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  1. On page 19 and 20, the movement rules and movement points are explained. Movement states that performing a move provides movement points to the unit for that activation and that they are to be added to the remaining movement points the figure possess. Does this mean that a unit can take 2 move action as one full movement pool? Had this come up as the imp player had a unit with 5 movement. His 5 move put him in a space that he couldn't end his turn in. He stated it was one move pool for the two actions, we disagreed. How is this played? Can you interrupt a move action with another move action to add the points together?
  2. I have the original game and like the premis better in that version. Mine is one of the early boxes too that had the Sadam image on the front and an image of what looks like the World Trade center on fire. Kind of creepy given the world events and the game being publish 20 years earlier. I love that FF is grabbing some great out of print titles and bringing them back but with some of the games don't necessarily think that changes within the games is good. FA was a pretty solid mechanic set and to me really didn't need any tweaking (don't know that there is any but just throwing it out there). Anyway, glad to see it resurface and hope its as good as the original. As it stands in my collection I have the originals and remakes or Fury of Dracula, Cosmic Encounter, Wiz-war and Dungeonquest. Can't wait for more info on this version of FA!
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