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  1. Again, playing developer's advocate here. Has there been a rash of PC deaths related to the "unnerfed" Autofire rules in actual gaming situations? Just asking.
  2. First I want to say I haven't had a true playtest of Autofire but I really don't understand the huge disrurbance in the force its causing. Just goofing around with the dice app and taking an average player who doesnt have a high brawn, adding diff for cumbersome and other modifiers it took me several tries to even net one advantage. The time it takes to set up allows player reaction to possibly take down the gunner or get away from the frakking thing. I know this is a rpg and there needs to be balance in a lot of its components but it does seem to be striving for some sense of realism. Look at today's military grade weaponry, most will kill a soldier in one shot. Just my two cents I will now go back to quietly lurking around the boards.
  3. Everyone is really worried about the licensing agreement. Who knows how long this deal has been in the works. I doubt Lucas woke up a week ago and thought " It's time to pass the old Star Wars torch". FFG might have already had an idea when they acquired the license.
  4. Thanks, I have been without my book for a week-and-a-half and could not remember.
  5. Is there a limit on how much extra starting obligation a character can take, beyond being reasonable about it?
  6. I guess I've gamed with one-too-many rules lawyers and hoarders in my time. My favoritegaming experiences come from White Wolf's storytelling system in the early 90s. I've also really grown to like the 40k rpgs, although I am biased because I have always loved the rich background and fluff if not the hyper expensive products of that universe. I've been craving a scifi rpg with a narrative style and EotE seems to be it.
  7. The last thingI want to do is turn EotE into a watered down Saga. I have grown to loath d20 games over the course of my 20+ years of roleplaying.
  8. We weren't looking for a literal translation of the character classes and skills, talents, etc. The saga rules didn' t really fit the concepts of the characters. They had to cram the concepts into its classes. Its seeems that this system will get them closer to their original concepts. The xp comparison is the big question. Donovan, I was thinking that 160 - 200 range would be about right. Thanks for reinforcing that.
  9. I have a group that wants to convert their 5 th level saga characters over but we are having trouble figuring out how much xp is equivalent. Has anyone else converted over their saga characters?
  10. I was part of a game last night where the Imperial side consisted of three tie advanced and the rebel side was one x-wing and two y-wings(six players). The playing area was about 3' by 6' and there were twelve asteroids. All of us managed to collide with the exact same asteroid at least once. Both y-wings had ion cannons and that accounted for a few of the collisions but the rest of the time it was just bad tactics and horrible luck.
  11. 4 X-Wings 3 Y-Wings 6 Tie/lns 3 Tie Advanced Thinking about ordering 2 more X-Wings and 3 more Tie/lns Wave 2: 1 YT-1300 1 Firespray 3 A-Wings 3 Tie Interceptors to start off anyway
  12. Thanks, I was getting stuck on per table or per player. Completely missed per player part.
  13. I noticed the Elite ability Squad Leader has a bullet point in front of it. Can this ability be used once per side or only once per battle?
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