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  1. Does FFG do promo figures? I have not heard on them having promos before. I really hope they don't do any promos, that just makes it hard to collect. I could see maybe a special card or something, but I would not want it to be game breaking. Maybe alternative art… Thanks, Duncan
  2. SteveSpikes said: If they were to release capital ship expansion packs, I, for one, would want it to be capital ship v. capital ship. If FFG was to combine the scales -- "snub" fighters v. capital ships, I would want it as a scenario with fighters v. turret emplacements (like the asteroid markers, but with stat cards), with the game mat as the surface of the capital ship in question . That could also work for a "Trench Run" scenario. I have wanted a capital ship game for Star Wars for a long time. Unlike Star Wars Starship Battles (from WOTC) they need to keep the scale of the ships better and run the fighters as squadrons. The X-Wing game should never have anything larger than the Falcon in it unless it is the play surface. Now I could see setting up a Star Destroyer sized play surface however. That might be pretty need. Hmm, 1/270 scale right? so a 1.2 km Star Destroyer would be about 14.5' to scale. This assumes I did the math right. I would want I real crunchy capital ship minis game, but that is probably unlikely. Thanks, Duncan
  3. They really should have them there. I would love to get a game in as well. If anyone has their ships, bring them and see if we can arrange a few fun games. Should be able to keep at least some with me in a bag. Just need them to get here in the next two weeks. (seems unlikely… Thanks, Duncan
  4. Yeah, I got two starters coming. Purely economics in that too. I pre-ordered some expansion packs too, but I forgot exactly what I got. It will be more fun to open them when they get here that way. Thanks, Duncan
  5. vadersson


    If they are smart, they will make a 181st TIE Interceptor pack.
  6. I am impressed that they are picking up the pace. They indicate 3 to 4 more updates before GenCon. That would be Monday, Thursday, and Monday. I can't imagine the last preview would be Thursday of GenCon. Hmm. Does FFG normally put up spoiler lists for all the parts of a game? Will we see a complete list of cards and pilots? (If not I have already started a spreadsheet.) Thanks, Duncan
  7. Interesting, it looks like the pack has three unique pilots to the pack, and copies of 3 of the non-unique pilots in the base set. This effectivly also tells me that the another pilot in the base set will be Black Squadron Pilot. Using that data we can assume that the X-wing expansion will have Wegde and Red leader as well as the non-unique Rookie pilot and Red Squadron pilot from the base set. I guess I was expecting all the pilots in the expansions to be different from the base set. Hmm, that might have changed my pre-order. Thanks, Duncan
  8. Not at all sure about the blue circles. However, what if the number markers are Skill/Initiative boost markers? Maybe a card raises your skill (perm or temp)? I see they seem to start at 10 and 11, so maybe only elite pilots can use it an it bumps you to 10 or 11 for a turn. Other than that, I have no idea. Common FFG, release the rules. Pleaseeeee? Thanks, Duncan
  9. I have my pre-orders at Miniature Market too. Sadly, they have no information from FFG on when the minis will be released. I am hoping for shortly after GenCon. If you need a table for the game (and a good dinning room table too) check out Geek Chic. Their tables are amazing. If we had not just bought out new dinning room table before we saw their stuff, we would have gotten one of their tables to use instead. Nice stuff.
  10. Did they have that picture up of all the stuff from the expansion pack yesterday? I had not seen that before just now. Looks like there are some duplicate cards with the base set. Also only two starfighter markers, so if you want to use certain combinations of two pilots you will want two sets. (Four if you really need all four different pilots.) Thanks, Duncan
  11. Boy would I love to see them pick up the pace. Sadly, it would not surprise me if we get the TIE next Monday and the rules the last Monday before GenCon. Then the next two expansion packs after GenCon for those of us that can't make it this year. (Hmm, wonder if they will be at Celebration VI, they really should be…) Still I would like to see the rules earlier so the masses can grind them up and get some questions posted before the big GenCon tournament. Thanks, Duncan
  12. Parakitor said: Since both the Aurek fighter and the Sith Interceptor were mentioned, I can't help but brag about the miniature LEGO models I built of those two craft. Enjoy! Nice! I really like the Aurek.
  13. This is the first I have heard about "Stress Tokens". I wonder how those will work. I noticed they were not damage cards. Interesting allowing X-wings to Barrel Roll and give an advantage to TIEs since most of the time they will be ones that have target locks on them. I can't wait for the rules. I know they are written, I wish they would post them so we can start an FAQ well in advance of the big tournament. thanks, Duncan
  14. Hmm, so many choices. For the Rebellion era I would say the Y-Wing. I love the sturdyness and multi-purpose of the ship. Ion Cannons, big warhead bay, tough as nails. Plus it seats two and uses a turret. Oh yeah, and I was was Gold 109 in the old Decipher Star Wars CCG Squadron program. That made me really happy. (Empire side I would say TIE/ln are cool.) Prequals era I would say the Droid Tri-Fighters were rocking. The old armored Y-wings were cool too (obviously). In the Old Republic times, I really like he Aurek fighter. They are pretty sweet. There are so many other things for them to make for this game. I can't wait for more expansions. Thanks, Duncan
  15. I two ordered two Starters. I figure you need at least that much for a real game. Now I am just trying to decide how much expansions to buy. I love Y-wings, so maybe 2 or 3 of those. As to point costs, I expect that cards and add ons will really push up the cost. I bet 4 ships will be a common number and maybe more for the Empire. You get too many ships out and I think the game could bog down. As for calling these fleets, I agree that it is a poor choice of term. These are at best Squadrons. I am really hoping we get a Star Wars true fleet game we have needed for a long time down the road. Mmmm, Super Star Destroyer…. mmmm. I could see small ships made for this like like the Falcon or maybe Skipray Blast Boats. But this game is going to focus on the close range dog fights. Fleet combat will be totally different. Thanks, Duncan
  16. qwertyuiop said: If this game is supposed to be cinematic and capture the feel of the movies, why is FFG trying to sell us Y-Wings? Woah! I take offense and as an official member of Gold Squadron. Y-Wings are the bomb(er)! I'll take a squadron of old dependable Y-wings any day. Did you see how much hull and sheilds they have?!? Thanks, Duncan Gold 109 (ret.) Decipher Star Wars CCG
  17. Please add one for Android!
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