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  1. UltraPro deck boxes (yes, the ones for standard card sleeves), with cards laid in them on their back (same position as decks on your table). The cost is about 3 dollars each, and each box holds up to 80 cards.
  2. I kinda missed this when I first read your post. Not so sure if it helps, but I managed to beat it 4 times with 3 investigators, so, possibly you don't need that many more. Also because of how the Mythos cup works (and yes, I've seen people beating - with difficulties - playing 2p. It's just very, very hard with 2)
  3. True. Phil made a great job at covering some of the game's known issues.
  4. Exactly. That's the reason why I keep telling the game doesn't scale properly: even if the number of tokens is proportional to the players in the game, scaling still doesn't work because effects can snowball before investigators can react. One thing is: a) Investigator A resolves their turn b) Mythos for Investigator A c) Investigator B keeps playing and another one is resolving a chain of 12 tokens, especially when there's a reshuffling of the chaos bag in between so that you can pull two gate bursts on the same neighborhood in a row, or two reckoning effects. It's bonkers. I'd suggest to go this way: 2 per player until you reach 6 tokens, then resolve an extra token per player. When you setup for 4+ players, remove a blank from the Mythos cup.
  5. Houserule: test Will with the Horror damage of the monster as modifier. If you pass the check, you manage to find the courage of going one more round against another beast. In this way you control better the board, and Will starts having a purpose
  6. Beware of the outcomes, it's not sure they are boolean... (talking in general, not necessarily of this expansion)
  7. I imagine everyone. Unfortunately, this is something the game handles very poorly (mechanically speaking), and if you lose control of the board in terms of monster presence, you risk seriously being outnumbered and losing the game, which is something that 2nd edition did better (there were mechanisms to control the number of monsters on the board and multiple combat actions were allowed)
  8. For those not speaking Polish, the guy wrote: Most of the games that are currently released under the FFG (Asmodee) banner are Sci-Fi ... They annoy me because I don't like playing sci-fi games... Only a few titles differ from this topic, for example the Arkham series and Legend of the series Five Rings .. and that's all. Asmodee successfully destroyed the fantasy game market. It is sad because they are scaring away new customers. And the subject of American superheroes is already so abused that I'm gonna puke just thinking of it.
  9. No, you don't. Terror is triggered by the dice you roll, not the dice you saved. This came up a while ago, and we had an official answer, IIRC (and I think it's also included in the last FAQ for the game?)
  10. This belongs to the AH LCG board, not to the AH 3rd ed boardgame board...
  11. You should post this in the AH LCG board. This is for the boardgame
  12. Also, keep in mind that the monster deck is not static: scenarios instruct to add monsters either by name or by type. So, if an expansion adds a new Nightgaunt, and you have a scenario saying "gather all the Nightgaunts", that Nightgaunt is added to. At this point, you'd be forced to get multiples of monsters coming with expansions too, and it's simply becomes impossible to keep track of it (even financially)
  13. I'd simply suggest to scan the cards and reprint those
  14. FFG doesn't answer on the forum. If you need an official clarification, you need to enter a Rules question by using the appropriate link on this very website: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/contact/rules/
  15. Based on the following facts: a) Heroes of Terrinoth: the bros started talking back in October 2018 on various socials about expansion material, then everybody shut up and the bros started working and publishing other games. Sure, this doesn't mean the line's dead, but doesn't feel much alive either b) RuneWars: TMG: it's on sale everywhere (I've seen piles of core sets and expansions for sale at fairs in my country for 3 to 5 EUR each) and there's no news in quite a long time c) Descent: as you said, Descent got "a new small expansion recently" while a few years ago we were getting a big box and a small box per year, and then figures pack and all the rest. The small expansion is also in-house printed, which means it's on a whole different production chain, implying the game's not healthy either. Also, they just released Journeys into Middle-Earth, which has "Journeys into" the title, exactly how Descent was "Journeys into the dark": campaign play, full coop, all things players wanted for Decent since a very long time. And it's in a setting that's a lot more popular than Terrinoth, so, this game spells like a tombstone for Descent to me e) RuneBound is dead and buried: the last expansion was released in 2017. It's more than 2 years ago, and that expansion was controversial to say the least, and not a top seller f) other games set in Terrinoth exist no more: BattleLore 2nd is a dead battlefield, RuneAge and RuneWars long gone On the other hand, we see the company constantly pushing on other games (Star Wars, AGoT, LotR, and now Marvel) and themes (LCGs, unique games, miniature games) which are a lot more lucrative for them (just look at the price for the plastic of the Legion bunker: 80 bucks? madness). All these products have constant attention, and a constant product stream inflowing in the market. Terrinoth is dead and buried, amen to that. Will they resurrect it? Possibly, but who knows. Do I miss it? ****, yes.
  16. Dont' forget the opportunity to join the Advanced Players League
  17. No worries, mate I think something got lost in translation, but boards and tokens should be on your way, right?
  18. I'm linking this thread to the guys at FFG QA. Not so sure it'll help, but possibly they'll investigate in this further
  19. Exactly. At the moment the only way to gain items in Arkham is by means of encounters, which means that you need to build proper encounter decks to allow players to rely on this as a resource. This was done to avoid the issue 2nd edition had, where players simply used the special ability of locations in lieu of having an encounter there, which alas lead to a much more pressing problem, i.e. that those decks of cards, when expanded, must either guarantee the same statistical distribution of cards (thus, not only the average, but also the other descriptors) or result in the possibility of clusters of cards not giving any item. This could have been solved in many ways; possibly having the acquire assets action from Eldritch and something special coming from the shops (for example, encounters allowing you to gain items during the encounter phase), or just going with "after resolving an encounter in a shop space, if still in that space, you may buy an item from the display" could have been better. As for the Will stat, it'd have been enough leaving a Horror check when the monster engages you (or you engage it). The design instead followed the lead of the LCG; too bad that in that game Will is actually used a lot by the Mystic class (the LCG makes a very great use of all stats)
  20. Yeah, there's been a lot of talking about this mostly everywhere in the last few years. At some point, when MoM 2nd was released, a guy on BGG posted that 100 bucks for 4 evenings of fun were too much, and another one answered "when I go to the movies with the wife, we grab a bite to eat, two tickets for the show, and we pay a babysitter to stay home with the two kids, and we blow 120 in a single evening..." So, it's a question of perspective, and also as Soakman said, value and cost are a different thing. Starve three days and see a burger for sale at 40 dollars. You're gonna get it. Comparing LotR / SW and Mythos isn't fair. We need to compare the number of copies these game sell. Because if SW sells 10 times Arkham, then it means that the fixed costs (tied to development of the game and production of the physical copy) are divided over 10 times more copies in the SW case, and thus the cost of the license is absorbed to the point that the profit margin for the lines could be comparable. Do we have these data? No. Then, the only question we need to ask yourself is whether we're ok or not to pay 30 to cash 2 scenarios and double the cards in the game. The answer is entirely up to you / to your wallet / to your interest in the line (and there's no right or wrong answer). Is FFG playing cheap? Yes, they are dropping the number of cards / components in their games, they are dropping quality on the boxes, and they are slightly dropping quality on components (my 3rd edition copy already has some wear and tear whereas my 2nd edition copy survived a lot more), BUT they are mantaining the prices constant over time. Looks like a marketing choice they did. You can respect that or not (again, entirely your decision). I know I'm gonna get this one because for me it's a worthy investment, and I'm confident the two new scenarios will be a blast to play, but that's just me.
  21. You're asking a very fair price. Best of luck with the auction!
  22. Avi is no longer on these boards. But I have all Avi's originals. Contact me on BGG (Scarlet Witch) or PM me here your email address
  23. 6 games played against Atlach, 5 victories by sealing, 1 by closing then I stopped playing Atlach because it was boooooring But very nice the exploit with Mythos Lore on Jacq. Heck, I miss playing this game so much
  24. It doesn't "feel": it is so. Influence and Will are somehow used in encounters, but truth is that you can fail encounters and still win the game whereas if you start losing research actions and combats you're soon overwhelmed / you cannot progress the story. I understand that the idea is to have asymmetry in the game by having a differential use of stats, but it's not actually a fully successfull attempt. A friend of mine (Bleached Lizard) had a few ideas on how to fix this; possibly you can reach out to him on BGG and exchange opinions on the matter
  25. It's more or less standard pricing for a small box expansion. Just for comparison: it's the same pricing of a Mansions of Madness small box exp that comes with 1/10 of the printed content coming with this small box.
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