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  1. Anything starting with "what's your sex" brings me back to Middle Age. I didn't know genitals were important when picking up a game. Good luck with your survey, but sorry, I won't take part in it
  2. I'm simply longing for the day when there won't be need for any of these posts. Beware, I'm not saying either of you said something offensive (I'm actually on your very same page), but I'd really welcome the day when people say "[NAME] is a great designer", without anyone blinking at the fact whether NAME is a male or a female, because the interesting part is that that person is a great designer. The fact that we need to talk about this, and highlight the fact that there's more women in the hobby and in the industry mean that we're noticing a change, but that we're still not accustomed to this. In any case, the two ladies working on Mansions right now (Grace and Kara) are two brilliant minds and two marvellous persons (had the privilage to test with them a few Mansions scenarios), and I do wish we'd see them active more and more in the future, even on different game lines. Not because they are girls, but because our hobby needs visionaries that are not afraid to push boundaries and create different stories and different engines.
  3. Great job! Especially considering you're rather new to the hobby! Please post some more minis once you're done with them!
  4. Albert is spot on; had Bob be intented to help the other investigators, his ability would have been worded accordingly
  5. They just released an expansion, so, it's in their interest to reprint the core set, I imagine
  6. It's constantly reprinted and never went on the Holydays Sale, so, it's quite a different situation from BattleLore
  7. Mail customer service; if they have some in stock, they will send it to you
  8. Exactly. This is one (of the many) point(s) where the app excels: in a normal boardgame, we need to define a standard monster behaviour (how they move, how they attack); some variance is certainly possible, but there can't be more than a few patterns, otherwise the game becomes too complicated AND having a good wording could be impossible. The app allows to define several patterns (and each expansion can introduce new creatures moving in different ways; for example we could have monsters teleporting, monsters stalking investigators, monsters moving through walls, and so on) and these patterns are simply coded in a series of text instructions; you read those instructions literally and resolve the movement without need for extra rules, specifics, and stuff to memorize. How awesome is that?
  9. This question belongs to this forum here This board is for Arkham Horror the board game, not the Living Card Game. In any case, Lita is set aside during the scenario setup (she enters play later)
  10. Yes it is true. From Sidney to Buenos Aires it's one travel action boosted by a ticket; from San Francisco to space 6 (if it's not Los Angeles, then it's a nearby city) it's still one travel action. Travelling by ship might even be faster, but an ocean compared to what? 500 miles? Seems a bit of a stretch. And why rounds shouldn't encompass the same amount of time? The game's structured on a timer (doom track) and each investigator receives the same amount of actions to do his duty: saying that one investigators spends one year travelling while another one spends ten minutes fighting is seriously improbable. When we create a game we define a serious of functions that transform something (resources, money, whatevs) into other stuff; this process needs compromises, and a non-realistic representation of the reality. The game may be dripping with theme, but it's almost never actually realistic, and Eldritch is no exception to this. Play the game how much as you want, enjoy it how much as you want (it's a nice little game, with some great ideas and some messy outcomes), but don't pretend it's something that actually describes a realistic experience of any sort.
  11. Interesting, didn't know this. Thanks
  12. Could you expand on that? I'm 100% ignorant on Linux. You mean that building a Linux app don't require coding nor verifying that the coding worked?
  13. Maybe, but it scratches a ton of other itches. Also, it's worth noticing that FFG produces a gazillion games that are in the same valley as BattleLore, and they all sold rather well. Not to mention that the BT engine is the same as Memoir '44 (produced by another company, of course, but still) that is one heck of a top seller
  14. What's realistic and what is not it's very subjective. My point was simply that all these games allow for a narrative experience that keeps on making compromises, and we need to accept that. For example, in Eldritch, in one single round you can either sail across the whole Pacific Ocean or travel by train from L.A. to San Francisco. If we pretend this is "realistic", it's laughable. But it's a compromise we have to accept in order for the game to work. Same for Antarctica (having Marie going there ain't that different than Marie going to Tunguska or on the Hymalaya with no equipment). Additionally, you say that these games allow for an RPG-like experience. Then it's 100% fair to allow players who want to play Marie to go to Antarctica. Having restrictions on the characters you can use for this or that will suddently shrink the fanbase. Not to mention that considering the history of Antarctica explorations, there are like 0 Arkham Files characters able to survive. Then, it's entirely up to the players creating houserules to modify the game experience according to their likenings, of course
  15. Solution 1 is certainly using the same tablet over the two places (moving a tablet should be negligible when compared to moving the game). Solution 2 is that you could simply decide that one scenario will be always played at your place, and another one at her place. So, you split DLC 1 over two evenings at your place, and DLC 2 (when they release one) can be split over two evenings at her place. I understand people want to have everything in the same place, but the point is that it's not simply FFG selling one version for iOS and one version for Android: there are other companies involved, and these companies won't drop their earnings in favor of a multiplatform release (unless of course prices go up a lot so that the end users pays for all the versions). I don't hear people complaining that they have to pay for the app of Ticket to Ride when they have the boardgame; I don't hear people complaining that they have to pay for a Kindle version of a book they already have in physical form; I don't hear people complaining they have to pay for a CD of a gig they saw because they paid the ticket for said gig: it's the same, we have one app that sells over different platforms run by different companies, so, they are different products allowing for the same experience. Leave it or take it, your choice, but things won't change