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  1. No gaming is better than bad gaming, just tell him no.
  2. Ferret put the finger, in my opinion, on the major problem of the Morality system: metagaming players. Every time they do conflicting actions and you tell them, they want to back away, fearing the big bad conflict points. I know it. It take me 3 months to break that mentality from my players. Most players seem incapable of playing normal people with their qualities and flaws. It's either the godly paragon who wont do something harmful even if its life depend on it or the murder hobo without morality. sigh. Yeah, that's kind of the boat I'm in. The group seems to be able to logically say "Yeah, one or two pips isn't a big deal", but I've noticed a trend to kind of back away from them. It's a tough habit to break. Don't warn them, just give Conflict after the fact. Warning the player that they will recieve Conflict is a metagame GM thing. It's the same as asking a player if they are sure they want their PC to perform a potentially detrimental action. It gives the player direct before the fact OOC knowledge that almost always changes the way the PC will act. I make a rule of NEVER doing this!
  3. This is one big reason I don't use Conflict. The idea that the state of mind of your character is flopping around willy nilly depending on a dice roll is ludicrous to me. There is no way I would narrate every dark pip as "ooo, you're feeling fearful, you're giving in to your aannggeerrrr...". Instead, IMHO the dark pip simply represents the difficulty of anyone to remain calm in a crisis and not accept the easy power offered by the dark side. Strain and DP flip represents the character overcoming the temptation. If they want to use the dark pip directly (without spending Strain and/or DP), it will come with a direct Morality hit (as I described earlier in this thread). I find this drives the narrative far more interestingly than bean-counting Conflict. Only bean counting if you want it to be... Murder 10 Younglings x10 =100 Conflict Good luck rolling that on a d10... I imagined being a Star Wars space wizard once, and I help people move, like alot, so I probably would be a good wizard...but sometimes I'm TKing the couch ten stories to the ground instead of carrying it down the stairs just cause I can...which is my vanity showing and a path to the dark side imho...yoda...needs a cane...lol...nah...he could zip around like when he was fighting Dooku anytime, but he doesn't.
  4. I feel the opposite way, Morality is the only metagame mechanic I like. Obligation is completely useless to me as a GM. I would find it's use to be quite disruptive and probably detrimental to the emerging narrative. Plus I'm not a big fan of "Who are we doing a favor for this week?" kinda games. As a GM being forced to engage the narrative in a specific way by a metagame mechanic just doesn't fly. Duty is pretty much just "equipment XP" and a reputation mechanic. The purchasing, gifting, finding, and stealing of equipment is handled by narrative means. No number on a character sheet is gonna stop me from starting the PCs with their own rebel fleet and infantry regiment! Likewise, I prefer the PCs fame and infamy be based on deed rather than a number on a character sheet. If the group kills Grand Moff Tarkin three sessions in I guarantee they are on the Empire's most wanted list...they may not be bigwigs with the Alliance or have shiny equipment though...might even be bad for them...bunch of nobody's killing Grand Moff Tarkin!...that's weird to say the least. Morality on the other hand is a measuring stick and roleplaying tool, and it is totally in the player's hands. They can engage it or ignore it as they see fit. Let the Dark Side Pips flow freely and all will be well...
  5. Alliance Strategic Operations Force Detachment-Delta Assembled in the months following the Battle of Yavin, ASOFD-Delta or "Delta Force", is an elite Expeditionary Force fielded by the Alliance Military. The primary objective of ASOFD-Delta is to support Sector Forces conducting Sustained Operations against the Empire. ASOFD-Delta Tasking will include; Fleet Actions, Orbital Assaults, and Limited Surface Combat Operations. Senior Staff Officers -General Kiran Zhan - Strategic Operations, Command Officer --Admiral Analar Soren - Task Force 323, Flag Officer ---Colonel Sirvin Rasik - 82nd Regiment, Command Officer Alliance Navy Task Force 323 [Fleet Action/Orbital Assault] Consisting of assets from the Alliance Fleet and Sector Forces, TF 323 is a new concept in Alliance Navy doctrine, the Expeditionary Task Group. Ships of note include; Warrior, a former Imperial Intelligence Strategic Communications Monitoring Ship; Renegade, a heavily modified Landing Ship Refit rescued from an Imperial scrapyard by it's mostly droid crew; and Lucky Strike, a custom built yatch featuring luxury accommodations, holonet access, and the one of the fastest hyperdrives in the Fleet. Fleet Assets -Warrior (Nebulon-B Escort Frigate) [Flagship/Battle Line/Fire Support/Strategic Command] -Intangible (Quasar Fire-Class Carrier) [Fleet Support] --Wraith Squadron (12 T-65B "X-Wing" Multi-Role Starfighters) [CAP/Escort] --Demon Squadron (12 BTL-S3 "Y-Wing" Attack Starfighters) [Escort/Attack] --Banshee and Vampire Squadron (24 BTL-A4 "Y-Wing" Attack Starfighters) [Attack] -Renegade (Dreadnought-Class Heavy Cruiser) [battle Line/Fire Support] --Anvil Squadron (15 Sentinel-Class Shuttles) [Landing Craft/Troop Transport] -Charybdis and Scylla (2 DP20 Gunships) [Picket Line/Fire Support] -Magnificent and Majestic (2 CR90 Corvettes) [Picket Line/Landing Craft/Fire Support] -Bellerophon (Consular-Class Light Cruiser) [Picket Line/Fire Support] -Lucky Strike/Fool's Gold (Baudo-Class Star Yacht) [special Operations] -Outrider (YT-2400 Transport) [utility] TOTAL STRENGTH: 1 Carrier, 2 Capital Ships, 5 Escort Ships, 48 Starfighters, 17 Support Ships 82nd Alliance Army "Special Allied Service" Regiment [Elite Orbital Assault Regiment] Recruited mostly from the Sector Forces, the Special Allied Service Regiment or "SAS", is a brand new unit made up exclusively of combat veterans. Consisting of five elite Maneuver Battalions, the 82nd is capable of Limited Surface Combat Operations, though it must rely on TF 323 for logistical support. The 82nd will primarily be deployed as an Orbital Assault Force, either as diversionary raiders or as the vanguard of a larger Alliance Army Extended Surface Combat Operation. Regiment Organization -Headquarters "HQ" Company [Elite Regular Infantry] (Tactical Command) -1st "Commando" Battalion [Elite Assault Infantry] (Rapid Assault) -2nd "Dragoon" Battalion [Heavy Assault Infantry] (Direct Assault) -3rd "Lancer" Battallion [Elite Light Infantry] (Rapid Reaction) -4th "Raider" Battalion [Elite Heavy Infantry] (Direct Attack) -5th "Ranger" Battalion [Elite Regular Infantry] (Rapid Attack) -Reconnaissance "Force Recon" Company [Elite Reconnaissance Infantry] (Force Reconnaissance) -Special Forces "Pathfinder" Company [Elite Special Forces Infantry] (Combat Landing) TOTAL STRENGTH: 4,087 Combat Personnel Orbital Assault SOP Phase 1: System Insertion/Aerospace Dominance (Task Force) Phase 2: Orbital Bombardment/Surface Attack (Task Force) Phase 3: Combat Landing (HQ, Commando, Dragoon, Force Recon, Pathfinder)* Phase 4-6: Reinforcement Landings (Lancer, Raider, Ranger)* Phase 7: Surface Combat Operations (All Elements) *Phase 3: Anvil, Magnificent, Majestic; Phase 4-6: Anvil
  6. Bzzt! 2 Conflict...or the ST sounds the alarm.
  7. How could it possibly be unbalanced?!?!? Really, it would just track the good/evil rating of the character, though I'm assuming he would just shoot up to LS Paragon right away. I was thinking of giving him the DP and Strain bonuses that the Paragon gets, give some mechanical incentive to work towards Paragon status. For the most part I was thinking of tracking it so he would at least be somewhat motivated to be a good guy. I really want to run a campaign about Good versus Evil, without Morality the non-force user can be as evil as they want without consequence. Beaten too it by Dono! Mainly its unbalanced because they are not rolling Force Dice. I mean we never hear Yoda or Obi giving Han "Don't give in to your emotions, don't fall to the dark side" Ill add that the biggest reason you don't want to track it is because then that PC CAN do whatever they want. Meanwhile the rest of the party have to either turn a blind eye and possibly gain conflict for not acting, or you get a bit of inter party banter and the non Force User ends up being good anyway. Basically you don't need Morality to guide their the decisions, the rest of the Party will do that for you! It will also provide you an extra way of putting conflicting situations in front of the Force Users, its a free tool in the GM's toolbox. Yeah I like the idea of playing the "morally ambiguous" non-force user off against the Jedi, but I am worried it may lead to PvP conflict which is something that I do not wish to feature much in this campaign. What do they call it...four-color comics...black and white morality. LOVE the D6! Helps slow progress, and makes up for not gaining Conflict from DS pips! STOLEN!!!!!
  8. This. In the current system, in order to reach Paragon a Jedi doesn't just have to resist the urge to do bad things (or to fail to do good things), they also have to resist the desire to use those dark side pips to make their powers work. Without that, a non-Force Sensitive just has to be a decent person and suddenly they're backlit by a heavenly glow. Yeah, I figured shooting up to Paragon ASAP would be a problem. There is no roll in a session if there is no Conflict. The non-force user would only gain Conflict through narrative action. Do you think that enough sessions would pass without the non-force user rolling for Morality that it would slow the progress?
  9. Yeah, I probably won't ever use Obligation or Duty. I have handled the kinds of things they cover with narrative means for so long that it seems odd to assign mechanical values to them. I try to create a living world for the PCs to interact with, obligations and duties are just part and parcel of existing in a living world.
  10. How could it possibly be unbalanced?!?!? Really, it would just track the good/evil rating of the character, though I'm assuming he would just shoot up to LS Paragon right away. I was thinking of giving him the DP and Strain bonuses that the Paragon gets, give some mechanical incentive to work towards Paragon status. For the most part I was thinking of tracking it so he would at least be somewhat motivated to be a good guy. I really want to run a campaign about Good versus Evil, without Morality the non-force user can be as evil as they want without consequence.
  11. So, what the title says. Five or six players and one (possibly, but not likely, two) non-force using characters. What to do about Morality? I'm not keen on using Obligation or Duty in this campaign, especially with it most likely only pertaining to one character. I really don't want to interrupt an awesome campaign about a band of plucky heroes on their way to save the galaxy because the pilot needs to pay his bills. So, I'm left with two options... A) Have the non-Jedi track Morality just as the Jedi do. B) Ignore Morality. Which do you prefer and why?
  12. Quantity is a Quality all it's own... I really dig MrMxyzptlk's idea too though... Every member of the Imperial Military, from the lowliest clerk to the highest Grand Admiral, has a personal footlocker with a set of Stormtrooper armor in it. Rifleman first.
  13. Auto-Fire OP Nope If a player min/maxes with autofire in mind it actually can become a problem. Marauders are OP Nope Again, if you min/max, you will see some issues, especially when combined with Doctor. Vehicle scale weapons vs Personal Scale targets , too much damage Nope It is a problem if the GM doesn't make an effort to rope it in, and/or know how to manage it. If you're running a conventional planned adventure it shouldn't be much of an issue, if you're more sandboxy and just let the players do whatever... you may have to take steps. Move (Seriously 4 ATAT's at Extreme range do how much damage to my inquisitor?) Not sure I understand this one Also a bit of a min/max issue. If you totally max out the Move force tree and focus on pumping up discipline and your FR you can (for 4 pips) chuck four Sil 4 objects at a single target doing 40 damage per hit. Of course you'll be looking at around 300XP spent to do one specific thing... but it's a heck of a thing. PC's are OP at 400xp Wow...no...maybe a good starting veteran character See Min/Max. Toss 400XP at a player and they'll be able to min/max some stupid powerful options out of the gate. FFG suggests +150 as a good veteran starting cap, as that gives plenty of options, isn't so much you can totally min/max (unless you're actively trying to) but still leaves you soft enough that gaining XP is a motivator for adventure. Death at double WT? I don't understand This is one of those things that's not true, but some people think it is. Every time a character takes wounds that exceed their threshold they take a crit and go unconscious. When their wounds get to double their threshold, you stop counting (but still apply crits.) Some people assume you die. You don't, you just stop counting and get crits. Now... if you keep taking Crits, eventually you will get "you die" as a crit... and yeah, then you're dead. NPCs are of course dead when the GM says they are dead, but this means that for players, only weapons with Vicious, attack from characters with Lethal Blows, and aggravated damage (fire/acid/vacuum) are really likely to kill them. Setback Removal Talents really = Gain a Boost I don't understand Some people don't toss enough setbacks at their players, so they count talent that remove a setback as adding a boost instead. Min/Max is no matter, the PCs can be blasted from orbit if need be. Yeah...gotta remember the setback...been constantly thought-projecting ways to narrate it's use.
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