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  1. Wow, I'll try to copy that! Really nice table. /Tommy
  2. toru

    Mistborn setting?

    The Mistborn Adventure game is probably a good way to try to figure the magic system out and using it for Genesys. I will try to start with the races and the archetypes from the other game as well. I am thinking about starting a couple of games without any magic available for the players just to get the setting and then let the players explore the "skills". /Tommy
  3. toru

    Mistborn setting?

    I am thinking about doing a Mistborn setting for Genesys. It is a pretty normal fantasy setting but with a quite special way of looking at magic. If anyone is already doing this I would really like to see what they have come up with already. I do have the Mistborn Adventure game but I feel the Genesys system would be perfect for the setting. /Tommy
  4. As my previous thread led to I have now got all expansions with a couple of extra core sets and other stuff. I have not read that much yet but I have got all the cards etc and I must say I am a bit confused. Regarding action cards etc I think it's good to have multiple of the basic ones but the damage deck looks like a mess right now. Is there a "list" of a standard damage deck. I guess you just add all damage cards from the expansions but I have three core sets and it looks like they are all added together. Same question goes for the other "randomized" decks... And It would be nice if someone could point me in the direction of a colplete set list spo I know where all cards come from... None of the boxes but one core set is still "alive"... If this information is here and I have been lazy (or incompetent) to find it I apologize... /Tommy
  5. Lol, I just got all expansions released (and then some) for free (So now I have 3 Core sets, 2 adv tool kit and one of each of the others...)... The only thing I have to do is to GM a bit... Information overload... By Sigmar, it's a lot of books and cards... :-) /Tommy
  6. toru

    VP and lore trackers

    Yes, thanks. I'll go for 20/20 or something. I have a plan... :-) /Tommy
  7. I am thinking about creating a VP and lore tracker and looke around a bit. I have seen a couple of VP and lore trackers on BGG and they go from 0 to 19. I made a comment there but I think I'll ask here as well. Is there a good reason for tre VP tracker to go to 19? How often have you got ties that continues up to such high numbers? Regarding the lore? How high do this tracker need to go? 15? 20? I have only played one game myself and I am really hooked. /Tommy
  8. Thanks for quick and extensive replies. I think I'll go for winds of magic. I know that at least one in the group will be some kind of magic user... /Tommy
  9. Hi, I have just bought a "mint" used basic box with the adventures toolkit and I really want to run the enemy within campaign. What expansions are "needed" if any at all? Is the campaign enjoyable with only the basic stuff or would it be better with some extras? Sooner or later I will try to get all expansions but I also want to get started with the campaign... So, some buying hints is much appreciated... :-) Another little question... Do you sleeve your cards? BR Tommy
  10. I just got core and all(?) packs from Narren in Katrineholm. Going there today to try my first game.
  11. Using this subject to raise a question... I have bought the PDF but I am heaving problems reading both the files on my MacOSx Lion and iPad2. One of the core files shows no pictures on th iPad and the other is having problems showing tables... The one with table problems cannot show them in Preview on the mac, nor the iPad2. Will start up my old Windows PC to check the PDFs on that computer. Anyone else experiencing these kind of problems? All other DW products looks good on both the Mac and the iPad2... BR Tommy
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