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  1. Where do you find a baned or restricted list for aGoT
  2. NOT ME. Ive had my share of that. However Ive had 2 kids out of that as well
  3. Does anyone have the playmat, Im guessing from a couple years ago, with Tywin Lannister on it? Id love to buy or trade for it.
  4. I suppose its not THAT bad in the long run. Buying maybe 1 a week or so.
  5. I should ask, which is the easiest family to get in with price wise?
  6. I saw the Martells did well at Gen Con, are they one of the better Families now?
  7. Looking to swap my Star Wars LCG. I own one of everything. Starter, Edge of Darkness and every expansion pack. Anyone maybe want to swap it for Thrones?
  8. Alright, Ive decided to make the plunge and get Game of Thrones LCG. What do I need to be able to play Lannisters or the Martells decently. I don't mean to take on a world champion and win, BUT be able to play and not get face rolled in tourney situations? I'm guessing LotR/PotS for one, a basic starter set, but 2? Also any specific chapter packs that would be good to pick up?
  9. Is there a web site where I can look at the top decks from Gen Con?
  10. So I just realized, as I finally bought Edge of Darkness, TWO SETS ARE NEEDED?!?!
  11. Does anyone know of a good player finder for EotE?
  12. I suppose my issue with your points are simple. Just because FFG is doing great with the license doesn't mean Disney benefits from it at all. Im sure they pay a one time licensing fee, and then weather it sells a billion copies, or a thousand copies Disney is paid the same amount. SO when it comes back around, if it's doing as well as we all see, perhaps they will want even more money. That said, I agree with an earlier post, I'll just play and worry about this tomorrow. As for comparing it to aGoT, its pretty hard to do so. That license is ridiculous cheap and Martin nearly gives it a way to anyone who will give him a moment
  13. Does anyone have one of these they would like to sell?
  14. They may have a lot of stuff, but the minute they lose the license, that stuff is gone. It will survive on, as there will be a community that supports it, like Star Wars CCG from Decipher and Star Wars minis from WOTC(that still pulled like 50 people for a tourney at Gen Con) but it wont have actually purchasing support.
  15. LOL. Indeed, you're right. Worse comes to worse, I just have more star wars junk in my room. He who dies with the most Star Wars junk wins right?
  16. So I've been a Star Wars fan, like the vast majority of you, all my life. I played every Star Wars CCG to date. I have bought some of this, but not all of it. My worry is, will this game die in 2years. Every Star Wars game so far, has lasted a good 3-6yrs, then when the license comes up, it gets dropped. Now FF is doing AWESOME stuff with Star Wars, from X-wing, to the role playing and now the card game. My worry is, when this license comes back around we are going to be dead in the water with both this and Xwing. Has anything been said from FF on the possible time frame of how long this game will be made? I know with X-wing they originally said they were going to make like 34 ships, and stop. Who knows if that's true, as that was early in the releases.
  17. If you are still interested you can message me on FB at Obi Jay Ticknobi. We are setting something up through Greenfield Games Universe
  18. I would come down to Milwaukee for a good event. Monthly/Bi Monthly if it became a regular thing.
  19. I am going to make a Wisconsin Game of thrones group on facebook to try to organize things a bit. Please look for it. or send me a message on FB Obi Jay Ticknobi is the name.
  20. Pear2284 said: I realize I misspelled weekly Id travel to Brookfield GU, or Greenfield to play
  21. Ulairi said: I am a new player to AGoT (well, I started over the summer) and we have a few of us playing in Milwaukee and I'm wondering if there are any more players here. They are trying to organize a regular night at Game Universe in Greenfield WI and I'm going to sponser a regional tournament (pending store approval) and would love to get a community going here. I am MOST DEF. there.
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