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    Hello all. Could it be possible, that the Errata was running a little short on the Wealth topic. Table 1-2 was corrected, removing Wealth 0 but a lot of Background only provide Wealth 1-2 meaning, for example, students are all homeless and paramedics have to work 3 jobs, only to be able to live in the worst part of town. What is your opinion? Greatings, Chris
  2. @ Blck Magos Since only the BS Bonus is relevant to Mighty Shot, one would round up from a value of 50 or higher, because up to that point you'd still have a bonus of "only" 4. Concerning that rule - where is it, could you give me a page please. It came to my mind, since I read it in different Warhammer 40k systems but I did not find it here. @ everyone else Thank you. I felt the same.
  3. Hello board, the tier 3 talent Mighty Shot states: The character adds half his Ballistic Skill Bonus to Damage inflicted with a ranged weapon. Now I asked myself – rounded up or down? If I had a BS of 53 for example, would I have a damage Bonus of 2 or 3? Thank you!
  4. If I take Good Craftsmanship the RAWs are pretty clear - pick one. So its either Power Usage -1 or Space Usage -1. But: If I take Best Craftsmanship it states "pick any 2". Sodo I have only one option (in the case of a non-weapon component): Power Usage -1 AND Space Usage -1 or am I able to pick from three possibilities: - Power Usage -2 - OR Power Usage -1 AND Space Usage -1 - OR Space Usage -2 ?
  5. Another related question to the board (since FFG is still not relpying - why would they?!). In the Errata ii is stated: The AP (Armour Points) section at the top of page 144 should include the addition: “Any armour that offers 7 or more APs infl icts a –30 penalty on the wearer’s Concealment and Silent Move tests.” Do the 7, respectivly 9, AP of Machine also count for this rule?! PS.: @Sigismund: Please read the relevant talent description before you post. The machinator array never gave any armour points. Neither bofore, nor after any Errata.
  6. I have sent the request for the third time now - there is still no reply ...
  7. Still nothing from official site - maybe they are all on vacation ...
  8. The question is out there now. I will tell you the answer if I get one. Thanks for the link Dictator.
  9. I would agree - but even the Ascension book itself does not. On page 201 the adversary "Magos Vathek" is described (I only read the parts relevant to this thread - talents, traits and total armour value). He is described to have the talent "Exemplar of Metal" and the trait "Armour Plating". But he only has a "Machine" trait of 5 and his total armour value is 7 (including "Armour Plating" - as it is stated in the text). [it would be great if any official could give a statement on (all of) this - but of course everybody else is welcome to do so as well.]
  10. Greetings to the board, I am requesting your aid in the name of our undying lord. In our cadre I am the representative of the Omnissiah, a Tech-Priest with the rank of a Magos by now. But there is the time of ascension coming up, bringing with it quiet some difficulties. The talent "Exemplar of Metal" gives the Magos, at rank 13 the "Machine 7" Trait. But in the Core rulebook it is written, that the Machine trait can only reach a maximum of 5. So my GM states that the "Machine 7" is a result of "The Flesh is weak 5" an "Armour Plating" (which can be bought at rank 15). I suggest that the "Machine 7" trait is a paragon talent bonus. So - in my calculation I could still acquire the "Armour Plating" Trait - for a total armour of 9, if my GM is right I could not buy the trait anymore. Another matter that has come to my attention - regarding "The Flesh is Weak" is the Errata entry: “The Armour Points gained through this Talent stack with any Armour Points of the armour the character is wearing, and are considered to be Non-Primitive Armour.” Does this count for all WH40k Systems (namely - DH and RT) and does "Armour Plating" count towards this stacking bonus? So would a Magos with "Exemplar of Metal" and "Armour Plating" have an armour rating of 9 + worn armour.
  11. Well, sounds good to me. Coming up next: best-craftsmanship hellgun or common-craftsmanship bolter. Starting with the hellgun - there are 3 basic weapons specifically named Hellgun and the Deathlight, which is very similar. It is hard to decide what you can count as "Hellgun" since it is no official classification. The next thing is - bolter ... just basic Bolt weapons or also pistols and Heavy Boltguns?! I will finish with the last Equipment choice for the Magos - Power Axe oder Power Maul ... well there is no data concering these weapons. The only similar things are the Ultima Pattern Arbites Power Maul (Ascension) and the Omnisian Axe (Inquisitors Handbook).
  12. Hello there board, I looked for this or an errata but I could find none. Currently I am working on my Tech-Priest who will ascend soon. So I as looking over the new class of Magos and saw that amazing gear he gets just by ascending. Now there is my problem. It is written that the Magos can chose between a best-craftsmanship carapace armour or common-craftsmanship power armour. Well ... there is no carapace armour which is actually called only carapace armour. My question is, can I choose between all carapace armour in all three books, do I have to take the ones in Ascension - and most importantly - is the Dragon Scale armour from the Inquisitors Handbook on page 137 a power armour I could chose?! Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi there community & I hope writers. I and my GM have a problem with the Paragon Talents. It is written that: "Paragon Talents may be gained by characters in two ways: by purchasing them with experience points from a rank or as an elite advancement, or by obtaining all of the Talents which the Paragon Talent replaces. [...] Replacing Existing Talents: If a character has acquired all the Talents that a Paragon Talent replaces, then he may replace their Talents with the Paragon Talent for no experience costs." Now we have a problem concerning the when and which Talents may be purchased. My GM says that one gains a Paragon Talent when he can buy it as a Rank Advancement, no matter if he already has all Talents it replaces much earlier. And on top of this, there is the question if I can get a Paragon Talent, if it is not on my Rank Advancement List – like my Tech-Priest is able to buy all Talents it replaces for the "Storm of Blows" Paragon Talent, but never gets to buy it as a rank advancement. This is not a question about house ruling – it is a question of what do the rules state? Do I get a Paragon Talent as soon as I have acquired all Talents it replaces – or do I have to wait until I am able to buy it as a Rank Advancement – and if this is the case, can I ever get Paragon Talents that are not available as a Rank Advancement?!
  14. Hi there guys. I have a question out to every player, GM and writer. Are your Tech-Priests / Magos even remotely close to a Fellowship of 30. Good, it’s possible but already unlikely. How about a Fellowship Rating of 50 - without the possibility to raise this attribute in the entire game? Now there are dozens of great Peers and Good Reputation Talents available for the Magos in the new book Ascension. But a Magos end up with a maximum Fellowship rating of 45 when he rolls a 20 at the beginning and comes from a hive world ... he can't raise this stat, and gets the possibility to buy Good Reputation ... but he is absolutely unable to meet the prerequisites ... EVER!!!! Usually a Magos rather reduces his Fellowship rating through his transition package, the Machinator Array or other things ... Something is terribly wrong here! Help or correction please!!!
  15. Hi, can anybody tell me why in the name of the four .. ähhh one and only god the skill: Trade (Armourer) is governed by the characteristic strength and not intelligence!!! I mean - the only career path which gets the honor to craft armour and weapons are the tech priest - and strength is a tertiary characteristic for them. Also, if you think about it - in the year 40.000 - and even today - you rather design plans of a weapon or armour and tell a machine to build it than taking your hammer and anvil and start forging. If you think about the characteristics of a Mesh Armour - there is nobody doing this by hand ... that must be a machine. Is there anybody else thinking this should be adjusted - in errata 4.0?!?
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