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  1. And theoptions are Arkham and? Eldritch? Just to figure out exactly how to answer
  2. Guys, creating mock accounts to sign the petition will only cause this petition to be complete crap. On this page there are 6 posts created by 6 different users whose profile was created on the same day and time they made their only post here and who never logged back afterwards. Don't do this. I've got no idea of whether the company will finally release the editor the community is asking (probably not at this point, a lot of time passed AND we have a custom editor developed by another user), but in any case if we want to have at least a chance, the "autographs" must be significant. Thanks for understanding.
  3. The way I read it: - attacking: means you're resolving a combat action against an enemy. Attacks require passing a test, and sometimes if you fail the test something bad can happen - the "attack missed" condition could trigger damage on the investigator - "may" allows you to choose whether to extend the damage or not: in this case, if you deal damage to the monster, you'll probably go for the additional damage; if you fail the test and are about to deal damage to yourself, you probably won't Just my 0.2, of course
  4. For the second year in a row. So flippin' dead.
  5. Yes, trading can happen at any time during the Movement phase only, meaning that you can move, trade, then move again, or move, stop, and then another investigator passes by and trades with you. And only the investigator who explored the gate is allowed to seal it (unless something incredibly benevolent happens in the game, there's a couple of encounters allowing you to seal without exploring, but really, it's just a very very very rare case)
  6. I guess his assumptions are based on the available investigator pool being almost exhausted...
  7. Basically, the explorer marker protects only the investigator having it. The rest is entirely up to the rules of the phases and who resolves their action first. a) Investigator 1 moves before Investigator 2: thus, Movement: 1 arrives and gets the explorer marker, 2 arrives and gives 1 the Elder Sign (and if he has enough movement points he can move away) Encounters: 1 seals the gate, 2 resolves an encounter at the location (or elsewhere if he moved away) b) Investigator 2 moves before Investigator 1: thus, Movement: 2 arrives on the location with the open gate and must end his movement there otherwise he won't be able to trade with 2; 2 arrives and get the Elder Sign Encounters: 2 is sucked through the gate, 1 seals the gate For no reason at all, Investigator 2 is ever able to seal the gate explored by Investigator 1 :::::::::::::::::: If 2 is sucked through the gate, he's forced to explore the OWs until sent LiTaS. But it could happen that another gate to that same OW is open or can open while 2 is wandering in an OW, case in which he can return to Arkham when it's time, following the usual rules Hope this helps!
  8. It's a legit move. If it's adjacent, it's also within the Line-of-Sight (this was clarified somewhere, but don't remember where). Long story short: a) same square: is also both adjacent and line of sight b) adjacent: is also line of sight
  9. Post this in the Eldritch forum
  10. Only Wedge's
  11. Post this in the Eldritch forum for better visibility
  12. They never reply at this kind of requests, and in general if you ask about the future for something not announced yet, you'll get as only reply a standard "follow our news page"
  13. Some i vestigators start with specific items. There are also specific Mythos effects calling out for specific investigators
  14. You know, when we started playing the game was early in the alpha for the core set. At that moment I had to print my own tokens. We did it, but then paper was soon torn, and so, it wasn't that random either, plus tokens got stuck and so on. And the composition of the token pool was constantly changing, both because different combos were tried, and because different scenarios required a different token pool. And there were a lot of checks to be resolved in each game, so, we wanted a universal method that allowed us to stop fussing about the tokens and delivering good results. We noticed that there were never more than 20 tokens in the bag, so, it's a d20 and if a result on the die doesn't match anything, the die is simply rerolled (or better, we roll three at the same time, red is first pick, blue second, green third). For us it worked, and in the end we kept rolling that way
  15. No worries Yes, I can scan the stuff for you, but not in the immediate future (too high the workload at the moment to take in anything additional). Shoot me a private message after Christmas, and I'll do it