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  1. 2 - No, they weren't all assasinated. I gamble too much and cause civil disorder. lol 3 - So in case of a tie, the double agent chooses if his side wins OR the analyst chooses if his side loses. Is this the same even if it is not a tie? Why would they put both colors (red and blue) on the card if that's not accurate? I guess the main question here is: If it is not a tie do the analyst and double agent still get to do their abilities no matter who wins? 4 - I have noticed that - another gamble.
  2. 1 - Awesome. I figured that but didn't sit down to do the math. 2 - I guess you would just be left with the one then. I have run down to where I only had two though which sucked! lol More questions: 3 - What happens when both players choose the double agent or the analyst? Ex: Both players choose the Analyst. The CIA wins the objective and both players choose to view the top three cards due to the special ability. Which player gets to look through the cards first? 4 - On the same topic: Do you have to put all three cards on the top OR can you put any of them on top or bottom?
  3. 1 - Has anybody run out of objective cards before there is a winner? If this could happen, what should you do? 2 - Has anybody run out of agents to play in a game round? I would guess that you would be forced to only be left with the deputy director?
  4. I would agree that this game is a great two player game. My wife picked up on it quick and is really enjoying the simple yet intriguing gameplay.
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