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  1. Tabletopgamingnews says the middle of Feb. http://www.tabletopgamingnews.com/2011/01/24/43096 Finally!! (Fingers crossed)
  2. They probably appear in one or two of the adventures, with their rules described on the adventure boards.
  3. Very interested in this release. Didn't purchase the last expansion as the theme didn't really grab me, but like the sounds of this one alot. Glad to see some Runebound love.
  4. Ken on Cape said: I wonder what color the russian army will be? I am going to go with red...
  5. I just think its a little early to push the panic button on support of the game ending. I certainly agree that it is a back burner game, but don't think it has been definitively terminated. However I will acknowledge that a formal annoucement of such a decision will/would never come, so all we can do is sit and wait: Like Tannhauser, Battlelore etc.
  6. I have been out of touch for a while. Do we know that TOI releases are done? Or is it just that because there has been nothing since Normandy and the Designer Series there is concern? If they are done, I am saddened by it but really don't think that is the case. Both BattleLore and Tannhauser were neglected for a while and have been receiving love recently. It's just more a case of only so many things can be developed at a time. I am holding out hope that the unrevealed box game is the Eastern Expansion for TOI. Maybe I am just too optimistic.
  7. I will have to look into this, looks like something I will want to try.
  8. Lord Khorne on his Skull Throne all the way!!
  9. A scenario book would certainly be a welcome and must buy addition. Especially if they incorporate mulitple expansions into each scenario.
  10. I have played both quite a bit and would suggest Game of Thrones as well.
  11. Laminating is exactly what I did. I already owned a laminator, so it was easy (if not real quick) to get done and works great.
  12. Or, going the other way. Godzilla Wars in 6mm.
  13. Yeah, your probably right. Okay, 2 times a year.... Regardless, I realized it has been December since I have last played as well. Good game dying on the vine because there are too many other good games out there to play that have consistent releases.
  14. Count me as another hoping FFG releases the expansion.
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