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  1. Throwing Hammers? Doing a Moogle Dance? Man, you people are awesome/epic!
  2. I don't know what the Moogle Dance is, but it sure sounds awesome! Trying to picture a Moogle dancing in head.
  3. Ok, so I'm really new to this game. I've been a KH fan for a good couple of years but just got into the TCG/CCG. Most people would say: "Hey SecretRare! If you wanna get into the KHTCG I say you get a Kingdom Pack or a Starter Deck, then improve and tweak it!" But then I'd say: "Well, I live in the UK. There are very few shops that even Stock KHTCG and they can only get Booster packs imported in". So I've had to make this deck from boosters, enjoy and please tell me how to improve it: Player/Light: Riku – Level Two Friends: X3 Donald Duck LV.1 X3 Donald Duck LV.2 X1 Donald Duck LV.3 X3 Goofy LV.1 X3 Goofy LV.2 X1 Goofy LV.3 X2 Ariel LV.3 X1 Yuffie LV.2 Magic/Friends: X2 Bambi LV.3 X3 Dumbo LV.2 X2 Dumbo LV.3 X2 Dumbo LV.4 Dark/Villains: X1 Oogie Boogie Dark/Heartless: X3 Air Soldier (LV.2) X1 Stealth Sneak (LV.4) X2 Behemoth (LV.5) Attacks: X1 Oathkeeper* X1 Soul Eater X3 Pumpkinhead Magic: X2 Cure Worlds: X1 Disney Castle LV.1 X2 Traverse Town LV.1 X2 Traverse Town LV.2 X2 Traverse Town LV.3 *I just love Oathkeeper, it's my fav Keyblade.
  4. Yu-Gi-Oh boosters are £2.99 (I think). I can't remember World of Warcraft prices though. However! There is a place in the shop where you can get Common and Uncommon WoW cards for free (they also do UFS, Yugioh, Pokemon (sometimes) & a few others). If you want to try and find out price info, I say you check out there website at www.fanboy3.co.uk . I hope this helped (some how).
  5. Your welcome Digi, I do have a few more (I think) if anyone wants me to post them. I want that FF Auron too. I recently got some packs (18 of 'em) I didn't pull many Supers but here they are: Bambi LV.3 Captin Hook Lv.8 Dumbo Lv.4 Behemoth Lv.5 Ariel Lv.3 I can't remember the rare's I pulled, but I do know off the top of my head that one was a Yuffie^^.
  6. As the title suggestd I have an awesome adventure I had this saturday to share with you. I'll start from the beginging... It was a friday afternoon as me and my friend sat around. There wasn't much to do in the Easter Holidays, yet when it was over and we had to go back to High-School, we would wish it wwas still easter. I told my friend that I was going to FanBoy3 (My local Miniture and TCG Gaming Store) the following day. I had £27 to waste on childrens card games (wich I love). My friend said to me that I should get the new Yu-Gi-Oh Spellcasters Command deck. This is because I run a Spell-Counter/Magician deck that is in desperate need of the new 5D's Spellcasters. The avarage price around my area for decks is £8.99. That would leave me with just about £18, yes? Kingdom Hearts booster packs are £3.99, so I would be able to get around 6 packs. That's 60 cards, so that's no baad. But when I got there, Boy was I surprised. I got my Yu-Gi-Oh deck for 50p cheeper and I spent that money on a can of Diet Coke. But that's not the good thing. Like I said, KH Boosters are £3.99. The ones here were only £1! So I got 18 packs. First I got 5 packs o' Darkness Awakened. They were the last DA packs in stock. Then there were 3 base set one's left. I had them too! I though I'd bought all the Kingdom Hearts cards, but then the man at the till (Dave) turned up with 2 boxes. So I asked for 5 packs from the DA and 4 from the Base. But Dave messed up and gave me an extra Base pack. What a day, I walk home with my small bag buldging with 180 new kingdom hearts cards (not to mention the cards allready in there + the new Yu-Gi-Oh deck). Also, when I got home, I remembered. This morning my eBay bargin had come with 25 KH cards and the pack of KH cards I had got a while ago. Well, I sure am happy! Total Amount of cards obtained in the entire day: 256
  7. Cheep Boxs, eh? Well, I guess I would go for eBay.
  8. Thanks Digi . I'm afraid I have don't really know much about BoD. I do however, have some pictures of the cards that will be featuring in BoD. SPOILERS: HERE THEY ARE:
  9. Probebly the UK's BEST Trading Card Game/Minitures shop (even better than the Gaming Crypt!). I've never seen any Torneys held there, but don't lose hope. They still sell the trading card game and lot's of other popular trading card games as well (Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, UFS, Magic the Gathering...). Visit their website at: www.fanboy3.co.uk/ England, Manchester, 17 Newton Street Mon - Closed (Except Bank Holiday Monday) Tue - Noon to 7pm, then organised play 7pm to 11pm. Wed - Noon to 7pm, then organised play 7pm to 11pm. Thu - Noon to 7pm, then organised play 7pm to 11pm. Fri - Noon to 7pm, then organised play 7pm to 11pm. Sat - 10am to 7pm (Evenings for special events) Sun - Noon to 6pm. (Evenings for Sunday Night Boardgaming every week!)
  10. Hmmm, I think it would be better if the avatars didn't have cut-off stats. But Hey, I'm still happy with my Guard Armor one!
  11. I've loved Kingdom Hearts for a long time (I have the games 1 & 2 on PS2), and I can't wait to get my hands on 358/2 days. I've recently started wanting to play Kingdom Hearts CCG, I have only got a few booster packs (1 or 2), though I don't think this is the right place to list my pulls. I want to know what is recomended to get me started (I guess if there is a starter deck from the new set). I also wanna know if there is a "Roxas" card avadable or will I just have to play Sora as my character card (or whatever you call them). I am a big Orginazation XII & Roxas fan. Thanks, By Luke.
  12. SecretRare

    UK stores

    I know a really good Trading Card Game and Minatures store in the UK. It's in England and very close to where I live . It's called FanBoy3, In Manchester (17 Newton Street). Hope I helped, and yes it does sell the new decks and packs as well.
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