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  1. We also play with the hand being passed as is to the next pres. And yes it gives some insight into the president. But that is one of the main points. Its a great way to see what your pres has been up to. And Ellen Tigh's ability makes it even better. Its not a serious secrecy problem since only the newest pres knows what cards weren't played. And its not hard to argue as former pres, you had no time and/or there was more important things to do than play this or the other card. And if you get totally caught out, well so be it, thats the risk of being a cylon with power.
  2. Playing with 7 players without the expansion is very tricky. The situations you describe are balanced out when one of the cylons is a cylon leader and may not want to the cylons to win at a particular time, or may not even be on the cylon's side at all. Without the expansion I have trouble seeing 7 players working.
  3. lol it was a little while ago, so I have trouble remembering, but I'll admit it wasn't the smartest move. I was too focused on containing the cylons and underestimated how nasty it could get quickly.
  4. I'm sorry to hear your faced with those kind of players. Obviously, its kinda ironic since by throwing the games they are only helping increase the proportion of cylon wins to human. As to dealing with them, i'm not sure. Our group has about 50/50 human/cylon wins, so the problem doesn't come up. You can tell them its easily possible for the humans to win their share of the games, if everyone works together. You could try the rulebook variant, where you add 2 resources to every dial, in an attempt to skew the game toward the humans, then the other players wouldn't feel they had to throw the game.
  5. We would also play that Helo can't change a choice after the skill check has been completed. It seems totally non-sensical to say that his ability can be used any time after the choice. As mentioned, that could mean after 7 turns. It also seems very unfair if the entire skill check is negated, then helo can just use his ability as come kind of back-up anytime a skill check is failed on any crisis card with choice. That seems completely unbalanced and cheap to me.
  6. I don't know for sure having never asked, but I believe based on other peoples problems that you can just email FFG and ask nicely for a replacement and they can get you one. Or at the very least get you one for a very nominal fee.
  7. Psiclone said: The second game, 3 cards plus The President Gaius' ability came up before the first jump leading to both cylons being found out after loyalty cards were investigated. Before the hidden cylon phase, the humans tanked their moral to avoid another cylon coming into play then gave themselves +4 moral with Inspirational speaches once the sympathiser had been sent to the brig. The Cylons spent the entire game drawing and picking crisis cards and eventually wittled the humans down drawing out their last 2 food on a crisis card which Cylons won by 1 point. 31 points for, 19 points against, totalling 12 against a 13 difficulty card. The humans must have gotten rocked on the destiny deck here. 19 points against for four cards, two of which are random, is astronomically bad luck. Is there anything I'm missing here?
  8. One possibility is that just because it started as a con doesn't mean it can't be real now. If the scum is claiming to be divine that's heresy, but perhaps the Emperor truly is smiling on her. If you truly believe her newfound abilities are from the Emperor then there is no heresy in believing her a saint.
  9. Gaius Frakkin Baltar said: Yes a cylon in the brig can reveal himself, however most of the action on the cylon card would not be executed. The cylon would discard down to three cards and move himself to the resurrection ship. Also, there are other actions the cylon can take in the brig: Launch Scout, Consolidate Power, Executive Order, character abilities, and the President's office. You mean president card. You can't use the location, President's office while in the brig. But you can still use the president card to draw a quorum card as an action, or you can use the actions on the quorum cards themselves. You can also make choices of the president on crisis cards. Such as choosing to lose 2 food on a food shortage.
  10. Another vital use of tech-use is that it is tested to recharge a las gun charge pack from any machine. So as long as there is a piece of machnery near by a tech-using character need never buy ammunition again.
  11. Ok this rules question came up in a recent game. A cylon uses the caprica location, draws 2 crisis, chooses one. Now, the chosen crisis is a skill check which on failure gives the current player a choice. In our game it was "Witch Hunt". The humans fail the check. Does the cylon get to exercise the failure condition? In the case of witch hunt, does the cylon get to send someone to sick bay? On one hand, the rules state roughly, that if a crisis card presents a choice to the current player the cylon chooses. Whether the choice is before or after a skill check is irrevelant, in either case the cylon gets to choose. On the other hand, the rules also say that the cylons cannot be targets of crisis cards. So the argument goes that the rule stated above is meant for crisis cards that give a initial choice, an 'or'. Furthermore, the failure condition is now targetting the cylon and giving him a choice, so the cylon should not get the choice. We were split on the issue and couldn't figure it out, (we decided randomly and provisionally just to keep the game going)
  12. It's a brilliant game. Different from TI of course, but in a very good way. The suspicion and distrust is a lot of fun. One friendly warning, playing a lot of battlestar galactica can make you both a good liar and a good lie detector. It naturally does wonders for your poker face.
  13. I believe its suppose to be played before any skill cards are added. At that point all cards are added face-up in order around the table. We use it all the time to pass a skill check exactly without wasting cards.
  14. We just had the worst human loss that I've ever had or the best cylon win, not due to the game (i.e. nasty crisis cards), but instead to the cylon players pretty much directly. It was a 6 player game. Basically everything was going fine by the sleeper phase. Humans were in the blue in all resources. We had been jumping slowly though, and to confirm our suspecisions at the sleeper phase we had a cylon sympathizer and our admiral revealed as a cylon. For the first round still no big deal, they did some damage but we handled it fine. Here is where it started going wrong. The revealed cylon accidentally let slip that he had both cylon cards. The humans were very worried, we knew that we were all human now but one of us would become a cylon. I was a human president at the time and I decided that to limit the damage done to the humans i needed to munipulate the cylon into giving his card to the person that I could best deal with. So with two arrest orders I threw the human just clockwise of the cylon in the brig. Keeping in mind that there were no cylon ships and no major problems so far, the logic was that the remaining unbrigged human(the rest of us were already in the brig) would be given the cylon card then with the help of an excutive order I could in turn brig him before he did any damage. So far so good, the situation seems under control, except the cylon doesn't do what i expect, he doesn't make anyone a cylon but instead slaps down a deployment. Still the humans think not such a big deal there is still the human admiral out of the brig he can bust us out and we'll just deal with one of us being a cylon later. Then on the unbrigged humans turn, he takes the presidency from me. The humans in the brig go ballistic, accusing him of peverting the game by playing as a cylon on the expectation that he would become a cylon. The idea being that even though he is human if he plays to gain all the power than the cylon will make him a cylon. Despite the revealed cylon never giving over his other cylon card, the one human out of the brig continues to play on the cylon team, stopping anyone getting out of the brig. The remaining humans, including me, alternate between disbelief and anger that he would not only play as a cylon but also not even get a cylon card by the end of the game. And with the human on their side the game inevitably ends after 30 painful minutes with one human-helping-cylon out and the other three all in the brig. At the end the three brigged humans are pretty much completely fed up with the game and not a little upset at our buddy human for not only betraying us so badly but not even being on the winning side by the end. Except that there is one final revelation. ....The unbrigged human was a cylon.... The revealed cylon did not have both cylon cards, he was acting. The humans were stunned, we have been playing this game a lot, over 20 games for us all and we had never been so totally fooled. Normally we took just about anything said with a grain of salt and had not seriously screwed up before. The revealed cylon officially gave the best acting performance that we had ever seen. He somehow convinced 3 experienced humans without a shadow of a doubt that he had both cylon cards. And we completely fell for it and it lost us the game. This was the first time when the game itself and random luck played pretty much no role in the game. The cylon players had resoundly defeated the humans, or if you prefer the humans defeated themselves.
  15. Trump said: Are you implying there are people who hold back on executive orders because of fear of Cylons? That's nuts. If the orders aren't flying, the humans are going to have a heck of a time. As far as the sympathizer goes, I'm very much opposed to your tactics. It's WAY too gamey and detracts from enjoyment of the game. Nobody does that where I play. Is the sympathizer so bad anyway? Essentially, the humans get an extra player for the first half of the game and the Cylons get a weakened player for the second half. Is that so awful? Haha I just know that in my first few games I did hold back executive orders for fear of cylons but I would agree with you it was a bad idea. I don't think playing for sympathy detracts from the game at all. Even ignoring the sympathizer, the humans still don't want to do too well or they might be in trouble if they become cylons. And if anything it makes it more tense since the humans are trying to not do too well or too bad, its a fine line to tread and is often very tense. As to to the power of the sympathizer i'm not certain how important it is, but consider that on one hand the end game will have 4v2 or 3v3. Now 4v2 seems like a much better plan for the humans, one less player with negative cards, plus more positive cards. It seems like a pretty decisive difference to me.
  16. One human tactic that works really well for us is as much trust as possible. The cylon can only betray an excutive order once and even if its done well, you've already used a lot of excutive orders and thats a lot of extra actions. If anything, in our games the humans win more that the cylons. Also we always make sure the sympathizer is on the human side. With those two tactics extra resources would just [ut the cylons in a even bigger hole.
  17. I think the general idea is that if the humans have enough time to go throught the entire quorum deck, then they have pretty much already won. Not to mention its a very risky tactic anyway since it makes the president very powerful. And if he or she is/becomes a cylon, or the cylon manages to steal the presidency your in a lot of trouble.
  18. I think we need a place to put in popular house rules. If anyone has interesting house rules, post them in a reply. To start off: (And if you like the idea, and have any improvements to suggest, please go ahead.) Unexplored Systems - To make the game more interesting at the start we play with all the star systems turned down and unexplored. This means that we have no idea whats around each home system. To explore a system you simply have to activate it, then its turned right way up, then you can move into it if you want. Native intelligences now let you look at unexplored systems as well as unseen domain counters. Domain counters are added to planets as they are revealed. Diplomacy (secondary ability) lets you explore a system and annex any planet in it if there are any to annex. Pros: The added randomness makes for a suspenseful start as everyone hopes for the best planets. Strategies have to be constantly changed to fit the changing map, making for a more tense game where you have to think even faster on your feet Leads to a less well balanced map, which actually makes things more interesting as people often gang up on guys with the nice planets to take them away Cons: Some people can get screwed by the random map, while others are blessed. One added rule we sometimes add is to seperate the normal systems from the hazard systems, and then randomly place the hazard systems in the map hex stack, making sure that the hazard systems aren't next to each other. This makes it much less likely someone would get two supernovas or something else nasty right next to each other, though it is still possible.
  19. Pertaining to loyalty cards something came up in our group, it occured to us that while accusing someone of being a cylon after seeing their loyalty cards, if your being truthful or you have an incredible memory you can just recite off details of the card, like the shirt the cylon is wearing or the angle the arrow is pointing, until you convince everyone. Since we didn't think this was in the spirit of the game, either being too easy to identify cylons or too easy to accuse a human if you memorize cards, we have a new house rule that you can only reveal that he is a cylon and his ability, not any other minutea of the card. THis way you can still be convincing without needed silly card details.
  20. It seems obvious to me that its public knowledge. The point of secrecy isn't to be annoying, its just to make sure cyclons aren't revealed instantly, the number of cards one has is not important to keeping hidden as a cyclon.
  21. We are also at about 50:50 human to cylon wins. Thats playing with 6 players with no variant rules. At first the cylcons did slightly better than the humans but its evened out in more recent games, the cylons are having to learn to be more crafty and less obvious.
  22. Technically, yes i would agree you have a problem there. Maybe in the case of new players enforce a more stringent secrecy rule for the first couple games?
  23. Having played something over 15 games, with the same people, it does get slightly easier to notice cyclons, but all that really means is that the humans are about on even footing with the cylons. The games now go about 50:50, humans:cylons. There are so many possible choices that a cylon almost always has something that they can do without being obvious. Some dumb things will be impossible for a cylon to get away with, that they could have in early games. Like firing nukes off like crazy or doing only one distance jumps. But all it really means is that the cylons get a bit more subtle.
  24. The answers to your questions are simple. Yes and yes. As far as we can figure out, and this is how we play, you can say whatever the heck you want about other peoples loyalties, true or false.
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