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  1. 10 hours ago, Soakman said:

    It feels as if you only need Observation, Lore, and Strength.

    It doesn't "feel": it is so. Influence and Will are somehow used in encounters, but truth is that you can fail encounters and still win the game whereas if you start losing research actions and combats you're soon overwhelmed / you cannot progress the story. I understand that the idea is to have asymmetry in the game by having a differential use of stats, but it's not actually a fully successfull attempt.

    A friend of mine (Bleached Lizard) had a few ideas on how to fix this; possibly you can reach out to him on BGG and exchange opinions on the matter

  2. Interesting. Thanks for this, Tsuma. My point was more for named vs unnamed tho. Can't really comment on NPCs vs Allies, but from memory every time I'm told to look for a specific asset, for example, comes from the special deck. I could very well be mistaken tho (I never really looked into this that much since they didn't ask me to tech edit the game and my evenings are not that lonely), so, I'll keep your point in mind while playing :)

  3. In general, when the game instructs you to gain a "named" asset (ally, item, whatevs), it always comes from the special cards deck. When the game instructs you gain a "general" asset (like "gain an Ally") it refers to the generic decks.

  4. Juan, hi,

    some feedback from my side (60 games played, 75% of them played 2p, 25% of them played 3p). Scenarios are really balanced well for 2p (my win-loss ratio is close to 90% - a lot of close calls / games won in the last two rounds, but still), but it's vital that players understand how to control the board. Every round threat increases by +2 per player, +1 per unexplored tile in play, +1 per threat token in play. When you start playing, the app shows you the starting tiles and the area where the map would be created (represented by fog on the screen). New tiles enter play due to different factors:

    a) specific events coded in the timers for the scenario / in encounters or
    b) players exploring too close to the unrevealed zones

    Thus, it's vital understand how to move: never, never, never go with the last action available to "see what's there" because you can trigger a +3 or a +4 threat like nothing. Start the round with characters able to move fast if you have to explore, so that in case the app reveals too many areas, you have the movement points to explore and reduce the threat. You'll have plenty of time to return to the encounters left behind at a later time.

    Then, inspiration: seems like you're not doing things properly here (sorry) because with Bilbo in the party, running low on inspiration is really unlikely (unless decks are prepared not in the proper way: as a general rule, unless you really have something you need, slot cards without successes so that you'll have all the successes in the deck): use him for scouting, and Legolas from behind for heavier darting of enemies. Also, remember Legolas abilities for movement: he can really do marvels on the scenarios. If you still feel the party's unbalanced, consider adding Gimli to the mix (and leave Bilbo out for now): you'll have the two strongest fighters in the game, and Lego is amazing at movement, so, you're really fielding an alpha team.

    As for the cards: it's right that you don't keep them slotted that much. Vital are the cards granting you extra successes: these cards are like a blessing for when you'll have 3-difficulty tests to past.

    And in the end, remember it's a game that needs to work for you (not the other way around), so, if you're not comfortable with the rythm or the difficulty of the game, just give your heroes an extra action per round (the app doesn't keep score of the actions you resolve)

  5. That's very true (re: people just discovering the game might bias the actual difficulty of the game itself). And yes, Azzie is the most difficult from the core set; I remember playing it again a few months ago, when we got our retail copy, after some 10 months we ended the alpha, and we had a hard time trying to contain doom (we botched the reading of the scenario, and were able to steer it back on track only by a miracle).

    Azzie's problem is the starting position for investigators: you can't cover properly the board and mantain doom under control in the first round, so you can easily have an anomaly on Mythos 1.

  6. Werepanda,

    the main difference between 2nd and 3rd in terms of gamestyle, is that in 3rd you cannot control the board as you did in 2nd. In 3rd edition is all about risk minimization and action optimization. There's no need to go ward every single neighborhood (it costs you move and actions). Just meta on the tokens in the Mythos cup, and see what you might expect coming in the next Mythos, and then define strategy for the current round.

  7. I'm more astonished by the win vs loss ratio. So far I've lost 6 times out of 24 plays, but the first three defeats were tied to when the game was in a very early stage and was a lot harder to beat. After it reached a more or less stabilized form, I'm 18-3. And I've never lost a game with Tommy.

  8. On 3/29/2019 at 9:38 PM, MrBody said:

    2nd edition especially had the power creep problem. The violinist (Patricia?) was ludicrous. You had unique items that blew all previous weapons away and gave the same (or better) benefits as spells but with zero of the risk or cost.

    I disagree. Not on Patrice (obviously overpowered), but on the general assessment. I've been able to beat any existing combo of Ancient Ones and Heralds with a random selection of investigators (so, yes, I had a Quachil game with both Dexter and Vincent and won). Some 2nd edition investigators were of course stronger than others (Rex, Wendy, Patrice especially) but on average each of them had their strengths, they just required to adjust a bit the playing style.

    3rd edition is a nice overall game (some elements are really properly thought, such as the modular boards for example), but has some serious balance issues, not only in some investigators (Rex is good for the recycling bin), but also on the nature of the game (two stats are by far less important than the other three, inducing a skewed relevance of investigators; but it's not the only problem. Blessings are too good, curses are too easy to get rid of, allies allowed to chain basically create an impassible buffer of health and stamina, encounters tied to an outcome are forcing a similar deck construction for anything future coming AND they create variance issues in the deck distribution - i.e. formations of card clusters not guaranteeing the desired outcome. And don't start me on how the Mythos cup works, because it's simply nuts, saying "tokens = 2*number of players means proper scaling" means only you know nothing about game design).

    I'm not saying 2nd was a better game (they are simply 2 different games, I don't even see 3rd edition as a new edition of 2nd edition, it's just a game set in Arkham, end of the story. And yes, 2nd edition had issues too, so, a 3rd edition might have been great), I'm just saying that the basic design of 3rd edition is kinda meh (very similar to all what happened to Eldritch especially in the last few expansions), and that I'm rather thrilled to see the game developed by someone else (with fresh ideas, and hopefully more courage to find different and new solutions).

  9. Icabod,

    Nikki worked only on the core set for Mansions. Then, starting with the first expansion, the lead passed to Grace Holdinghouse and Kara Centell-Dunk (aided by various other developers over the years), while Nikki was working on other stuff (AH 3rd, Legacy of Dragonholt, Eldritch Horror). So, Nikki leaving FFG had zero impact on Mansions

  10. On 3/12/2019 at 3:17 PM, groden1h said:

    FFG is really Star Wars focused right now. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, L5R, Keyforge, and Arkham LCG seem to be the only things getting announcements these days.

    It's coming on 2 years since TI-4 was released and there hasn't been any announcement of an expansion for that either.

    I won't be holding my breath for TI4 expansions: 4th edition is a sort of state of the art of 3rd edition + expansions. Maybe they'll do something in the future, but it's definitely not a game we'll see an expansion / year (or more)

    AH will come, sooner or later. They just rebooted the series, kicking off catalogue one of their best selling games with a gazillion expansions. It'd be pretty a stupid move if they just leave it at a core game only. I imagine from here to GenCon we'll know

  11. FFG never responds on these boards, so, your question is just for the audient void, sadly.

    You can mail them or call them, and you'll be given the standard answer: "thanks for contacting us! Any news concerning the line will be posted on our site and on our social media! Keep following us to be updated, happy gaming, FFG team"

    So, basically, they'll never give you an answer.

  12. 4 hours ago, Duciris said:

    Arkham Horror 2nd Edition was $60 when it came out in 2005.  I was still playing PS2 games which were $40 new (can that possibly be right?).  PS4 games are $60, so console games have increased by 50% since then.  Arkham Horror 3e is $65 (same as this), which is only an 8.333% increase.  Inflation being what it is, FFG seems reticent to increase the base value of their games by very much.

    AH 2nd was 49.95 when it came out in 2005 (trust me on this, I've got my copy in 2006); later reprints had the price tag shift up (as it's expected of course). Just posting for the love of precision

  13. Going with the official format for requesting missing components to me brought no answer, but an email "your order was shipped" once they were shipped. So, not getting an answer doesn't mean much, unless a lot of time has passed.

    Also, proud owner of close to 400 FFG releases (maybe more), never had an issue with their customer service. Once I even lost a couple of cards at a con, mailed them explaining that I was demoing the games, and offering to pay for the cards I lost, and got the cards for free. Really, best customer service in the hobby

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