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  1. I think my biggest issue is that you have to purchase it multiple times if you use multiple devices. When we're playing at my house, I use my Steam Link to stream the PC version to my TV and surround system. When I go to a friend's house though, I can't do this, so we use an android tablet. Star Realms let's me purchase things once and attach it to my login info. Really wish FFG had done something similar for this. If the price was $3 instead of $5, I feel it would be less of an issue for quite a few people.
  2. I use the Steam app and run it on my TV with the Steam Link. I've got a wireless mouse & keyboard so it's beyond easy and the audio pumps through my home theater.
  3. Reporting is a new feature, so it hasn't been discussed much. Step 1: Choose "Individual Collection", then select "Item Attachments" Step 2: Add whatever columns you want Step 3: Select "Use Filter", and use this filter: IsCrystal Equal True Step 4 & 5: Group or not, then name the report. I used these settings but still couldn't generate a form. When I bring up the print screen, it just keeps loading blank page after blank page until I cancel it.
  4. I'm sure this has probably been brought up before, but I can't seem to find it if it has. I want to create a report of all of the lightsaber crystals. I can't seem to figure it out. I went through the manual and the FAQ, I just can't seem to manage it.
  5. I don't have a FLGS. I live in a tiny little town. The closest gaming store is an hour away.
  6. Has anyone seen this out in the wild or know other places to order online from? Shipping from FFG's own store is about half the price of the actual mat.
  7. Just want to tell a funny/cool story that happened during last night's game. We had Rebels playing in the background on TV and in game, Darth Vader is waiting behind a door. Right as the door opens in game, over the speakers, perfectly timed, came Vader's breathing as Vader appeared on screen at the same time.
  8. I am also using the 732. I bought the 728 originally because I just thought the 732 was just a bit to much. But after getting home and trying to figure out the best way to put the game into the 728, I realized it just wasn't gonna work for me and went back and got the 732 instead. I'm very happy with it. So much extra room for the expansions.
  9. I just put my order in for this game and this will be a very valuable resource. I thank you all for this input.
  10. I still wish they would relabel it to Advanced level instead of Knight level. Knight just implies far to much in regards to Star Wars. With that said, I have a friend who will joining my EotE game and I'll be giving him "Knight" level xp so that he will be in the same general area that the other characters are at when we get back to that game.
  11. Don't think of it as "I just gained 1 morality point". Think of it as "I had a chance to gain 10 morality, and all I got was 1 because I was tempted by the Dark Side. Dopey me.". Stop countering my arguments with your **** logic, lol.
  12. Oggdude, I admit that your explanation makes the most sense I've read so far regarding keeping the original morality rules. I really did love the system when I first read it. Unfortunately, I still have a major issue with the giant gains that are possible with the current system. If you use dark side, you should lose morality. Maybe not a bunch, but some. Same holds true for the opposite, if I gain 9 conflict and roll a 10, story wise I shouldn't be gaining any morality. With that said though, I really like your explanation of things.
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