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  1. So after not playing for a good while, i was wondering about getting back into the game at this point? 
    Rotation is going to happen soon right? AND it seems like this game is not being killed for Destiny, so what would be good purchases? I have 2 core sets still but nothing else. Are the bigger boxes 'evergreen' and don't rotate? 
    Should I just start with the newest chapter series and work back? 

  2. So, after not playing for a few years, I'm looking to do so again. 

    A few questions I had: 


    I've seen the announcements for 2nd edition of course, does this mean 1st edition is done done. Will this cycle be the last sets for it? 

    Will there still be first editions events until the end of this year/World this year? 


  3. For Lord of the Rings I have 

    Base Set, 

    Khazad Dum del. 

    Heirs of Num del.

    Voice of Saurman del. 

    Road Darkens del.

    Dwarrowdelf Cycle

    Against the Shadows Cycle 


    For Netrunner I have

    Base Set

    Creation and Control

    Honor and Profit 

    Genesis Cycle 

    Spin Cycle 



    For the LOTR stuff I am looking for 170 shipped 

    For the Netrunner stuff I am looking for 140 shipped. 

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