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    mwodom got a reaction from Lotr_Nerd in Dev Questions for Force and Destiny? Sam Stewart returns to the Order 66 Podcast on Sept. 3 to answer them...   
    Is there a cap on the force rating as there is on characteristics?
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    mwodom reacted to StupidPanic in Making Star Wars: Imperial Assault Tokens Sexy!   
    Yeah, Star Wars Imperial Assault has a lot of cardboard Tiles and Tokens! On the whole they are pretty OK. But they are let down by the brown grey card board edge... yukky.   I decided to paint the edges. I already had these pens from making my x-wing tokens sexy.   I spent 5 hours painting the Tiles and tokens! It's bloody boring... however it's very easy. It makes them look so much better in my opinion.   I made sure that things like crates and terminals were painted grey and carefully so that their colours can be kept secret.   The pens are about £3 - £4 each... quite expensive.  I used 6; Uni Posca Slate grey Sharpie 'Paint' Black Sharpie 'Paint' Red ​Sharpie 'Paint' Lime Green ​Sharpie 'Paint' Aqua ​Sharpie 'Paint' pink   Only 2 tokens that have a yellow boarder so I didn't buy a yellow pen, I used GW citadel yellow paint I already had.   I'm pretty happy with them. I didn't paint the tile connection edges, just the black side edges.   The connection points are hidden once the map is assembled. And the Map has a nice black border all the way around the edges.   Lastly, I found that for organising the cards and tiles small elastic 'Looms' are great.

    I didn't bother with the character tokens   
    I plan on buying the proper figures later      Panic...
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    mwodom got a reaction from progressions in ace signature abilities   
    The rebuild idea was what I was leaning toward. All of your thoughts firmly cemented it. Thanks for the feedback!
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    mwodom got a reaction from cvtheoman in Military Rank   
    The sidebar titled "Rebel Alliance Military Ranks" on page 393 might have some errata. The Navy column and the Army column both have Lieutenant listed twice. I wonder if the Navy column should have Lieutenant Commander listed under Commander and First Lieutenant listed under Captain in the Army column. 
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    mwodom got a reaction from capnhayes in converting saga characters   
    The last thingI want to do is turn EotE into a watered down Saga. I have grown to loath d20 games over the course of my 20+ years of roleplaying.
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