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  1. Also, important: any time you have an item you can interact with through the inventory option in the app, the app clearly tells you so in the moment you pick it up, so, no worries here, as long as you read the text boxes in the app you're sure not to miss anything
  2. Yep, but this also makes sense: if you were able to proxy a boxed expansion with ease, then probably they will sell a lower number of copies. I'm pretty much sure that any boxed expansion we'll ever see for this game will come with specific cards and mechanics that are tied to the adventures for that box
  3. In any case, you can easily proxy tiles from 1st edition as well, by either drawing them, or by using an unused tile from 2nd edition and cleverly dispose on it wall and door tokens. The fact that the app always shows the art of the rooms, and the actual distribution of line dividing areas also helps. As for monsters: just use the cardboard chits. I sleeved the chits (miniamerican sleeves) and folded the leftover of the sleeve on the back with some transparent tape. In this way the board is a lot less crowded, and it's much more functional
  4. If you know the game well enough, I'd suggest you play one scenario from the Dunwich Legacy in easy mode. There's much more of a story than in the core set's introductory scenario, so that they might enjoy more the narrative, and be curious for what comes next
  5. the app simply says "Marie Lambeau sees the shadow of a ghost reflecting in a mirror. Test Will to...", but doesn't actually track specific investigators, so, if Marie = Diana, anytime you read Marie you resolve Diana, and it's done
  6. Duplicate thread; answers posted here
  7. Generally alternate maps using 1st edition tiles have a 1st edition tile showing as starting tile. In any case, you can very well not enable 1st edition and play with those investigators by making a simple trick: a) during setup, enter X 2nd edition investigators in the app b) choose X 1st edition investigators instead c) create a table saying that 2nd edition Investigator 1 corresponds to 1st edition investigator 1 (and so on) Anytime the app instructs you to resolve an effect on 2nd edition Investigator 1, resolve said effect on 1st edition Investigator 1, and so on
  8. Thanks Kris. Anyhoo, the OP is not from Sweden (someone said that). And OP is not a male either, I'm pretty sure I'm a female To all the others: I have not asked the question to FFG because I had a doubt on how to play a card, but because one fellow forumite mailed me asking how to read the card because it was ambiguous and caused disputes. I simply asked Jeremy and got an answer, thinking that since it caused some disputes, possibly those fighting over this card (and other cards using "another") would see this as beneficial. If you don't need said answer, all the better. If at least ONE person was in need of said answer, then they have an official answer. I don't understand the need to debate the reasons why the question was asked, nor speculate on the magnitude of the discovery. Remember there are no dumb questions, just rude or inadequate answers done by dumb people.
  9. Does anyone but LordPyrex read what I write? If this is your attention span, then it's clear you miss some of the rules!!!! I know that friggin' rule, but was talking about a completely DIFFERENT TOPIC, i.e. how to properly use push to max out the power of a single investigator. If you have one Puzzle using Agility and you have an investigator with 4 Agility one space from the puzzle, do you really want him to spend one action to move and attempt the puzzle ONCE, or is it smarter to have said investigator pushed (by some uber-clumsy companion) so that he has TWO whole actions to solve the puzzle?
  10. Hi folks, I asked about how Assajj Ventress ' wording is to be interpreted. Her ability says after your opponent discards a card to re-roll, you may (but don't have to) make that player discard "another" card. This rule has been interpreted both ways; sometimes to mean discard an additional card and on others to discard a different card. Both interpretations are linguistically correct. So, which is the correct intent/interpretation for Assajj Ventress? Does the player discard an additional card (so two cards in total), or is the player being asked to discard a different card? This is the answer I got from Jeremy Zwirn: Yes, the "another" in Asajj's ability should be "an additional." Thanks for pointing this out.
  11. This is not what I stated, sorry I said: - in space X there's two possible actions, like Puzzle + Search - you have 1 investigator in space X-1 - if investigator from space X-1 moves to X, he has one move step left, and one additional action, so, he either does Puzzle or he does Search, and if he then has to stay there because those element are important to the story, he wastes half of his movement - if you have 1 other investigator arriving in space X-1 with one action left, he may push the first investigator so that neither of them wastes half actions Hope it's clearer
  12. As for Barricades: I'm 31-0 with this game, and I never used a Barricade in my life, so, I'm confident you can easily ignore them
  13. The importance of the "Push" action is often underestimated: sometimes you have two things to do in the same space (like Search + Puzzle) but you can't do both because you're an odd number of spaces away. So, you move 1, and you lose the other movement point. These lost points sum up and at the end of the game they can cost you the victory. Having an investigator pushing you allows instantly for maxing out the action benefits in a given round. In any case the fact that Push is covered only in the Rules Reference is yet another example of how bad these two rulebooks are
  14. They just need to roll that Wild / Water to pass the Ocean...
  15. You're not the only one. I've read of many who simply treats Insanities as a sort of "first warning", they keep on playing as a team, and are eliminated upon going insane for the second time. I think Insanities are great thematically, but suddenly transforms a coop game in a non-coop game which can be quite a turn-off for some, so, I totally understand houseruling them