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  1. Julia

    GoA event cards

    25 is correct. Contact customer service and ask for the missing one
  2. Julia

    How to check forum friends list?

    Click on your profile. Then you'll be able to see a general Asmodee Account. From there you have an option "players" and there a sub-category "buddies" Very easy to find 😕
  3. Julia

    My Poor Sweet Jenny

    yeah, I never shop either, money is so much more useful for movement. As for items requiring actions to buffer San / Damage: you're right, no need for those either, especially if you can easily get allies doing the same for free
  4. Julia

    Runewars Failing - New hope for BL?

    If RuneWars fails, they'll simply keep going on with Legion. If they go back to BattleLore, we'll have a 3rd edition
  5. Julia

    Let's Talk Strategy

    That's interesting. I never picked Witch Blood because I usually think that strategy can compensate the need for repeating an action, while getting a boost such as the one granted by the knife is golden. So, it's safe assuming that cards balance out?
  6. Julia

    Let's Talk Strategy

    Marie is a beast. OoC, did you give her the knife as starting item? Or the card allowin her to replicate the same action in a given round?
  7. Julia

    App update

    The app is usually updated on the release date (more or less; we had a bit of delay in the past due to iOS vs Steam asyncrony in releases, IIRC)
  8. Julia

    Blood Bound (Vampire Politics) LCG?

    Back in the day, Christian Petersen (at the time CEO of FFG) posted on BGG that the company had the rights for VTES, and they passed, stating clearly that we won't be seeing a VTES re-do done by FFG (now or ever)
  9. Julia

    HELP! This game seems hard!

    The Goblin Problem is among the easiest of the bunch, but definitely Garret is spot on here: timing is key, and deciding what to upgrade first, not only in reference to your hero, but also thinking about the impact your upgrade's having on the whole party. I'm around 70-30 at the moment (in general; breakdown of different scenarios is a bit varying clearly), but yeah, it's a good challenge, but not uber-frustrating
  10. Julia

    problems with cardboard components

    I had the board chipped after exactly one game, by removing a street from a hex tile. Now I play disassembled (in the end, it's not an Avengers game, lol)
  11. Julia

    Our Verdict

    If you want a harder challenge with 2, consider removing one or two blank mythos tokens from the cup. This will boost difficulty quite in an insane way
  12. Julia

    Patrol monster movement

    Fully agreed Thanks for clarifying, Duciris
  13. Julia

    Our Verdict

    Hockeyabe, I think 3p is the sweet spot: you have enough investigators to cover properly the board, and also to grant enough role variability so that the key aspects of the game (warding, researching, fighting) are covered. It's not an advantage tho, because in the end if you don't play properly, or if the board's ******* around, doing everything's a stretch.
  14. Julia

    Patrol monster movement

    Yeah, as long they are both moving towards, i.e. they are long the same number of spaces (not so sure if you were countering my point, or adding a specifics, sorry )
  15. Julia

    Marie Lambeau "Smoky Velvet" ability

    Yeah, Azathoth