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  1. Novels

    Fair point
  2. Novels

    Yeah, that's the point. I imagine they went with promo cards to boost the sales (and it's something they are still doing with the new books having exclusive cards for the LCG). Had the books been good, they'd not have needed these tricks.
  3. Novels

    Agreed with Krysmo. Books were fanfiction level, period. If you're used to read good books, they'll annoy you beyond comprehension. Get them if you want to use them for the promo cards, or you need fuel for your hearth.
  4. Come on Fantasy Flight!

    I absolutely don't think it's in development. I think it's already been fully developed, and they are developing something else right now (I get what you're sayin', no worry) Forgotten Age's been announced also in different languages. The development phase for that one is long forgotten.
  5. First game coming up, advice please!

    Dexter is an interesting character, but comes with problems. IF you have access to personal stories (they are included in the Innsmouth Horror expansion, or you can proxy them from the arkhamwiki online), then Dexter is good to go; otherwise he's quite weak
  6. First game coming up, advice please!

    4 characters are perfectly fine for your introductory game: they should grant you specialization and a load of options to really enjoy the game. Joe and Mandy are good characters; I'd suggest to add Gloria (to boost the OW experience) and Darrell (to boost the in-Arkham experience). As for the AO, Azathoth is recommended to start because the doom track is long and it comes with no special abilities of sort so that there's one thing less to worry about. As for what each character should do... just try to follow the flow of the game, and think who can do best where.
  7. True, it's hard to find opponents around once the game is dead. SW LCG comes with an interesting solo-variant. It's not official, but created by a user on BGG, but I've heard great things of how it works, so, possibly this could be an option. No idea if they are doing a new LCG. I don't think it's happening considering Destiny killed the LCG, but that's just me guessing. I imagine time will tell!
  8. Now that the game is officially discontinued after the last Force pack, it might be not so unlikely to see items drop in price (or arrive in the next holidays sale). I remember I was able to buy almost all Warhammer LCG packs for 2.99 a few years ago
  9. It's a new madness delivery system. You call, and you lose 1d100 Sanity while listening to Cthulhu trying to take your order for pizza...
  10. Things new players should know?

    True, but all these come in the form of split reward / split penalty, so that if you don't own Unseen Forces, you'll select the other option in the specific reward / penalty, so that in the end all expansions are 100% playable with just the core set
  11. Advice on purchasing

    AH LCG is more story than LotR, but for many reasons I like LotR better, and if I had to choose, I'd have no doubts and go full on LotR. Elder Sign definitely scratches a different hitch Curious to hear your thoughts after you try it out
  12. Advice on purchasing

    Yes. The game plays wery well under an hour; especially the core set and the first expansion (Unseen Forces) should grant you a playing time of 30 to 60 minutes, depending on how fast you're at decision making and risk / benefit evaluation (and I assume you're fast considering your background in mathematics). The replay value is very high (at the moment I'm close to 150 games with it and I can go more without problems), and it's certainly a ton higher than Mansions': Ancient Ones come with specific powers and difficulties that should grant variety in the game, and being the board composed by cards, this increases interactions and combinations a lot. Additionally, starting with Gates of Arkham, we had a series of now 4 expansions, each providing a different setting for the game (specific adventure cards and specific Mythos deck), so, replayability is huge for relatively little money (compared to the investment you had for LotR, for example). As for the rules: the core set rulebook is wonky, but it's not too wonky, in the sense that after grokking them, you just keep playing, never to look back at the rulebook (so, again, nothing comparable to the rules intricancies of a LotR LCG)
  13. Another co-op LCG?

    This could be true, but the main reason (at least according to what was said) was that people wanted to play as the Empire. For example, I don't give a **** about the app for Imperial Assault because you're not allowed to play Empire, and I'll never pay a penny for a SW coop game where I'm bound to play the Rebel. Clearly, I'm not indicative, but what's true is that the Empire has a ton of fans, so, going coop on SW means creating a division in the fan base. When you design something, you want as many purchasers as possible interested in the product
  14. Monsters at locations with gates

    Better luck next time!
  15. Monsters at locations with gates

    Monsters at the Woods are affected by the Mythos card as well