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  1. 1. No. The card reads: "exhaust and spend all of your movement points for the turn to swap places with another investigator or monster in Arkham. " "All" is different from "any remaining", so, you can't move and then use it 2. No, weapons are to be declared before rolling
  2. Contact me at Boardgamegeek.com. I'm Scarlet Witch there. We can fix this easily 🙂
  3. Yes, you can have more than one monster in a given space. In this case, you deal with the monsters in the order of your choosing, one at a time. You can select which ones to evade and which ones to fight.
  4. Yes, it was officially stated by former CEO Andrew Navaro (while he was still in charge obviously), during the Ask Me Anything session he had a few months ago. He clearly stated that no further expansions will ever be produced for this line.
  5. Julia


    They are cool items that have no real purposes or give you any help apart from how to position cards (which isn't necessarily helpful, and many players use different configurations regardless - right-handed vs left-handed players will have different preferences just to say one; then depends on table space and so on). It merely aesthetics, I'd say, and the desire to pimp our games.
  6. True, but I'd rather see a series of solid expansions released slowly than a mess of rushed expansions like we had in the past for other games
  7. I'd rather have a game set in the Hyborian Age without Conan being playable: in this way, there's a lot of option for character development, campaign progression, and so on
  8. If you look at what's stated under the name "Yog-Sothoth", you'll see there's a different title: one's called "The Lurker at the Threshold", and the other one - IIRC - "The Key and the Gate": it's two different versions of the same Ancient One. Thus, the Yog-Sothoth coming with Unseen Forces is supposed to replace the one from the core set, and the Yog-Sothoth coming with Gates is a different version of the same Ancient One (for the record, we even have a third version, released at Arkham Nights)
  9. Almost correct. You don't add the UF Mythos deck. The UF Mythos deck is used ONLY with the Museum setting provided in the core game. All other components (investigators, blessings, curses, items, spells, monsters, ancient ones, investigators) are mixed in
  10. Hi, Tsuma is right (as he often is); Gates come with its own Mythos deck and it's the only Mythos deck to be used when playing the Streets of Arkham mode. If you're looking for evidence in the rules, please refer to the 2nd panel of the English rules, Streets of Arkham Setup section, 2nd bullet point (emphasis mine): "New Mythos Cards: Replace the Mythos deck with the new Mythos deck, made up of only the Mythos cards provided in this expansion." "replace" is key here: it means you no longer use the previous deck. Happy gaming!
  11. ùyes, the game is awesome fun, even with 3 factions. I think I played this one close to 100 times, and I'd be in for more. It was one of the best, most interesting, fun games FFG produced in the last decade, and it's sorely missed by many fans.
  12. These actually look very neat. But no, never seen those before
  13. UltraPro deck boxes (yes, the ones for standard card sleeves), with cards laid in them on their back (same position as decks on your table). The cost is about 3 dollars each, and each box holds up to 80 cards.
  14. I kinda missed this when I first read your post. Not so sure if it helps, but I managed to beat it 4 times with 3 investigators, so, possibly you don't need that many more. Also because of how the Mythos cup works (and yes, I've seen people beating - with difficulties - playing 2p. It's just very, very hard with 2)
  15. True. Phil made a great job at covering some of the game's known issues.
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