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  1. Do we know if this is going to be cleared up like the Allied Recon Ranger Squad UGL's? It seems both Ubertoten squads we not modeled with the proper amount of Panzerfausts/ Magnetic mines. I don't see any Errata for Icarus yet.
  2. Glad to see a second opinion. I was hoping I wasn't making a biased choice based on my interpitation of the "fluff".
  3. Are these ubits considered Zombies and not affected by the serum? Or are they living units that can benefit from it? I'm leaning towards they can- since the Suicide squads are seeking death. Which means to me that they are living soldiers and not Zombies. Anything I'm missing here?
  4. With me all the game mechanics failed the Laser Grenadiers when paired up against units that threw 2-3 times more dice at their short range. And since several of those dice (grenades, 2 shot UGL's) ignored cover, my favorite looking forces were unable to survive. I'll be trying out my new options this weekend.
  5. With the Hades bookm I now have a reason to field the coolest and most useless Axis models I have. I was wondering if anyone else was going to run them with grenades instead of the visible laser upgrade? Their lack of dice/ firepower was the reason I shelved them and 5 more attacks that ignore cover and automaticly suppress seem to make them a lot more playable. I'm already 12" close so the grenade 6" range shouldn't be an issue. Anyone else making the Grenadiers with lasers?
  6. What was the result of the monkey/ walker standoff? Or was that a staged photo? I'm still flip- flopping over whether 5 wounds is better than 3 in my builds.
  7. That part I knew about, but I was leery of allowing a certain lady to benefit from a spotter without a little input. In view of the rest of my forces…….. challenges, this seemed an unlikely benefit- so I didn't believe it could be done. Now I get to hear about how "broken" my army is. About time. Thanks for the reply man.
  8. I'm sorry if this has been addressed before, but I can't seem to find a rule concerning heroes joining on of these teams. I see where a single hero is treated as a team or unit. But not where a team (sniper/observer) is allowed or not to have a hero attached.
  9. On page 30 it ststes "A unit may only be issued one Order during each Command Phase."
  10. As a group we have played more table top "improvised" games than tile games. Now that we have the Warfare rule set it's obvious that Warfare is not just Tactics without the tiles Like we played it.. Suppression, Reactions, Command actions all have to be factored into the new game. Sure the Zombies are now Troop Type 2 instead of 3 but they dont suffer from Suppression. Now if you play Tactics with this change then yes, I see your point. But then again you can just use the stats for Tactics. And, the primary Allied player claims his units were nerfed and the Axis is too powerful. We played our first game last Saturday. I dread the Long Toms (No biggie according to him)!. And I can't wait to explore the nuances of this NEW game.
  11. I was thinking the BlutKreuz special rule would state this but thought I would ask around, Thanks for the replies!
  12. I cannot seem to find anything forbidding bringing these troops back. Am I correct in this?
  13. Great to see what's in the works! I couldn't tell if all 3 Hurricanes were British or not. I hope one was Belgian so I could continue my under dog motif from WOW.
  14. The games here average 3 per side and the feeling is DOW has an edge in player enjoyment. Dogfights are fun and personal, as opposed to getting flamed at long range by cannon fire. But that could just be our group. I for one am happy to be flying my Camel again.
  15. According to the original Hive World information (Necromunda) a thralls service to the Emperor ended with the Recycling Vats. Corpsestarch and water to feed the masses. A good guess would be unless a character was from a Noble House or Upper Echelons of Imperial Service no trip to the Cemetary World of Granithor for them. Of course this is pure speculation on my part- but in my campaign it's Soylent Green.
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