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  1. Mmm i think you are right on the 2 claim plot cards the more kill the better.. as far as valar i used to run it but i found it far too often biting me in the ass not so much with the killing of all my guys but more the 0 claim for the turn.. Wildfire assault would be nice i'll try get my hands on one of those thanks for the advice
  2. This is my Stark i put together with the limited resources i have.... No Agenda Plots: Holding the Trident Fury of the wofl Building Season Snowed Under Calm over Westeros(might swap out for 2nd power of arms) Power of arms Mutual Enemies Characters: Catelyn*1 Cat*2 Trident Reinforcements*1 Dacey*2 Knight of Tumblestone*1 Royal Guard*2 Shaggydog*1 Kennel Master*1 King Robb's Host*1 Banner*2 Jory*1 Feral Packs*1 Hodor*1 House Umber Berserker*1 (should run two with so much stalwart i might take out a trident reinforcement, but very expensive) Eddy*1 Wolf Herald*2 (works well with Gates) Robb*1 Vanguard scout*1(might drop due to low initiative Cassel*1 Grey Wind*1 (not my favourite) Midnight Sentry*3 Greatjon Umber*1 Jayne Westerling*1 (for robbs host should really swap for old Nan) Old Nan*1 Locations: Gates of Winterfell*1 (wish i had mroe) Great Keep*3 Northen Fiefdoms*2 Bear Isle*2 Godswood*1 (would run 2 if i had) Winterfell castle*1 (works well with Midnight sentry makes everyone quiet strong) Narrow Sea*1 Crossroads*1 Eddards chambers*1 Attatchments: 2x Icy Catapults 2x Needles 1x Ice 1x Summers 1x Nymeria Events: 1xCompelled by the north 2x Battle for whisper wood 2x To be a wolf 1x Distinct Mastery 1xKings of the North(not a fan but trying it) 1x Distraction 1x Winter is coming 1x Lethal counteratk. Suggestions on which card packs to pick up next, i'd really love some advice on my plot cards i think that is the weakest part of my deck. All suggestions welcome
  3. If you run 1 gates you have to run building season and wolf heralds otherwise i find it to be a waste of time in my deck. I'm new but thats my 2 cents
  4. I'm new. Questions: Deck Limit (min and max) ? min. 60? is that including plots? When building a deck can i use old cards? the CCG? with black borders? If i cannot use the old cards with black borders, can i use the black border cards from the chapter packs? Why are the cards from the chapter packs done with black borders it really confuses me On turn one, after you draw up to 7 cards do you still draw 2 cards for the first turn? When using Bran? how does he work? do both plot cards effects trigger? or just one? which intiative to do i use? and which plot cards gold do i use? Sorry for the messy lay out of my questions
  5. Hi i am completely green but i have been using his ability very different. To my understanding is he can jump into a challenge after all attackers and defenders have been announced to sway the fight. So for example: I declare i'm attacking with 2 str for the axe, and my opponent declares a 3 str character to block, the defenders have now been declared can i now use great umber ability to participate in the challenge?
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