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  1. Only help I can give is from a wikia's entry on the "Calixis Expeditionary Force": "Adeptus Astartes Space Marines Imperial Fists 2nd Company Black Templars Fighting Company Heinman " http://calixissector.wikia.com/wiki/Calixis_Expeditionary_Force Hopes it helps for something
  2. Hi all! I'm currently running and writing my first Dark Heresy campaign. My group is Ordo Hereticus and while I grind my brain for plots, I seem to always end up with the same basic thing: 1. There is some hidden cult, heretic or somesuch 2. Characters seek information about this 3. Some offer the group help, at a price 4. Groups help, get the information and move to the cult 5. Group eradicates cult Of course not always exactly this, but often, I find a basic pattern, regardless of planet type or anything else. I don't know how I ran into this weird writer's block, but I need to kick it off and get my gears moving. Usually, it's not a problem for me to get good ideas, but I've run into this sorta period. Any inspiration, any help, anything at all would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Peacekeeper_b said: Endar said: It's probably mostly the fact that we now get 3 books (more) of Calixis adventures. I sorta miss the DnD styled adventures, so short they fit into a comic-book-size-book, rather than huge hardcovers. Then dont buy them. You wouldnt need to write the entire system yourself, you could just use D6 or BRP or another established open system. Heck there is already a fanmade Alternity book and a fan made D20 book for 40K you could play them, they are generic and have Tau and what not. Im sorry you are not enjoying the Calixis Sector, its a shame. Im sorry FFG isnt producing what you want. I wish it was otherwise. But truthfully, Calixis is the framework of the game and setting, it is the backdrop FFG is allowed to use and it is where the game will beRemember, GW was more then willing the axe the entire game. Give FFG some props. First, I won't buy them, but I would RATHER have seen the time and money spent elsewhere. However, now that I hear it's GW's fault, well, not shocked. I didn't say I'd have to write an entire system, i just don't follow the line of reasoning called "you can just write it yourself" And the last thing, true that, point struck me hard and clean. I was one of those peeps waiting from the first whisper of a release, watching the game be pushed, what, a year an a half before release? All I'm doing is voicing a different opinion than yours. No need to get all "experienced and hard-assed" on me.
  4. weaver95 said: what I wouldn't mind seeing next is some sort of book or .pdf along the lines of 'sketches' of various sectors. the problem isn't finding material for a custom campaign, it's that I find it difficult to easily locate the book that has background material I would find most useful. some sort of 'master index' listing say....tyranids or genestealer cults. I've also run into the problem!
  5. I actually wanted to crush the Tau, not love them... You see, I'd rather have "real" fluff on the 70 pages they use for Calixis fluff, fluff tied into the big 40k universe. I wrote my own sector, you can just do that if you don't want Calixis, but don't want the players rushing to Armageddon or trying to stop Eisenhorn or something. It's probably mostly the fact that we now get 3 books (more) of Calixis adventures. I sorta miss the DnD styled adventures, so short they fit into a comic-book-size-book, rather than huge hardcovers. I mean, they could do more with the planets, classes, ships etc. etc. but they focus energy and time on building this Calixis sector. It'd be fine if the system was "established" (we can't field Space Marines), but the system is very new and FF seems more concerned with Calixis than the expansion of general WH40k stuff. At least, that's my humble opinion. And of course, I could write Tau myself, but then again, I could just write the entire system myself and not buy any books at all. I don't wanna write the stats myself, I wanna look in a book and find them.
  6. I was wondering, am I the only person tired with constant Calixis-sector books? Some of them, like Inquisitor's Handbook, have tiny bits of material that is really usable to us using our own sub-sectors. Creatures Anathema, as an example, I would have loved to not see all those Calixis xenos, but instead also have the Tau or some other "big" xenos. Now I see that the next books to be released are three pre-writs... I mean, I hunger for more DnD-styled books, like a generic monsters guide, a generic guide to cults etc. etc. Anyone else bothered with this?
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