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  1. Curon Hifor said: With the release of Edge of the Empire coming upon us, I realized that the possibility for some product synergy. Basically, I want to run a campaign that somewhat similar to, for example, the Rogue Squadron series, and I realized that utilizing the rules from the Star Wars: X-Wing game could definitely lend itself to making the ship battles fun for basically everyone involved (except, y'know, those that aren't pilots, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it). It just seemed like an obvious conclusion on my end, but I'm curious if anyone else had the same idea. Thoughts? I'd be very careful about that unless you tweak the rules more towards the players' favor, otherwise it could be deadly for the party.
  2. My FLGS runs encounters and while it’s interesting, I’d rather FFG go the route of simply rewarding stores for having organized play. WotC allows stores that have a certain amount of games played to be considered “premiere” stores and get the benefit of having games available prior to street date. This is a major boon for any local FLGS. Also, occasional promotional materials and freebies definitely add to the appeal. That being said, a living campaign might be cool. : )
  3. +1 with Cyril. I haven't has any issues with regular dice. I'd only suggest that you use the "regular" d6's for your dice and the rounded chessex ones seem like a bad fit.
  4. I'm pretty sure too… It's just that I clicked on the link and thought "What?! That can't be right"
  5. Okay, so the EotE Beginner game site front page has the box listed as $29.95. However, if you click the picture of the box that takes you to the FFG store, it lists the box as being a whopping $59.95. I sure hope the correct price is the former and not the later. I’ve been lucky enough to jump on the Beta and have my book, but (despite some people dogging on the “beginner box” concept) I’m very interested in picking up this box. I want the dice, sure, and I love the idea of all the fiddly bits too, but I just can’t justify spending $60 given the content listing. Alliance has the box listed as $29.95, so I’m hoping the online store page is just a mistake…
  6. Also, since no one else has mentioned it thus far here, can we get an update to the character sheet that reflects the changes made? Preferably with some of the other changes that have already been suggested elsewhere. Thanks!
  7. Greedo is Good said: Serenity's system (Weis' system… what's that called?) It's called the Cortex system, though it wasn't called that until /after/ the Serenity books were out. I loved the system (I even helped playtest that one too), but it has its shortcomings (like every system). As far as the Jedi argument goes, I've always been on the Han Solo band wagon. The fringers always seemed like much more interesting characters to me. : ) I could see whole movies set in the Star Wars universe that never even mention the word Jedi… but I shouldn't give Lucas any more ideas . : )
  8. I highly recommend (most of) the comics! Dark Times is fantastic (and still going, mind you). I know it's the wrong time line, but Legacy is amazing (plus it has an interesting balance for all those Empire-lovers). Empire, Rebellion, and Clone Wars were good too, in there own right. I'm actually going back and reading the old Marvel comics from the late 70s and 80s. Dark Horse publishes them in omnibus form for easy purchase and reading. Sure they are terrible in many ways (ie extreme inaccuracies come from being written between the movies, and of course, some wonky story ideas), but they provide great roleplaying ideas that are out-of-the-box. : )
  9. Speaking as someone that works at my FLGS, I'm glad they've gone the printing route. Not only that, but they've made it retailer friendly. That's something else that I like about this game so far.
  10. Slipstream said: True. Best to encourage your FLGS to get in stock for the cheapest route. Plus it gets interest in your local area. Done and done : )
  11. I can't help but do that too… although I try to make certain that the other fan boys in my games know that they are MY games, which can be though for some. : )
  12. True, but it also says that it takes "place during the height of the Rebel Alliance's struggle against the Galactic Empire." I would think the "height of the Rebel Alliance" would be quite a bit into time of the Empire.
  13. I, for one, pretty much agree with everything you say, DeckOfManyThings. I'm even pro on things like cards and special dice. Maybe that makes me a minority in this forum, but so be it. I've always found FFG products to be top-notch (and no, I'm not getting paid to say that : )). Also, I think the "Edge of the Empire" is in reference to the location and character outlook as opposed to time line.
  14. The Star Wars RPG has been a topic of discussion for me ever since FFG announced they had the license. They haven’t really given us much to go on, but FFG usually plays their cards pretty close to their chest. I can’t wait to spend my hard-earned money on this game. I whole-heartedly trust FFG to do a fantastic job. I, however, don’t think we’ll hear anymore about the game until late next year, maybe next GenCon at the earliest. I’ve loved all the game rules for every FFG game I’ve has the luxury of playing. I wouldn’t really mind too much if they rehashed an old rules set to fit the Star Wars game. That being said, I think FFG would do well to make a new rules engine. I know they wouldn’t do it just for the purpose of making new rules. They could make a rules set that more properly fits the setting. I want a Star Wars game that doesn’t just focus on Jedi. Jedi are great, but I’ve had much more fun playing a Han Solo type than a Luke type character. I’d like FFG to incorporate various gaming add-ons, but only if (like was said above) they enhance the gaming experience. I’d love to see cards, custom dice, minis, etc.!
  15. Man, I love it when I'm right. Currently, I think FFG is the only company that can do this IP justice. I want that RPG and I want a sweet minis line. I wouldn't mind pre-paints, but I would LOVE plastic/metal minis... or vehicles (I know that last one is a stretch, but you can't blame a guy for wishing...) I look forward to where this goes! I just wish I didn't have to wait so long!
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