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  1. Julia

    How to play?

    1) when you're sucked through an OW (i.e. a gate opens on you) you are delayed; if the gate opening is the result of an Arkham encounter, then in that very round you resolve the first OW encounter (so, a normal OW exploration will require you to survive 3 OW encounters) 2) no idea of what you're asking here. Monster appears through gates when a gate opens, or when a monster surge is resolved 3) almost correct: you have to be in the same area (thus, location or street) AND to be in the Movement phase: you cannot trade stuff during the other phases of the turn 4) Terror level goes up when Outskirts are emptied, or when specific effects (such as certain Mythos cards) are resolved. It has nothing to do with gates opening / surging 5) Can't say if you're missing something, but during final battle each token on the doom track requires X successes to be removed, where X is the number of investigators in the game. So, if you play with 3 investigators and the AO has a doom track of 12 doom tokens, you'll need 36 successes to win. Core game is easy, but easy means you should be able to win way before final battle: this is quite an important point in the strategy to achieve: expansion Ancient Ones are almost unbeatable in final battle, so, you really want to have those 6 seals down before the apocalypse is triggered Hope this helps!
  2. Julia

    What’s up with that card tray?

    Yeah, very Fury of Dracula 2nd edition. Pretty sure you're right
  3. Julia

    Re start?

    It holds very well: a boardgame is a lot cheaper than following a LCG; audience is also pretty different: there's more people playing boardgames around the globe than people playing LCGs so that the target would be narrower, hence, the duplicate theme might not be appealing.
  4. Also, the game's not about combat, so that it's ok that you can deal with most monsters in not too a difficult way. The game is against a timer, so that having elements making the game drag would render timers of the game unpredictable and the game would break. As for the difficulty of scenarios: some scenarios are not automated at all, you actually have to investigate, cross-relate information, and identify the culprit / give a solution to the case. These elements are randomised every time a game is setup, so that the playing experience is different. Also, most scenarios have a secret ending (good luck in triggering it) and some develop differently. Fixes such as "create alternate maps" aren't that easy to do because scenarios also require proper playtesting, and having complex scenarios with multiple maps generated and different endings / subplots would mean that testing a couple of scenarios could drain six months, which would be unfeasible for many reasons (first among all, players constantly asking for new content and wondering whether the game's dead) I understand your concerns about all your points, but these are more to be addressed in an RPG session rather than via a boardgame.
  5. Julia

    How old are you

    Hey, you're awesome What do you like the most? CoC RPG, or AH LCG?
  6. Julia

    Featherweight vs Siren Song

    Could you possibly post the text of the cards?
  7. There's no mention of campaign game, so, levelling up should be within-quest
  8. Julia

    New FAQ document

    Good catch, thanks! I'll add it to the list of fixes
  9. Julia

    Couple of questions

    Cheers! Have fun with the game!
  10. Julia

    Couple of questions

    1. Yes (EDIT: if the effect's not meant to have the active investigator being the eligible target, wording would be "any other") 2. No, you can cast that spell (actually, any spell) before entering combat / attempting the evade check
  11. Forget it, I didn't see the clarification. Sorry
  12. Julia

    Grave Consequences Epitaphs question

    They add to that rule (epitaphs are resolved after an investigator's devoured, the doom is added when the investigator's devoured)
  13. True, but for some reasons the inability to actually control the doom clock in Eldritch was one of the reasons we disliked the game (there are many others) but one of the things we loved the most about Eldritch was Syzygy because you could actually trick the timer in many ways and "play" the game. But anyway, I'm digressing. TI4 played 3p was real fun. We had a blast every time we played it, and we actually tried to meta the game in different ways (blitzkrieg on Mecatol, slow burn of resources, military vs political) and every time the game took unexpected yet interesting turns. Can't add much more than that, but yes, we had a lot of fun. As for AH 3rd, I think the map extension reduction is a good idea: AH 2nd was boring with a single board, and too easy with all three in play, so, finding balance was difficult. Monster management in 2nd ed is actually never a problem: it's gate management the real issue (monsters can be bypassed / removed by closing the proper gates; I rarely have more than 10 monster trophies at game end). Having a modular board with fixed dimension is a winning move of 3rd ed. Can't talk much more about it either tho.
  14. Yeah, but the point is that we can't blame Arkham 2nd for being uberlong if the mechanics work. The problem is the AP of players, and to that there's just this much that can be done to make the game more speedey. I remember a game of Castles of Burgundy lasting 2h40' that was an absolute agony. As for TI4, I'm more or less with you on the length: all the games we did were about 5 hours (all played 3p, but this included time to take notes since they were all done while testing the game)
  15. 6 hours 2nd edition sounds like players not knowing the game. I get that I'm fast (90 to 120 minutes to play 2nd edition), but 360 minutes is simply wrong. In a game you're supposed to win or lose in max 14 Mythos: 25 minutes to resolve one turn is insanity.