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  1. I like it. It adds more human choices, which would then make the humans a bit more powerful. Do you have a mechanism to balance it?
  2. We've played a few games and there were a couple of accounts. In one, a player (correctly) surmised that no one was a Cylon in the early game, so he took a series of actions to bring the humans to low food, got himself executed, and came back as Boomer so as to double his chances of becoming the Cylon. In another case, I was executed on suspicion of being the Cylon, which allowed me to demonstrate that I was in fact human. I was able to come back as Gaius Baltar (original) and use my Cylon detector. This gave me a great deal of power because not only did people know I was human, (Baltar's typical problem) but I was also able to identify someone else with 100% accuracy to the group. We are proposing the house rule that, upon execution, you draw the replacement character at random instead of choosing. We are also toying with the idea of allowing the random draw to include the Cylon leaders in a game where there is not already a leader and giving said leader a sympathetic agenda card. The reason for this proposal is that the ease of getting yourself executed, proving your loyalty, and coming back as a character of your choosing seems too powerful. Thoughts?
  3. In the base game, the game ends if you have 5 gates in play with 7 or 8 players. Give that it takes 2 turns at minimum to close a gate, and since you start with a gate on the board, it seems like the game will end before everyone takes their first turn and there's nothing that can be done about it.
  4. For that matter, if you are in a space with a explored gate, do you resolve an encounter?
  5. If an investigator ends his movement in a space with both a monster and a gate, does he fight the monster then go through the gate? If it's more than one monster, does he fight each in turn?
  6. If you have multiple Cylon raiders in the same zone as vipers or civil ships when the activate, do they they all fire at one target? I've been playing that you activate them one at a time, so they fire at a target if available, but if a previously activated raider downed a viper, then the next is free to fire on the civie ship or move. What's the correct rule?
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