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  1. Veronus

    jump and buildings

    If a unit has Jump, can it jump over a wall into a building that is only 1 level and has no roof?
  2. Page #14 Daedalus Book "At the end of each turn, each trooper token moves three circles" Do both heroes controlled by the human player take thier activations before you shift the troopers? "At the start of each turn, each eliminated Trooper token is placed on the circle it started on" At the start of the human players turn? I'm assuming the objective tokens are all the same faction?
  3. Veronus

    Adding Bloodbowl

    Thanks for Sharing That! It's about having fun! Too many GM's lose sight of that...ROFL!! ~Veronus
  4. Well, I do have to admit, when going through my AT last night I did wonder "why no 4th box for the 4th player? That stinks." but concluded I'd rather 4 boxes like the AT....so just offer one or the other to us for sale so that those of us with OCD may have uniformity for our PC's please ~Veronus
  5. Veronus

    Barnes and Noble Release Date

    I don't have sense of how B&N handles thier release dates because I don't usually by my hobby stuff from them, but they have a release date of 9/27 which is a Sunday!!!....LOL
  6. Veronus

    Fed up of waiting !!!

    I've pre-ordered books from other company, that have been late - real late - and then showed up beat to hell, or just plain poor quality -- Conan 2nd edition from mongoose anyone? It was so warped they shrink wrapped it to keep it straight and when I unwrapped it, it exploded!!!...LOL, they did send me a very nice quality replacement 3 months later and whole bunch of hassle, but even that replacement isn't as nice as the FFG stuff. I'm not going to get all high and mighty because I really don't care as long as I get it before the end of the year and it's uber quality, but for the folks that don't have a ton of other games to play and have put all thier eggs in this basket, at least knowing when they are going to get it would help. Veronus
  7. Veronus

    Fed up of waiting !!!

    Some things are just worth waiting for Orks and Elves on a space freighter are definately two of them!
  8. Veronus

    Release date?

    Barnes and Noble Has A Release Date of 9-27-09....for whatever that's worth.... ~Veronus
  9. Veronus

    Rogue Trader GM Kit

    yeppers, sept. issue #115
  10. Veronus

    Rogue Trader GM Kit

    The new Game Trade Magazine has the GM Kit listed. Couple of points of interest: 1. Sourcebook with starship construction guide 2. NPC Vessel Generator 3. Adventure called "Whispers on the Storm" Oct. 2009! ~Veronus Shame
  11. Veronus

    Brief Impressions of Midnight Chronicles

    Chuzara’s dialog did seem a bit stiff in the beginning - but got a bit better later in the movie. I loved the character however. I hope we get more too! Veronus
  12. Veronus


    yeah, I have a hard time with some of the SyFy "fantasy" attempts, this was much better, and a ton more "authentic"...and it definately blew away the "snails' debacle of a D&D movie.
  13. Veronus


    I just got this movie in the mail today - and I have to say, this is something FFG and Christian should be "uber" proud of! My hat is off to all of you that were part it........it rocked! And I am proud to add it to my "truly for gamers" movie collection. Veronus
  14. Veronus

    Music for Rogue Trader

    Nice Those are kewl. How about the "Ghosts of Mars" soundtrack by John Carpenter? ~Veronus