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  1. Advice on purchasing

    AH LCG is more story than LotR, but for many reasons I like LotR better, and if I had to choose, I'd have no doubts and go full on LotR. Elder Sign definitely scratches a different hitch Curious to hear your thoughts after you try it out
  2. Advice on purchasing

    Yes. The game plays wery well under an hour; especially the core set and the first expansion (Unseen Forces) should grant you a playing time of 30 to 60 minutes, depending on how fast you're at decision making and risk / benefit evaluation (and I assume you're fast considering your background in mathematics). The replay value is very high (at the moment I'm close to 150 games with it and I can go more without problems), and it's certainly a ton higher than Mansions': Ancient Ones come with specific powers and difficulties that should grant variety in the game, and being the board composed by cards, this increases interactions and combinations a lot. Additionally, starting with Gates of Arkham, we had a series of now 4 expansions, each providing a different setting for the game (specific adventure cards and specific Mythos deck), so, replayability is huge for relatively little money (compared to the investment you had for LotR, for example). As for the rules: the core set rulebook is wonky, but it's not too wonky, in the sense that after grokking them, you just keep playing, never to look back at the rulebook (so, again, nothing comparable to the rules intricancies of a LotR LCG)
  3. Another co-op LCG?

    This could be true, but the main reason (at least according to what was said) was that people wanted to play as the Empire. For example, I don't give a **** about the app for Imperial Assault because you're not allowed to play Empire, and I'll never pay a penny for a SW coop game where I'm bound to play the Rebel. Clearly, I'm not indicative, but what's true is that the Empire has a ton of fans, so, going coop on SW means creating a division in the fan base. When you design something, you want as many purchasers as possible interested in the product
  4. Monsters at locations with gates

    Better luck next time!
  5. Monsters at locations with gates

    Monsters at the Woods are affected by the Mythos card as well
  6. This board is for the boardgame Android, not for the LCG. You should repost on the proper board to have proper feedback
  7. Runewars rumours

    I said it makes sense, not it doesn't. And I find interesting that an entire line of products, formerly named under RuneBound even in the years when RuneBound was absolutely out of print, is now renamed after the universe all games are set in. Could mean they are giving more weight to the setting / IP, and could also mean that RuneBound is done
  8. Runewars rumours

    I honestly find much more interesting that the series of products set in Terrinoth is no longer hosted under "RuneBound", but under "Terrinoth". Even if it makes sense, I'm afraid this doesn't spell like good news for RuneBound...
  9. Runewars rumours

    Yeah, it's definitely unlikely. They still haven't admitted Battles of Westeros is done...
  10. Rules Clarification

    The correct sequence is: a) you attempt a test b) you commit a card (or several) from your hand to the test. If the committed card is a skill, you gain the icons AND you may choose to resolve its ability c) you draw the chaos token and resolve the test d) you discard all cards committed to the test (unless stated otherwise on the card) Nothing that is in your hand in this game can affect gameplay: you need either to play the card, OR you need to commit it to a skill test Hope this is clearer now
  11. Rules Clarification

    This belongs to the AH LCG board (this board is for the AH: The boardgame game) Skill cards are never played from hand, they are committed during skill test. When committed, you may choose to trigger their ability. And cards are committed always for their icons. So, when you commit a skill card, you gain both the icons and the special effect
  12. Indeed, I'm not running out of content for the next decade, and I'm not complaining about it. That's also why I'd love to see more content for 2nd edition, so that the game expands both vertically (in terms of progression of different campaigns) and horizontally (in terms of how many options can be incorporated in said campaigns). I'd also be ok if the game stopped here; I'm just saying that for me 2nd edition is a wrap, I won't start a 3rd edition. And also I'd love some clarity from the company: when their CEO announces there's something big ready to be revealed for Descent and 6 months passes, I don't feel exactly respected. Say you're wrapping it up, and you'll have my thumb. Say you wanna wait one year and see how sales go, and you'll still have my thumb. Just be honest and clear with your customer base: I'm not a teen complaining about her fave toy going out of production, but tell me so that I can grab what I sill miss (if any) or at least I have some ideas on what's to come.
  13. This is a good point. Beware, I'd not be against a 3rd edition IF all material released for 2nd would still be used. So, an unpdated rulebook or something like that would be fine. I'd also be fine with a 3rd edition if 2nd edition didn't have so many packs based on 1st edition material. What I'm really not interested in is a 3rd edition where we see a core set coming and then a series of "let's bring this cool item from 1st edition back in the game" so that the game becomes a clone of itself once more. Also, 2nd edition came with enough poor decisions towards their customer base (see the campaign book in the core set changed and no way to get a replacement or buy the new campaign book as stand alone; or starting a Heroes and Monster collection without ever finishing the line; or declaring at GenCon 2017 "there's something big coming in the future of the game" and 6 months later we just got a digital release which isn't exactly anything "big" in my opinion; and the list could go on and on) that honestly pissed me off quite a little so that I'm not exactly prone at welcoming a new edition: I'd rather see the company work towards something better with 2nd As for my belonging to either 1st or 2nd group based on the investment: I bought everything as it was released, one piece at the time (so, no big investment after Road to Legend - I'm actually not playing with the app since I have a solid group to play pvp), but I still haven't played all the scenarios and campaigns, so, there's still room to explore and have fun (also a reason why I'd not feel compelled in getting a 3rd edition)
  14. If we see a third edition, that third edition won't see my wallet...
  15. Sexism.....Sexism never changes...... 

    Equal representation of sexes in a game? Yes, and this has nothing to do with what a group might or might not like.