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  1. Hey guys and gals, So who else suspects the next big box will be a forest expansion. Scout troopers Jetbikes Ewoks Yoda
  2. Quick question for you guys. Would alternate art cards mixed in with your draft packs make you more inclined to try drafting? Maybe if 15 or so of the card pool had a different piece of art for existing cards?
  3. Yeah, Diana is the bane of the Yig game. We always randomise characters, but have started removing her from the running when playing Yig.
  4. I still have only encountered 5 of the 6 Yig mysteries in our 4 games. I don't want to spoil the last one for myself. They aren't too serious in terms of difficulty thusfar.
  5. I highly recommend everybody buys this box. Big changes for Yog and Cthulhu (don't want to spoil it, but Yog gets a second special deck, akin to, but unlike Key and Gate) much more variety all around (except for Mythos cards, which you only get 6 of, but this is forgiveable due to the overall quality of the pack) and Yig is a perfect addition to the game as a lesser, but still considerable threat with a unique and interesting flavor. He is pretty easy for 2-4 investigators, but perfect for a solo game or 5+ (where the scaling really starts to kick your teeth in.) Good all around job FFG. Bring us more of the same. Hastur or Nyarlathotep (or both) next please.
  6. I think the point is that this game may not be for you at this juncture. I'm actually pretty impressed with the game. I've played against all four old ones, and each game has been distinctly different. That said, I get where you're coming from. It is, however, reductive to compare Eldritch Horror to Arkham Horror. Fair enough, the themes are the same and the Stamina/Sanity mechanic is still in place, as is the testing mechanic, but Eldritch Horror definitely captures the epic feel of AO's as a global threat, where AH doesn't so much. The real issue, I think, lies in the fact that perhaps you prefer the ridiculously random and unsuitable events of Arkham Horror over the much more specific events of Eldritch Horror. All of the generic events feel truly generic in this game, and I don't feel like I'm being tackled with Cthulhu or Hastur-centric ideas while I'm facing off against Azathoth in this game; at least not without it feeling fluid due to the global setting. All of this said, the first expansion should certainly remedy some of your more valid concerns; at least I hope so. This game is awesome.
  7. I'd buy that for a dollar.
  8. I beg to differ. Right now, the 4 different AO's are the only real vector for variety at all, though this has much to do with the lack of card variety. One thing you can say is that playing against Cthulhu provides a very different game experience to a game against Azathoth. That said, extra ancient ones are the quickest route to more variety. Extra investigators not so much. There's enough variety in the box to keep us going for a good while. Extra maps really aren't a necessity, and there is a flight mechanic in the box with charter flights in the resources deck. I think that's enough really for the time period the game is set in.
  9. Same for me. The white crease is there, but it isn't that bad.
  10. Just dive in. The box doesn't have that much variety in some of the decks, but with expansions it'll get there. It's going to be several years before we get a revised edition anyway.
  11. I do agree that the decks don't have enough variety yet, but I'm guessing any small box expansion will fix this problem. I'm fine with losing solved mysteries, but if this is an issue to you, remove the card from play. Problem solved
  12. I don't want TI to move closer to Eclipse. Eclipse is too eurogame for my liking.
  13. So, we got the game this morning, and we are loving it. Played two games. Quicker than Arkham Horror, and dare I say it, more fun. What form do you guys think the expansions will take, besides the obvious extra encounters, monsters and Ancient Ones? Could we see map expansions in other worlds?
  14. Wouldn't mind High Elves instead of Slaan (who, I admit are very unlikely, despite being an official team now.) As for a conference expansion, I'd like to see the following additions to the existing conferences. DSS: Khemri or Necromantic (Worth noting there are 4 undead teams in Blood Bowl, only two of which are covered in the DSS. Necromantic is a team with all kinds of Hammer Horror type beasties.) OWA: Norse or Halflings (Pro-Elves can wait when you have Wood and Dark Elves already.) CWC: Chaos Dwarves or Goblins (I'd like to say Nurgles Rotters or the Khorne team from the recent PC game update, or even an Underworld team, but we do need Chaos Dwarves. They'd be a really good fit.) In my opinion, an Ogre team isn't a priority. We've got Freebooters in the Star Player decks to cover them for now (despite the lack of Snotlings.)
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