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  1. kroen said:

    p.s. why do everyone ask questions in here? the description of the forum has nothing to do with questions... I always ask them in the main arkham forum...

    Why are you doing the same? Do not point out other forum users mistakes regarding the section when you're the first to do the same

  2. kroen said:


    No exhaust. Only "cast and discard". Again, it makes zero sense that you can try to cast the same spell in the same turn if you fail the first time.

    And don't tell me the Wiki is wrong with the text. I just searched for these cards in my own copy of AH and that's the exact text. No exhaust. You're welcome so see for yourself in your copy of AH. NO EXHAUST.

    I said DAM had said this. Never mentioned Arkham wiki. He said in the PROTO-FAQ it's written this. Probably (certainly) overcoming the bad wording of some cards.

  3. kroen said:

    Are sure? because if you only discard them after you pass then you can cast them again and again (given you have enough sanity) because they don't get exhausted.

    Can I get a confirmation on this? It makes no sense to me that you can fail a spell check and then attemp to cast it again in the same turn.

    Cast and exhaust. If you pass the check, then discard the spell. If you don't pass the check, refresh the spell during next upkeep.
    I haven't read the proto-FAQ, but Dam's point seems to be quite clear

  4. Veet said:

    "A Shoggoth on the roof
    Sounds crazy - no, certifiably insane!
    But here in our little village of Arkham, Massachutes, you might say every one of us has a Shoggoth on the roof
    And I'm not speaking of metaphorically!
    It's not easy having a... malevolent shapeless monster like that, hanging over your head, but there it is!
    Arkham is the home of many strange things
    A big monster like that on such a pointy roof
    You may ask: How does it stay up there, if it's so difficult?
    That, I can tell you in one word: Tentacles!"

    They're so cool... purring in the moonlight...

  5. sa3xxx said:

    kroen said:



    I don't like that PS. It's down to pure luck. Where is the best place to fish for an encounter that give you 2+ clues? If I play her and I fail the stroy I would do everything in my power to have her devoured/retired as she will be pretty useless (pass: 1 extra "focus", fail: 1 fewer "focus)




    Science Building

    Special Encounter

    Dissection: Instead of having an encounter here, you may spend 5 toughness worth of monster trophies or 1 gate trophy to gain 2 Clue tokens.


    Trish needs to get into first gate, close and and get the tokens. It isn't grate trade at the Science building, but she's great with her PS done.

    sa3xxx said:

    Science Building

    Special Encounter

    Dissection: Instead of having an encounter here, you may spend 5 toughness worth of monster trophies or 1 gate trophy to gain 2 Clue tokens.

    Unfortunately, this doesn't work. Trish needs to gain 2 clues during an Encounter in order to pass her Personal Story. The special ability of a location can be used insted of having an encounter, so... not eligible for her condition to be passed

  6. kroen said:

    Not to sound mean, but a lot of your stuff have wrong wording

    Are you kidding?? Avi'd got bad wording on his heralds / custom stuff? Avi?? Could you kindly point us out an example of Avi's bad wording?

  7. Tibs said:

    I would buy replacement cardboard monster chits long before I bought investigator minis. After all, I have a bunch of homemade characters and they would be less interesting without the minis.

    I would also buy replacement monsters with great pleasure :-)

    And I still love the idea of putting two Dholes in my monsters cup (not that I ever managed to beat ONE Dhole, but that's a different story)

  8. Veet said:

    I'd have to look up who did the image, I found it in the big archive of mythos images that was linked here a couple months ago. If you pan out you see a couple guys running from the shoggoth, it's definately supposed to be the finale scene from At the Mountains of Madness.

    I'm gonna check it in order to find the archive you're talking about (my shame I completely missed the link). Thx, Veet

  9. Amikezor,
    really a nice Herald. I do not surf through the Guardians thread often, since I generally do not use Guardians at all, but... that's great. Simply because it allows you to explore deeper the game, triggering some options that generally are not that easily available. I'm gonna print it, and use it happy.gif

  10. Wedge said:

    Mythos Ability: When this card enters play, place 6 Clue tokens on it. Any player may spend Clue tokens during the Arkham Encounter Phase while in the Easttown streets to discard Clue tokens from this card on a 1-for-1 basis.

    How does this actually work?   Easttown streets is a street location right?  So no gates can be at this location for me to be able to seal, thus using clue tokens in order to remove clue tokens off of the card.  How else can I remove these tokens?

    Thanks for any clarification.

    Hi Wedge!


    and welcome to the forum happy.gif The Easttown Streets are simply a street area, so no gates at all over here. You simply have to make your investigator move into the Easttown Streets and end their movement here. Then, during the Arkham Encounters Phase, they may discard the clues they possess in order to make the clues on the Mythos card to be discarded. Let me do an example:

    - first round, 6 clues on the card
    - both Ashcan Pete and Michael McGlen reach, during their movement phase, the Easttown streets. Ashcan has got 4 clues, Michael 3
    - first to play is Ashcan, who discards all his 4 clue tokens. You remove 4 clues from the Mythos card. So, we have still 2 clues on it
    - then Michael discards 2 of his 3 clue tokens, and doing this, he removes the remaining 2 clues from the card

    Rumor passed, and everyone is rewarded

  11. There is one, pretty clear to me: sharing. Just to allow everyone, in every moment of their lives, to come here, search into the threads for something they *really* like, and have instant access to a good, high quality, professionally printable file. If you upload stuff in high quality, you allow people to have access to quality stuff forever (well, maybe not forever, but as long as these forum is alive).

    You'd say probably "what the hell, I said I'm gonna upload them in a higher quality on demand", but what about if you fed up with this forum, or AH (which can be unlikely, but not impossible), and when somebody asks "ehi, kroen, could you gently give me some better image for the great stuff you did?" there is no one to answer them since you had quit? Or what if you do not have a higher quality available at the moment of demand, simply because, not loving that particular creation any longer, you destroyed your files?

    It doesn't seem to me (but maybe I'm wrong) that you're interested in sharing your creation, but in showing them to others, searching for appreciation rather than accepting a debate on them. If you'd like to share them, you should present your material in the best way EVERYONE can use it

  12. Tibs said:

    It's all right Julia. This is a pretty kooky scenario.

    (Related:) IIRC, if you have an encounter while at location X that says, "go to Y, have an encounter, return" and your encounter at Y is "go to Z, have an encounter, return" then that second encounter takes over. You will never return to X as per the first encounter's directions.

    That's great to know Tibs. Thank you Avi

    Julia (taking notes)

  13. Avi_dreader said:

    Arkham Asylum, since you lost your last sanity in Arkham, not while in Another World (it does not say you remain in Dreamlands, it says return which implies that you left; however, the sequence of events is cancelled due to your relocation from the secondary location).

    I'd have played it wrongly :-/ once more ::lol::
    Avi, can I assume " the sequence of events is cancelled due to your relocation from the secondary location" as a general rule for all these conflicts?

  14. Aajav-Khan said:

       Situation: Investigator with one (1) remaining Sanity is in Dreamlands. Encounter says to "choose an Arkham location and resolve and encounter from there and then return to Dreamlands" ( paraphrased ). This secondary encounter causes one Sanity loss. Now where is the Investigator following this sad episode? A) Arkham Asylym, B) Lost in Time and Space or C)  Dreamlands?

    I'd have played b), since even if you lose the last sanity point in this world, there is some strange forcing you back to the Dreamlands. Being insane in an Other world makes you go LiTaS and so b). But it's just a guess

  15. Hi folks!
    I'm a little confused on something that happened today. I was playing the role of Dracula, and a hunter played an event card (don't konw the card english name since I have the game in italian - but it should be something like explorers at your service (?) ) that allowed him to spot two locations on the map and check wheter I passed from there or not. The main point is that they hit exactly a location where I passed, but I also played a Hide card on that location. Should I have revealed both cards or just the first one (thus having the Hide card still covered after this event card was resolved)?
    Rules seems to me to be a little unclear... I read the FAQ, but basically they cover all cases (double back, hypnosis, newspaper reports, etc) but not this one

  16. Jumesyn said:

    Dam said:


    Except when your investigator gets devoured in the movement phase, your new investigator doesn't get another movement phase, so would enter play and get sucked in. Assuming of course the proto-FAQ doesn't touch upon the timing of replacement investigators.



    Oh? We must have been playing wrongly then. I've always played it like a retiring investigator, where the new investigator only appears during the Upkeep phase (as the declaration of retirement occurs then). If the devoured investigator is the first player, we would skip any benefit/disadvantages that he would gain/suffer from the mythos card, since he only appears during the next Upkeep phase.

    I don't entirely like the idea of being able to voluntarily retire or allow an investigator to be devoured (after passing important items to another investigator), with no obvious punishment (unless playing against Glaaki or Eihort). At least for my play group, I'm thinking of house-ruling to force a necessary one turn delay.

    Hum... always played like Sora, i.e. a new investigator enters play in the round after the one he was devoured. Nice point, Dam!

  17. Just a thought regarding encounters at stable locations... I often have encounters there. Not in the first part of the game for obvious reasons, but then when I have to move investigators with low speed through the whole board and I split over two rounds of movement the distance they have to cover, I prefer sending them in a stable location for an ancounter and then move again in the next round, rather than abandoning them in the streets to feed flyiers or sending them to unstable locations with no clues, just to add a doomer as a consequence of "a gate and a monster appears". Probably a couple of locations aren't logistically in the best position (the South Church, or the Bank), but nevertheless it happened to have encounters even there.

  18. Tibs said:

    Q: If an Other World card tells the player a gate is closing, especially one that says "you close the gate," can Clue tokens be used to seal the gate?
    A: No.

    Q: Kate Winthrop's Science! - Does it prevent encountering specific monsters (such as the Mi-Go at the Science Building encounter [AH] or the God of the Bloody Tongue in the Other World encounter 5 [CotDP])? Does it prevent monsters from appearing due to Other World encounters?
    A: Yes to all of the above.


    Thank you Tibs...

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