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  1. khadorstrong

    Is this game still being made?

    That makes a TON of sense. Thank you!
  2. When I look to buy anything just about everything is "not available" Is this game done and I just missed the announcement?
  3. khadorstrong

    2017 World Champs deck

    Are they planning on continuing the World championship decks? I know not everyone likes them, but I happen to love picking them up.
  4. So after not playing for a good while, i was wondering about getting back into the game at this point? Rotation is going to happen soon right? AND it seems like this game is not being killed for Destiny, so what would be good purchases? I have 2 core sets still but nothing else. Are the bigger boxes 'evergreen' and don't rotate? Should I just start with the newest chapter series and work back?
  5. khadorstrong

    Who is Buying This? Who is sticking with IA?

    yeah it may just be my area that's HEAVILY in love with the Empire. I'll probably play Rebels just to have an opposing force.
  6. khadorstrong

    Who is Buying This? Who is sticking with IA?

    The problem I see is getting Rebel players. BUT We shall see how it ends up
  7. khadorstrong

    Is Mountain of Fire the end?

    Thank you for that info. Even if it does end, I suppose there's MORE than enough out now.
  8. I haven't played for a while, but I was thinking about starting to pick up many of the sets I'm missing, BUT then I was reading the synopsis of the latest Saga set coming out, and it makes it seem that this is the last thing being released. Plus there is no new cycle shown, is this the end of the game??
  9. As someone who's worked with a lot of Forge World Resin which is probably the most notorious for needing to be washed, you usually will be able to know by touch. If it's kind of slimy wash it.
  10. Day of Thunder. There, answered for everyone.
  11. I was searching for indication of what time line they are using for the FFG release? Will this reset things to Day of Thunder time frames, or move into the future?
  12. khadorstrong

    Too late to the party?

    The worry I have about the game is, it being cancelled in favor of Star Wars Destiny, especially if it's very popular.
  13. Shadow over. Oh...wait...
  14. khadorstrong

    Looking for a Collection

    Ever sell this