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  1. This was the first promo made, it was given away early in the games release. Cool card
  2. If I can get on that list I would apprreciate it, sent you a message on facebook as well Eric. J
  3. Trying to find players in the MidWest area, I am located in Wisconsin, but could travel into the Northern Illinois areas if anyone is playing anymore.
  4. The post says it. I have the start and 9 expansion packs for A Game of Thrones. IM looking for Call of Cth. LCG Drop me a line or email me khadorstrong@gmail.com
  5. I have a pretty much unused basic set along with 9 of the expansion packs for A Game of Thrones. Im looking for some Call of Cth. LCG. If you are intersted drop me a line on here, also my email is khadorstrong@gmail.com
  6. I just posted about this. At AIG on 92nd and Oklahoma me and a friend play. We are hopefully looking to get a few more intersted. If you want to me a line go ahead, we play on Tuesday nites right now, but im more then willing to expand that out a nite if need be. If you want to me an email go ahead. Khadorstrong@gmail.com just use that to make sure we are going to be there that nite. Thanks , and I look forward to hearing from ya!
  7. Anyone in the state of Wisconsin play? I myself am in the Milwaukee area, I have one other down here. We have played for years, used to run tournies down here years ago. Please drop me a line here or at Khadorstrong@gmail.com
  8. I have a copy of the Game of Thrones card game with every expansion pack. Would anyone want it for Tannhauser
  9. I have the basic set plus extra expansion pack they put out if anyone is intersted. I am looking for board games, expecially Tannhauser. khadorstrong@gmail.com is the email
  10. Sorry if this is a noob question here, BUT how do you go from summer to winter? Is that a natural progression in the game, or does there need to be a card played? I have alot of cards that do certin things in the summer/other in the winter. How do I know which is which?
  11. Ok, I played game of thrones of years, played in the tournies and the game was getting out of hand. I saw the LCG and thought now that is a great idea. HOW does this work tho incomparisson to the old version. If i come to lets say Gen Con this year for a tourny, DO I play with just the cards of the LCG onwards? I get the jist that I can still have 3 of any card in the deck being whatever they are from the LCG, put pretty much is this an uncollectable version of the original game when it comes to tounries and the such?
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