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  1. Im not sure why I even bought into this, I dont play, ever. I have everything up till Heir's of Num. including the Gen Con sets. Id take a Core set and 15$ for it if anyone is interested.
  2. couldn't find that rule, but it makes sense. Have 4 of the Leia combo could be pretty ridiculous
  3. here is another question I have. I play Netrunner, Lord of the Rings, and the new Star Wars. I own some of this game, and used to play the old style. I also used to play Star Wars Minis, and that game I disliked strongly even tho I loved Star Wars. Reasoning? In fun games you could play cool figures like Mace Windu, Darth Vader, ete… However most of the tourny lists were things like 2 IG86droids on Speeders, and a bunch of other dudes you've never heard of. SO my question is, lets say I love Stannis, can I make a deck thats competitive around him, or is the game winning based on no name characters that have no real part in the show?
  4. Now Im not asking how many you need. I know its 10…. But how many of the same one? Can you have like 5 of the Boba Fett objective?
  5. Now, of course I am not saying as a 'casual lets have fun' sort of situation, Im coming more from a 'I'd like to play at Gen Con/Worlds'. There is now… Core Set 6 Deluxe House Sets(agreed you only need 1 for a certain house you want to play) 8 Chapters with 6 sets a piece…. So Im guessing you need a good deal of these cards, lets say for arguments sake, you only need half of the Chapter Packs. Wouldn't that mean that a new player needs to spend some where near 450$ to play in a sub serious way? Will there be a reset of this game at any point?
  6. Budgernaut said: khadorstrong said: so is there NO limit? If I want to include 7 of the same objective I can? You are limited to 2 of each objective set, barring those that explicitly say on the objective "Limit 1 per deck." where does it say that?
  7. papy72 said: I'm not sure what the point of these two factions is? With only one objective in the core set how do you build a deck? There has to be something simple I am missing… Im sure there will be a larger set for 30$ (probably the first one released) similar to their other game systems(Khazak/Family Packs in Game of Thrones) that will completely deal with those two factions.
  8. so is there NO limit? If I want to include 7 of the same objective I can?
  9. Ulairi said: I think anyone commenting on this new way to build decks being good or bad are getting ahead of themselves. We don't know how it will really work because this is a new way to build and the car pool is very limited. Building decks in AGoT is great because the card pool is so large. If we just had a core set for that there aren't a lot of options. One thing I will say is the simplifed way to build a deck will make it easier to get new players into the game. AGoT is so large that it can be a bit daunting for new players. Yes, its nearly impossible for a new person to enter game of thrones and do well without paying out their arse!
  10. part of the challange yes, however that doesnt automatically make it a good thing. I find it to be a bit different, not terrible or anything of that nature, but we will have to see when expansions come out how they all interact.
  11. I too am in Milwaukee, and willing to play at Games Universe. They seem to be getting a nice group of folks.
  12. Wisconsin, Milwaukee to be exact. We shall be organizing soon at the Games Universe store
  13. That seems right, I just wanted to make sure. This may be the strangest constructed way of doing it Ive seen in a card game. Its very interesting tho.
  14. Ok, so the game rules are pretty simple. I get those…however I am completely lost on how to build individual decks. As far as I understand it, lets say Im playing Jedi… I pick A Hero's Journey… I then include Luke Skywalker, Twi'lek Loyalist Jedi Lightsaber Trust your feelings Darobah Training grounds….. Now lets say I want to add another Luke Skywalker, can I? Do I have to add another Hero's Journey to my Objective set?
  15. Looking for anyone interested in selling the 2012 Lannister Playmat from Worlds. shoot an email if you're interested with a price. email is my forum name at-gmail -dot-com
  16. I was wondering if anyone had created a site with the complete card data base. I like a fool, bought the starter kit, and then a bunch of chapter packs, however I threw away the actual packaging and cant remember all of which ones I've bought to date. Yeah, dumb I know.
  17. It was one of the most well thought out games ever made. It only died because Decipher was run poorly. Original art doesnt really make or break a game. Did they use film photography? Of course they did, but lets be realistic, that will get you threw a good 6-8yrs no problem without going any deeper. There is a ton of it to sample from. However that wasnt the biggest thing, it also was very nice because of the mechanics, and the fact that you could play really REALLY good decks without focusing on what made the movie great. You could do really nice rebel decks without having to use Luke, or Vader for the imperials. That is one of the huge attractions at least for me. I think this game will be great, and unbelievably fun, BUT idk if it will be better than Decipher unless they make a mechanic to make it Vs rather than just Co-Op. That kills it IMO, tho I will buy a ton of it because my kid and I will be able to play it together.
  18. Fieras said: I also have the legends expansion. Any interest in trading still? Yes, very much so. Sorry I havent been around shoot me an email if you can its khadorstrong -at- gmail
  19. Sure, included are The basic set, Greyjoy expansion, The Tower of the Hand, Tales from the Red Keep, Battle of Blackwater Bay, A Sword in the Darkness, Secrets and Spies, Epic Battles, The Raven's Song, The Winds of Winter, Mountains of the Moon, Rituals of R'Hllor, Gates of the Citadel, The War of the 5 Kings, Sacred Bonds, A Change of Seasons, Refugees of War, Wolves of the North.
  20. I have a decent sized amount of Game of Thrones. Basic set and about 12-14 of the expansions plus the Greyjoy expac. Besides this i have about 2k-3k of the original CCG. I am looking for Warhammer Invasion if anyone is interested.
  21. One other question, are there any places besides Ebay that would sell singles?
  22. Can anyone provide me with a good website/tool to possibly do card engine searches? I would like to build a deck but dont want to buy one of everything right this min. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  23. Can anyone provide me with a good website/tool to possibly do card engine searches? I would like to build a deck but dont want to buy one of everything right this min. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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