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  1. Julia

    Is Mansions over?

    Icabod, Nikki worked only on the core set for Mansions. Then, starting with the first expansion, the lead passed to Grace Holdinghouse and Kara Centell-Dunk (aided by various other developers over the years), while Nikki was working on other stuff (AH 3rd, Legacy of Dragonholt, Eldritch Horror). So, Nikki leaving FFG had zero impact on Mansions
  2. Julia

    Masks Of Nyarlathotep By Orendil

    Steve, I managed to send you my email address via PM of this site. I hope you can get the mail and reach out
  3. Julia

    Masks Of Nyarlathotep By Orendil

    Steve, no message received. Please contact me on BoardGameGeek: you can find me there as Scarlet Witch
  4. Julia

    Very quiet on the release front

    I won't be holding my breath for TI4 expansions: 4th edition is a sort of state of the art of 3rd edition + expansions. Maybe they'll do something in the future, but it's definitely not a game we'll see an expansion / year (or more) AH will come, sooner or later. They just rebooted the series, kicking off catalogue one of their best selling games with a gazillion expansions. It'd be pretty a stupid move if they just leave it at a core game only. I imagine from here to GenCon we'll know
  5. Julia

    Any news about new addons?

    FFG never responds on these boards, so, your question is just for the audient void, sadly. You can mail them or call them, and you'll be given the standard answer: "thanks for contacting us! Any news concerning the line will be posted on our site and on our social media! Keep following us to be updated, happy gaming, FFG team" So, basically, they'll never give you an answer.
  6. Julia

    Masks Of Nyarlathotep By Orendil

    Steven, I have all the files. PM me your email, and I'll send you everything with wetransfer
  7. Julia

    Can't take the outer rim from me...

    AH 2nd was 49.95 when it came out in 2005 (trust me on this, I've got my copy in 2006); later reprints had the price tag shift up (as it's expected of course). Just posting for the love of precision
  8. Julia

    Disapponting experience

    Going with the official format for requesting missing components to me brought no answer, but an email "your order was shipped" once they were shipped. So, not getting an answer doesn't mean much, unless a lot of time has passed. Also, proud owner of close to 400 FFG releases (maybe more), never had an issue with their customer service. Once I even lost a couple of cards at a con, mailed them explaining that I was demoing the games, and offering to pay for the cards I lost, and got the cards for free. Really, best customer service in the hobby
  9. Julia

    First Time player

    There's some solid strategy tips on arkhamwiki. Can't help with youtube, sorry. Possibly post this on BGG as well, you'll have more feedback
  10. Yeah, my games usually last 90 minutes (not counting setup of course), so, it's just a question of playing and focusing on tuning up strategy. Core set games tend to last ages because they board dries up from clues: save the one you have for seals.
  11. Julia

    GoA event cards

    25 is correct. Contact customer service and ask for the missing one
  12. Julia

    How to check forum friends list?

    Click on your profile. Then you'll be able to see a general Asmodee Account. From there you have an option "players" and there a sub-category "buddies" Very easy to find 😕
  13. Julia

    My Poor Sweet Jenny

    yeah, I never shop either, money is so much more useful for movement. As for items requiring actions to buffer San / Damage: you're right, no need for those either, especially if you can easily get allies doing the same for free
  14. Julia

    Runewars Failing - New hope for BL?

    If RuneWars fails, they'll simply keep going on with Legion. If they go back to BattleLore, we'll have a 3rd edition