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  1. Are there any stores in the valley where people regularly play? Thinking about getting into the game but I wanted to gauge the level of activity first.
  2. That would be 11 investigators after the first cycle, 17 after the second, 23 after the third and 29 after the fourth assuming we don't get ANY in the deluxe expansions. One investigator per pack is simply too many too often for a game that only supports 4 players. We will most likely get 2-4 new investigators per cycle+deluxe expansion.
  3. GW hasn't made a profit in nearly 10 years...they aren't worth the asking price (check in again next year...) Games Workshop financial reports are readily available on the internet. Last financial year they had ca. 16 million GBP in operating profit, so I think you might be a little off with your statement. I haven't looked at the numbers but operating profit is calculated without consideration of taxes so it is possible to post an operating profit but still have a net loss.
  4. I get the impression that anything that does more then one point of damage is going to be very well worth the risk of you're facing monsters with more then one HP. Much of the time the higher level card might be a good idea. But what about on a character that's weaker at that skill and taking more risk of failing? And is it so much better that you always want to take THAT upgrade? You might prefer to spend your XP on upgrading a different card instead. Somewhere, the player will have to make a choice and try to evaluate which upgrade is worth more to their deck and this will have to take into account many factors because the upgraded versions aren't free to put into your deck so you can't just automatically take the "better" card all the time. You can have multiple levels of the same spell in your deck AFAIK.
  5. I get the impression that anything that does more then one point of damage is going to be very well worth the risk of you're facing monsters with more then one HP.
  6. Ah I didn't realize the difficulties changed the contents of the bag. how many difficultys are their in the game if it's jut two providing two different dice wouldn't be a big deal if it's 3 or more I get it. I also get that this allows them to change what's in the bag per scenario or with expansions which is a nice option. I haven't played the game just watched a video of it and this is the only aspect that I wasnt really a fan of. The rest of the gameplay seemed fantastic!m There's at least 4 difficulty levels.
  7. The various difficulty levels change the contents of the chaos bag so using dice wouldnt be very feasible unless every difficulty level had an amount of tokens equal to the number of faces on a particular die. I guess you could just fill extra sides with blanks or something and reroll them but that seems lame. Edit: There is absolutely going to be a lot of wasted cards when you buy a second core set. A hundred of the cards in the box are for the scenarios alone and you will never need a second copy of those (unless you damage or lose one or something).
  8. I don't think this is correct. Targeting an additional enemy is a benefit of using the card, not a cost or requirement to do so.
  9. I don't see why a lack of expansions would make you not buy the game if you were otherwise interested in it. The price is reasonable for what you get and there is a good deal of replayability. Plus if the game keeps selling and FFG isn't allowed to make expansions it's more likely they republish the game under a different IP.
  10. 1. Can anyone point me to the part of the rules where it actually states enemies spawned into the shadow zone are spawned face down? I know they are but I can't find it in the rules and my OCD is driving me nuts. 2. If the Waywatcher begins her activation with no wounds on her, chooses to attack, rolls enough successes to kill an enemy and takes damage from an enemy herself can she heal the damage she just took? I want to say yes as I didn't see anything in the rules that requires me to resolve the healing part of the action before she receives the wounds. 3. Since the peril tracker starts on a green space in the second quest do you start the quest by distributing two wounds? My gut says no and that it's green just because the peril tracker can go forward and back in this quest. Thanks!
  11. Yea, nothing stopping the two games existing side by side but I think the switch to AoS killed any hopes for future WQ:ACG releases more then anything. As you said though, FFG could very easily re-skin the mechanics and re-release the game which I would love.
  12. Here is a link with some (rumored) info about it: http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2016/04/warhammer-quest-silver-tower-minis-contents.html The development of this game does not bode well for the future of WQ:ACG.
  13. The cards for DT are pretty irregularly shaped, anyone know if there are sleeves that will fit them?
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