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  1. Most games are biased towards combat because that's what most gamers want. I agree though that this game has a glut of combat talents most which are completely unnecessary. Also, their requirements are usually poorly thought out. It's as if the guys who came up with the talents never sat down with the guys who did char gen and said "let's actually make sure people can use these." If I could change them, I'd cut most combat talents (revising the remaining) and add a boatload of noncombat stuff. Going back to char gen, it's also equally unbalanced. A lot of it stems from the aptitude system and inequities it causes. Removing that would be a great step forward. In addition, a lot of the homeworld, background, and role traits/abilities could made talents. Putting an XP price on those would certainly help towards realizing balance. Finally, combat is also unbalanced. TB is quite simply ridiculous. Once you reach a certain threshold, you're basically immune to things you have no right being immune to. Removing it and buffing armor protection would help immensely. Weapons really need to be revised. We have so many weapon traits its becoming a hassle. Instead just add more damage types (look to other RPGs for inspiration) and an accuracy stat that buffs aiming. This also brings me called shots and hit locations which really need to be expanded. Finally, injuries should be made sensible not, "crit you die." This would be handled by simple rules for crippled/destroyed limbs extremities, more damage to specific hit locations (skull for example), and a rule where if you go into the negative wounds you have to make a toughness test of die (past a certain point you automatically die). Much better than consulting a series of over the top tables to see how much of your face melted off and if you cried, how hard.
  2. I also find aptitudes more trouble than they're worth. They could be easily replaced by optional starter packages that combine homeworlds, backgrounds, and roles into a neat niches for new players. The characters could then grow organically through the main classless system. In addition, the tidbits from the homeworlds, backgrounds, and roles should be quantified i.e. have an XP cost for balance (I'm looking at you voidborn).
  3. Man, I wrote this way back! The version posted here is the old one. Looking at it now, I changed the SP to Salvage Score (SS), added the Crack (3) Crew level to the system, and made Fresh Kills moveable. Now to answer some questions. This system is only meant for salvaging the hulls of ships which I take to be the most valuable portion of a ship. I believe the salvage system in BFK handles components. Also while the repair time may seem short for some of the examples, this is because they are happening under extraordinary circumstances. The service of a Elite Legendary Shipyard would be the equivalent of having the entire Lathes at your beck and call. Not something most can or care to purchase. Instead, most civilians get by with Competent Voidfarer Stations, but the local Imperial Navy MIGHT have a Crack Lesser Shipyard. Using these options, it would take 2.25 years to make a single Cobra Class Destroyer if done by a Crack Lesser Shipyard. As for combining Salvage Points, I reasoned that Imperial hulls aren't made from nonscalable parts and thus can combined to make larger ones. Of course this doesn't apply to Xeno or Heretek ships so, as always, use GM discretion. Anyway, thanks for the feedback, looking forward to more.
  4. Meh, to each his own. I was just using the power armor in Ascension to extrapolate what FFG's current stance on the battery life is. Having the 1d5 only apply to certain situations makes power armor much more viable.
  5. I always assumed that the listed battery life for civilian power armor was for strenueus activities such as combat or climbing up a mountain on a heavy gravity world. Otherwise it would last a lot longer, the exact length being a matter of common sense. Sitting in chair isn't going suck up anywhere near the same amount of juice as let's say marching in a victory parade.
  6. Grand Inquisitor Fulminarex said: Outside of a war-zone, where would a party ever encounter a privately owned ship bigger than a Cruiser? No place. It is much like the Torpedo debate, and lack of Torpedo rules. The RT books usually mention parties removing the Torpedo weaponry to make room for cargo components and so forth. I guess this tells us that Torps take up lots of space on a ship. Maybe not such a problem on a Light Cruiser or Cruiser, but space is at a premium on smaller vessels. I looked at the bigger ships pdf from the Darkreign site, and they look good, but, as I mentioned, what starting out RT could afford one? None of the experienced Captains in Lure have anything bigger than a Cruiser. Some have escorts with them, but no Battleships. Well it is suggested that Bastille commands a "sizable flotilla of lesser warships". Anyways, I think it's fair to say that most private vessels larger than cruisers belong to the truly legendary Rogue Trader Dynasties of the Imperium. It's people like the Haarlocks, commanding the respect and fear of even the Inquisition, who ride around in the Battleships.
  7. My tip is to not even bother applying any realism to WH40k. Even the most basic cause and effect queries will pull the fatal string that unravels the setting. Just enjoy it for what is. Fantasy in space. Still, one does tire of 40k after a while. I just run a rock hard science fiction setting in GURPS when that time comes. Realism carries an appeal often understated.
  8. I too wonder how one would do this. So far I've just treated it like replenishing the crew, only increasing the acquisition diff. by in accordance to the crew quality. I kinda doubt the SP cost directly translates into PF. A good crew shouldn't be worth more than say a lance battery.
  9. It seems to me that those who complain about "oversensitivity" are the same people who wish to have their derisive speech legitimized.
  10. MILLANDSON said: Until Sam/Ross/Mack announce something, we're not allowed to comment, sorry. NDAs and all that jazz, you know. You'll just have to wait to find out what's in the book from them first, and then me, N0-1_H3r3, etc, will be able to talk about it more. Oh how you tease!
  11. N0-1_H3r3 said: The starships book, Battlefleet Koronus, is on the release schedule. It is, in fact, the next thing on the Rogue Trader release schedule after Edge of the Abyss. In the meantime, there is a chapter full of material concerning Starships in Into the Storm. Are we going to get official rules for BC+ ships?
  12. Hm if you really want to freak out your player's you could do this: You could have their auspexes register Oblivion as the expect mirror of image of the Imperial standard. The air is only just breathable, but gravity is a perfect 1G. Strangely, nothing opposes their approach as they make for the world. Once they land they find planet covered in ruins of human origin. As they go deeper, you should present them with broken gothic architecture. Finally the reach a magnificent palace, pitted and cracked by immense age. Passing through it's gates, they are greeted by dust. Reaching the center of the palace, they find their prize; the Emperor and his Golden Throne. Contorted and charred, his body slumps in silence upon the massive throne. Just as they approach, have his eyes open. Feeling as those their heads were being split in half, a silent whisper fills their mind. "These are shadows of what may and will be Children of Terra." You should be clear that this isn't the Emperor speaking but the Voice of Processional. If they ask if it can be changed, give them a quizzical answer. "Yes and no. When one is made true, another comes to pass." If they stay too long have it tell them to leave. "Go now, for if you tarry too long you shall never leave this place." After all that, I'd reward them with 1d10 insanity as they come to gripes with what they have seen. However, the unique insight they receive on the nature fate would give them one fate point as a bonus.
  13. **** Thullis, your RT really needs to assert his dominance. He should have locked the AM in a brig and let him live out a few weeks in his condition in order to think about what he did. Excuse my imagination, but it should have gone like this: RT: I am a most forgiving man, but we must have standards! *Beats the crippled AM senseless with his cane in front of the Priest King.* Points if you can guess where I stole this from... However to address the OP, I to have encountered those types players. In my experience though, the first is more common in DH when players can't think of an investigator without creating a brooding pile of poodoo. Do not lose all hope my friend, as they can be saved. What do player's care about most? Their gear and stats generally. Mess with those and you'll get some sort of response. When they finally recuperate, they should feel some relief. Never let it settle, and the excitement of playing by the edge of teeth should set in. The second is descended from DnD where you can slaughter whole tribes of natives, loot their village, and run back to civilization to be praised as heroes. My favorite counter to this is to have NPC's react to this behavior in way that contradicts how they see their character. It could be as simple as a friendly NPC cringing in fear when he angers the player. Or you might have a playwright send them the script of their latest work, all based on the genocide of a people the player conquered.
  14. Zayth really is a vast treasure store, though the book admittedly understates this. It's suggested that planet has numerous artifacts just waiting to be discovered under the surface, including the capital city of world hailing from mankind's distant past. Conquering this world would certainly be in the best interest of the Imperium. At least that's how I'm planning it for a future Endeavor. My players also aided Graves in quelling the rebellion. Afterword, the Explorator did some awesome roleplaying where he met with elders of Engine Order and convinced them Adeptus Mechanicus were their "spirit brethren". He told them that the rogues who had attempted to infiltrate them were defilers of the Machine Spirit, scorned and hunted across the stars. So convincing was he that the Engine Order agreed to exchange tech-adepts for a time. Meanwhile, the RT negotiated a mutually beneficial trade with Grave; scavenged remains of the other landship's autoloaders for examples of the Imperium's melta-tech. They also agreed to trade salvage locations for raw materials. Once the Explorator reverse engineered the autoloaders, I let them equip them to what ships they could. The way I represent autoloader macrocannons is to decrease the space of the weapon by 1/2 but increase it's power requirement by 1/2 rounding down. This represents the lowered labor required for operation but high power needed to keep the mechanisms going. I also agree that the autoloaders will probably never see mass production and adoption. While they might be superior, they would be more costly to maintain. The Imperium values reliability over output afterall. Still, I could see elite forces such as the Astartes, Inquisition, and Adeptus Mechanicus equip their ships with it.
  15. That's what I love about Fel too. For example, in the game I'm running Fel died in a slightly modified Into the Maw aboard the space hulk containing the Righteous Path. While my player's hurried off with their prize, they left Fel battered and near death on the bridge. They were in such hurry because the space hulk would only remain in real-space for a few hours before returning to the Warp. I made it so Fel survived by selling his soul to a demon in exchange for living long enough to reap his revenge on the players. Thus when my player's met him again in the Lure of the Expanse they were quite perplexed on how he had survived. His behavior differed in that he openly sought to harm them, internally blaming him for his harsh predicament. Once again he died on the Dread Pearl, falling upon the blade of the group's RT in a pretty epic duel. My player's haven't met him again yet, but when they do I plan on having Fel gain a few more unnatural traits. This would represent the demon slowly devouring his soul until nothing but his singular desire for revenge is left. As for the rest of them.. Abel Gerrit was left in debt to my players. They shared some the gems they recovered from the Dread Pearl in exchange for a future favor. He is also put a good word in for them with rest of House Arcadius for future joint endeavors. Madam Charlabelle was saved by our RT. He even carried her through the webway. There will probably be a romance subplot latter. Sadly though, her ship was nearly destroyed by rampaging wraithguard, having the flush their entire cargo bays to be rid of the foul Eldar constructs. This all left House Armelan in even worse shape than it was previously. Once again, the crew played heroes shared enough their loot with her so she could repair her ship. They can now count House Armelan as staunch allies. I presented Jeremiah Blitz as a lovable scoundrel who was in it for the money but would do the right thing. The crew loved him so much, they started calling him Han Solo. They cooperated with him a lot during the Lure of Expanse, even aiding him against several Eldar corsair vessels. They definitely made a friend. Lord Bastille was the main enemy of my players. I played him up as having dozens of vessels, even they were mostly support craft to his fleet. He was also an arrogant man of extreme martial preference with a disdain for "civilians". He constantly opposed them with brute force, forcing my players struggle against the vast tides of materials he could bring to bear. Ultimately though, he and his fleet were defeated in orbit of the Dread Pearl by a coalition led by my players. The battle was costly, but the coalition came out ahead after the Colossus was forced to withdraw. Though the player's earned Bastilles respect, they made him their eternal enemy that day. Above the Dread Pearl and below during the final battle, the crew proved themselves worthy allies of Lady Sun Lee. While she and her honor guard held off the wraithlords, the players battled towards the farseer. When he was defeated, together the two groups cooperated to evacuated as many natives as possible. In the end, Lady Sun Lee parted ways with her share of the natives, marking down the crew as preferred allies for future endeavors. Scourge wasn't all that interesting. My players mostly encountered traces of him on the worlds they ventured, mostly fear and hatred of those from the sky bearing the aquila. Finally they met him on Dross where his shuttle had crashed. There the he was leading an army of natives he had intimidated into submission. The players meanwhile were helping Asira unify her world in exchange for help navigating the wastes to their goal. Basically it was an old fashioned military campaign and ended in the death of Scourge in suitably horrific manner. He was eaten by a giant lizard. I plan on having him return with the pelt of the lizard on his belt. Krawkin Feckward meanwhile attempted to silence the players through a devious ambush. He waited until they passed through the webway to Processional of the Damned. When they returned the found several debilitating mines that slowed their ship down a crawl and scrambled their targeters. Then he proceeded to launch scores of boarding craft at his leisure from several waiting troop transports. My players basically had to weather the blows until he ran out of men. Well they didn't. Instead they chose to lead a suicidal counter-boarding against his ship. They managed to through all the pds, and land directly on top of the bridge. Breaking through, they chased Feckward throughout his ship. Being coward that he was, he ordered back the other ships to protect against the boarders. He almost made it to a salvation pod but the VM got a incredibly well rolled shot in just as hatch closed and it launched. Though he lived, Krawkin was unable participate due to severity of his wounds. He would never, however, underestimate the players again. As for the Twilight Sword Corsairs, I had them commit more ships to protecting the Dread pearl. Basically after the coalition had won, they TSC moved in to try to finish them off. Though they failed, they managed to destroy two of the RT's badly damaged escorts. Besides the ships, the crew's victory was much more costly than that as they are just understanding. By defiling an Eldar Maiden world, they've made themselves the targets of every Eldar corsair in the Expanse. The players remain optimistic. Oh how I shall enjoy shattering that.
  16. Edsel62 said: My current idea is to have the female character already on the planet. She will have been a member of the former Inquisitor's retinue; and one who is due to be raised to full Inquisitor, providing they survive the adventures on Avalos. I haven't yet decided where in Lordsholm I want her to start at though. I figure I will have her turn up just as the first battle is winding down, or place her at (coincidentally) the first location the Kill Team decides to head for. I thought as much too. You could have it so that Syndalla did participate in the battle with the Broodlord and dragged her back while the rest of the retinue sold their lives dearly to buy them time. Thus when the Kill-team make their spectacular arrival, she could be waiting inside the chapel wounded while Syndalla directs the combat outside in her guise as the Captain. If your group has a Apoc, he could give her enough medicine to get her on her feet and then the battle could continue as scripted. As for what to make the female character, I would suggest making her an Interrogator. Man if I ever run FS again, I need to test out some of these ideas.
  17. Kage2020 said: If the rigidness is not in the setting, one might consider where else it might lie? Kage Sorry if I wasn't clear. What I meant to say was that WH40k allows for some many possibilities just because of the scale of setting. It's not like others where every bit of the world or at least a large portion of it is mapped out. Instead most of the 40k is unmapped/unimagined, left only to imagination of the reader. Thus when people complain about rigidity of the canon it irks as they ignore the amount of freedom 40k offers. It's like I said earlier, there's nothing in the fluff that says you can't have a female with abilities equal or greater than a space marine. There are even multiple avenues already established. The fact that people choose to ignore this and say that if they can't be a female marine they won't play strikes me as being obstinate just for sake of being so. That's my opinion though so take it for what it's worth(very little).
  18. Hmm, couldn't people play the Callidus in the Final Santion is they were really that desperate to play a female character? I mean you could give her the same amount of points the marine characters have, as well as two unnatural characteristics like agility and toughness. Then give her the Temple assassin trait from Ascension, homebrewed shapechanging trait, and a limited set of relevant skills. For equipment I'd give her a synskin, fractal blade, and a needle pistol. You could also use the Inquisitor mentioned in FS as a player. Give her the same stats and two unnatural characteristics such as willpower and toughness. Then give her a moderate psy-rating, a full line ascended psychic powers, and a limited set of relevant skills. For equipment I'd give her a suit of Ignatus-Pattern Power Armor, Force Sword, Ryza-Pattern Plasma Pistol, and Psy-Focus. Thus, instead of adding more tactical marines to a party, you could use the alternative provided above.
  19. The main problem I see with female space marines is that is conflicts with one of the few things commonly accepted as canon. In a setting that very much leaves itself up to interpretation, conflicting with it or several other similar ideas risks dissolving what little coherency remains. You can create your own worlds, sectors, chapters, regiments, hell you could have a whole group of all female warriors exactly like marines but you can't make female space marines. Why people complain about rigidness in setting that allows so much and bars very little is beyond. In fact I would that people who can't come up with a way to have female warriors with space marine like abilities have only themselves to blame. It's already been suggested that you could use Inquisitors, their servants, SoBs, and even mutant mercenaries to get a female with abilities similar to Space Marines. I fear though people will still complain. Then again, this complaint has existed as long as Space Marines have. Also, for people who wonder how you could attach a SoB to an Ordos Xenos team, you could use an obscure oath such as the Oath of Oblatia. This just means the SoB has sworn to redeem something or die trying. Those who take up that oath travel alone and relatively independent of the rest of the Sisterhood. Thus you could have the Sister be attached to Deathwatch whenever she wants because it's up to her on to pursue the oath.
  20. The Laughing God said: Well, their Inquisitor could visit on them all kinds of punishment. But they will be high-ranking acolytes by the time they face Haarlock, so it kind off doesn't do their new standing justice if they're slapped around like schoolboys. Maybe Haarlock's return, and what that means for the Calixis Sector, is punishment enough. But I wonder .. if they made a conscious, deliberate choice to allow Haarlock to return, does that necessarily merit punishment? They may have reasoned that the alternative was far worse: the Slaugth-dominated sector that is hinted at with various glimpses of a possible future. While Silas Marr might understand why they set Haarlock free, I doubt Lord Inquisitor Caiden would be so forgiving. In his eyes they may as well have unleashed a great evil upon the Sector. Sure they had visions which suggested it was the write course of action, but as the RH established few trust the fevered light spat out by the Warp. Still they're too valuable to kill outright. No what I need is a plausible way for to continue their investigations while enduring the scrutiny of their enemies in the Inquisition. Hm, perhaps Marr deflects the blame from them but greatly damages his own image in the Conclave? His enemies, sensing weakness, might strike then. However, it'd probably be good to convey the feeling of unity the Conclave has attained after Harrlock's release. Thus the Acolytes would need to discredit Marr's foes rather than confront them head on. Might make for a great investigation, snooping around in the shadows and such.
  21. Hey guys, how did you play up the immediate consequences of Haarlock's release? I'm kinda at quandary on what to do myself so some inspiration might be needed. I definitely feel like they should get some punishment, otherwise it wouldn't have been that hard of choice.
  22. OP I suggest you check out the Drug Section for War Zones in the IH. It has many medicines that would be considered useful. However if you're going for more of a herbal route, check out the feral and frontier sections. Ultimately though, if you feel like your players are being to greedy just make all the drugs they find obscurely labeled and of dubious quality. On the subject of looting in general, I got my players out of looting through a combination of scenarios where the slowest guy died and the fact that their Inquisitor provides all the basic equipment they need to succeed. Still I let them scavenge for ammo if they need, tools such as explosives, and rarities like best quality powerswords that anyone would be insane to just leave.
  23. Well my players repaired it with the help of the AdMech and their facilities in the Lathes. All this in gratitude for the discovery of valuable STC. The AdMech literally shoved aside BFC in order to fulfill their request. Sadly however, my players forgot to ask for weapons and now they have a toothless warship. Word of this has spread and now everyone is seeking a piece of them. They have their own resources too, and are willing expend them all to protect their jewel. If they survive, I plan on pointing them to the Jericho Reach as several Inquisitors approach them with offers too good to refuse.
  24. I came up with these a while ago, and they've worked so far. Any input would be appreciated. Lord Munchkin Presents... An Admiral’s Guide to Acquisition I created this guide in order to recreate not only the scale of 40k but to communicate the theme of Rogue Trader. You aren’t adventurers, you’re the leader’s of an immense dynasty that has weathered the ages. You seek to sharpen your teeth on the universe’s hide, carving away vast wealth. To do this you need ships, and lots of them. Thus the acquisition of a fleet is amongst a Rogue Trader’s prime concerns. 1. Salvage Pool (SP): This represents the amount of material available for salvage. In order to use the SP, you must allocate the point’s toward a vessel. The SP cost for them are as follows; System Ship (1), Transport(2), Raider(3), Frigate(4), Light Cruiser(5), Cruiser(6), Battlecruiser(7), Grand Cruiser(8), and Battleship(9). Alternatively, SP can translate directly into PF. 2. Facilities: These are the tools the players use to salvage. They are as listed here; Legendary Shipyard, Greater Shipyard, Lesser Shipyard, Voidfarer Station, and Breaker Yard. The multiplier for each is 1-5 in reference to their order. Each facility can salvage a number of vessels equal to their multiplier. 3. Crew: These are the individuals working on the salvage. They are as listed here; Elite, Veteran, Competent, and Incompetent. The multiplier for each 1-4 in reference to their order. 4. Difficulty: This is how hard it is to accomplish your goal. These are your options; System Ship, Transport, Raider, Frigate, Light Cruiser, Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Grand Cruiser, and Battleship. The multiplier for each is 1-9 in reference to their order. 5. Result: Finally you work you multipliers together get a number that equals the number of months need for completion. Sources of SP 1. Thematic Wrecks: Named wrecks always start with full SP for their class. These can be moved. 2. Ship Graveyards: Usually in the background, these massive fields of steel may be exploited by the clever Rogue Trader. Though they may have any number of vessels, the SP is decided by the GM. Ship Graveyards are permanent fixtures and may not be moved. 3. Fresh Kills: When a vessel is destroyed, roll against Hull Integrity. If it passes, the vessels survives with full SP. If it fails, it loses SP per degree of failure. The lose of all SP indicates the complete and utter destruction of the vessel. Examples From Play 1. The Emperor's Bounty has a total of 5 SP points. It is repaired at a Greater Shipyard by a Elite AdMech crew. That means it takes 5x2x1=10M. The Lords of Mars favor you. 2. The Penitent Traveler has a total of 2 SP points. It is repaired at a Greater Shipyard by a Elite AdMech crew. That means it takes 2x2x1=4M. Mighty is the Machine. 3. The freshly slain Stygian Reaver has a total of 2 SP points left. It is repaired at a Greater Shipyard by a Elite AdMech crew. That means it takes 2x2x1=4M. The Machine is innocent of it’s fleshy sins. 4. The Righteous Path has a total of 8 SP points. It is repaired at a Greater Shipyard by a Elite AdMech crew. That means it takes 8x2x1=16/12=1Y/4M. Behold the Machine God’s might! 5. SG1 has a total of 8 SP. The RT decides to build 2 Frigates. This happens at a Voidfarer Station crewed by Veteran mutants. This means it takes 3x4x2=12/12=2Y for the first 2 Frigates. In the Expanse, a good mechanic is worth more than their weight in gold. 6. SG2 has a total of 4 SP. The RT decides to build 1 Frigate. This happens at a Breaker Yard crewed by Incompetent dregs. That means it takes 4x6x5=120/12=10Y. You pay these people? 7. SG3 has a total of 12 SP. The RT decides to build 3 Frigates. This happens at a Lesser Shipyard crewed by Competent professionals. That means it takes 4x3x3=36/12=3Y. Slow, but well worth it in the future. 8. The Light of Terra has 9 SP. It is repaired at a Legendary Shipyard by a Elite AdMech crew. That means it takes 9x1x1=9M. Whatever you did to land yourself such a deal must have been legendary indeed!
  25. Meh, I've lost players, GMs, hell I've walked out of more than one game. Just the way the world works. The thing you've got to remember is to keep your chin up, put on that devious grin, and rebuild. So what if it all fell it apart? You have to keep trying until it works, or else all your effort has been wasted. Also when people are angry they say stupid things. No point in holding a grudge. However, if you want my opinion, I believe running a PnP is a very much a collaborative effort. It has to be as everyone who shows up has invested way much more time than say playing an MMO. As a GM it's up to you to be the negotiator, the guy/gal that see's the players fantasies become reality. You're the joint that connects them all together see.. At least that's the way I prefer to go about. That may be of course because of the games I run which tend to half improvisation. No point in getting attached to a work fiction, much less one as mutable as your typical campaign setting. Believe me, the more you GM the more you'll find yourself in situations where everything you've planned isn't worth jack. Oh and by the time you're having to fight over "control" in a PnP game, I think everyone has already lost. Still makes me chuckle, fighting for control in an imaginary realm.
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