven't tried as hard as I'd like to, my shame)

  10. Lurchxe said:

    does anyone else out there think that this game is a little to difficult? I've only played maybe 3 times but every time it felt like we were fighting a losing battle.

    Well, actually the base game is quite easy, once you find out the correct strategy to beat the game. Pay attention to the gate frequency; some unstable locations are more unstable than others. And try to seal every time you can, especially the high frequency gates. I remember one game played eons ago, when a friend of mine went to Independence Square. A gate opened and he was sucked in. He returned to Arkham, closed the gate without sealing it. Mythos phase: a gate opens at Independence Square. And this happened three times in a row (we, stubbornly, continued in this suicidal tactict of closing and no sealing... ::innocent smile::)

    Remember that clues are a vital source, so it's better to save them for sealing and for adding dice only for crucial skill checks.

  11. Creatures in the Sky will move towards an investigator in a street area only when a Mythos card triggers their movement. With the Flare gun you force monsters in the Sky to reach you during the movement phase. This can be pretty helpful for various reasons; you can clear the Sky in a single round (you can have Flyers in the Sky with different dimensional symbols, so it's not certain that when a Mythos card instruct one of them to move, the others will follow), lowering the number of monsters on the board (remember that the Sky is considered to be part of Arkham, so the monsters in the Sky do count towards the monsters limit); or you can have some personal reasons to want monsters to attack you (a couple of Mi-go in the Sky are an invitation to fight); or, knowing some weaker characters will remain in the streets after the current round, you prefer being attacked rather than taking the risk monsters will attack your mates.

    Or you can make a Nightgaunt descend from the Sky, only to fail the combat check and hitch-hiking into the nearest gate

  12. Also remember that some Skills and Allies may boost your Will.

    Otherwise, try to play with Carolyn Fern, who is able to heal sanity on a 1 point / round basis, or with Daisy Walker (if you have the Kingsport expansion), whose special ability allows her to reduce the Sanity cost of each spell she casts.

    And there are some very useful items in Unique Items Deck, like the Gruesome talisman or the Healing stone that should make life a little easier

  13. Well, Zhar is terrifying regardless of the number of players you have. Probably larger parties survive longer, but surviving long enough to win... well, that's another story ::laughing::  In Tibs statistics, you lose 88% of the times you fight it in the final battle. One of the thoughest ever.

  14. As far as I understand it, it should be like:

    - first round, investigators attack normally. Zhar attacks: the first player receives the Zhar token
    - second round, all investigators attack normally, except for the investigator having the Zhar token; this investigator can use only one hand in combat. Zhar attacks: the player having the token is devoured
    - third round, the remaining investigators attack normally. Zhar attacks: the first player receives the Zhar token
    and so forth

    as soon as you defeat it for the first time, fill up again its doom track and start over again. Remember that after removing its last doom token for the first time, any further successes from that attack are ignored

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