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  1. I had similar problem.I've bought new one TOI in internet shop and figures were in fatigued ziplock bags.It is strange,because in DOF they are packed in oryginal plastic bags.How the figures should be packed in oryginal TOI?Could you please help me?
  2. Please close the topic.I've found an answer in FAQ.Sorry for naive problem
  3. Hi.I've bought Tide of Iron game and quantity of map overlay pieces in the game box is different than quantity stays in the rules book.Rules book says it is a 28 pieces,but in box I've only 24 pieces.Is it correct or something is very not ok?Can you explain it to me?Thanks a lot for your answer.
  4. I always random select!Surprise effect is very exciting for the game .My favourite character is Dark Cultist,despite the Troll won very offen.
  5. Easy boys,we should wait and then we will see what is going on.FFG says something like that: "3 quarter of 2009 will be great for BL fans".So I think we don't need to worry .
  6. Pacific for me!We have enough soviet's themes in other games.Pacific has to be first,then Soviets or Poles,because not everybody knows that II WW was started in Poland on september 1939 and Poles were fighting on all fronts of WW II in Europe and were one of the four biggest european armies,despite the fact they lost their country whacked by Germans and Soviets.So give me Japaneses first .
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