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  1. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/#/universe/arkham-horror-files still an AH file
  2. Game mechanics cannot be copyrighted, so, even if BG were produced by another company, they could very easily clone the idea without risking any lawsuit. The point is that developing a hidden traitor mechanic in one cooperative game where a) solo & coop games sell like Hell these days b) the game's just born without hidden traitor mechanics doesn't seem like a smart move. Plus, the game's already difficult(ish) as it is, there's really no need to have a traitor. Not to mention that 1 traitor in a 2p game or in a 4p game changes balance drastically, so, testing this could cost a few mental collapses.
  3. FFG almost never answers on these boards. Best bet is mail customer service and ask (possibly in English)
  4. This game has a huge potential. They tried to dare a bit more with Strange Remnants (you could trick the omen to anticipate the fulfillment of the prophecy so that there were several strategies that could be tried), but after that it's mostly a desolating nothing. They could do a lot: start with a ton of open gates and go with different lose condition (doom advance being triggered not by gates but by other patterns); start with a series of nastier monsters on the board, and force investigators to do this or that; remove the mystery deck and work on different win conditions. Start with the doom track to 2 and win when doom track is returned back to a set value (let's say 10), and doom's removal mechanics are tied to this or that thing happen. And so on. They could have done very big with this game, and in stead they are constantly repeating the same patterns, over and over again. Almost all mysteries have one of the very same three structures: add tokens equal to number of investigators, add tokens equal to half the number of investigators, kill an epic monster. And in the end, if you remove the flavor fluff, it's always the same structure that's sold to players over and over again. It's absolutely disappointing on so many levels. Not to mention balance (the testing pool is ridiculously small, it's basically two groups of testers plus internal testing: for this game you need 10, 15 groups of strong alpha testers able to play a lot of games and study different interactions), poorly designed cards (starting with The crown of serpents), and poor thematic representations of reality (Harvey Walters has the same Strength stat as Joe Diamond. I'm sure they will be equals in an arm-wrestling match). Don't get me wrong, as said, the potential is huge. But it's incredibly poorly developed and structured. All the other games in the IP shine a lot more, and have a lot of "daring" in them (see the Mansions scenario with the moving roomgs, or Arkham Horror LCG moving to Carcosa in a few weeks, or Elder Sign that keeps on having new, original settings, each with its own specific mechanic and independendent adventures and stuff so that decks are not clogged). In this brilliant universe, EH looks more and more like a wasted opportunity.
  5. She (he?) is simply stating that since the max number of investigators in the game is 8, 8 plastic standees should be enough. Point is that removing the standees and putting them back will torn out the investigator markers.
  6. Mail customer service, for a twofold reason: a) they should be made aware of the problem b) in case there's a problem with just your copy, they will send you replacements
  7. Add Landroval to the mix to necro a dead hero and counter in part the total annihilation due to shadow multipliers
  8. Too much time has passed, sorry
  9. Yeah, Sam said several times on BGG that he regrets having entered restrictions. I just played Atlach outside of Arkham and had no issues at all
  10. 1) Stats for Ythians can easily be found on the AH wiki, so, no need to dig them out of the bag. "Whenever a monster is encountered" is 100% correct because it covers all the instances you mentioned, and it's defined in the rulebook. Your suggestion to change the terror increase in "Raise it again" is imprecise because it doesn't mention the amount you have to raise the terror, "add an additional 1" is a lot clearer 2) Melindra's ability doesn't mention attacking another investigator. So, no clue what you're talking about here 3) Why being double cursed should mean devouring? It's not on the sheet, so, it's not a rule So, there's no need to add any of these revisions. Please, give advice on wording only when you're fully aware of the rules, and of how things should be worded. Otherwise ask for explanations and leave the editing part to those who are competent
  11. Hey, one of our latest Geeks of the Week posting here! Sorry for the problems! The entire League is hosted on BGG (link), have you tried downloading them from there?
  12. It's pretty much unprecedented, FFG has always encouraged fans to develop their variants and stuff. I imagine it's yet another marvellous news from the Asmodee management
  13. Yes, you lose the game in two rounds, if you don't prepare in any way. The wording on Quachil doesn't allow any room for interpretation or rules lawyery of sort. You die, then you pass the first player token, and when there's no one else to pass the token to, well, that's the end of the story
  14. Nah, with 2p is rather on the easy side. Just gear up for final battle: get a couple of attack cancellers, and a huge load of clues, and possibly a shotgun so that each 6 counts as two successes, bless yourself and you're able to nuke everything but Azathoth (for obvious reasons). Additionally, final battle must be near to impossible, otherwise people will simply metagame, ignoring seals on the board and go for the final kill every time they play
  15. I play with just tokens representing the monsters and dice representing the investigators. No need to burn extra time in "search mini, find mini, place mini, move mini". Honestly, this game would still be awesome even if we just had cardboard chits for monsters, and the price would be halved... and for those who want the minis, they could be sold separately...