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    GenCon Reports

    Hey gang, With a little help from my friends and seeing the actual stuff at Celebration VI, I have updated my spreadsheet to contain all the data on the pilots and upgrades. The link is in my signature below. thanks, Duncan
  2. I think the prequals will get their own starter set themed to the Clone Wars. I full expect that to happen as some point becuase the Clone Wars offers lots of good fighters and dogfighting opportunites with more ships. Once the basic ships from the OT are out, they would have to go EU to keep up, but as mentioned many times, that has some limitations. Some things should be easy, Z-95, TIE Defender, etc. But they is not that much that would be universally sellable to Star Wars fans. Clone wars is hot right now, and there are lots of good ships there. I personally look forward to Droid Tri-Fighters and ARC-170s. Thanks, Duncan
  3. MarthWMaster said: Is there anyone who hopes some (but not all) tournaments will adopt a "Rebellion vs. Empire" format, in which players are required to bring two squadrons, and then use a random method to determine who will be playing which side? A big part of what I like about this game is how each side has its own distinct playstyle, and I would like for the majority of my experiences with X-Wing to explore that assymetry. Excellent post! I highly recommend the method that Decipher used for the old Star Wars CCG. Basically each player brought 2 decks with them, a light side and a Dark side. You then played them alternately. So first game might be LS, then the second would be DS. 3rd LS, 4th, DS. Etc. That way you had to be good at both sides of the Force before you could win a tournament. I was actually surprised that FFG did not do that with the tounament. On the other hand, this requires more miniatures. I supose there could be some people that collect just one side's minis. Since the only thing that forces you to get both sides ships is the starter. In a CCG each pack has a mix of both sides. Regardless, I would rather see tournaments with only Reb vs. Imp matches. Thanks, Duncan
  4. The real cool pieces in SSB was the larger ships anyhow. I so wish that game had been better. The fighters should have represented wings, similar to A&A War at Sea. Also not keeping scale withing even classes of ships was a killer. I still want a capital ship game where all the ships are to scale to each other. Thanks, Duncan
  5. My money would be on either adding a straight 6 or just making them have fewer red maneuvers, more white maneuvers, and more green maneuvers. Actually the more I think about it, I don't know that a straight 6 would be useful. How often do you see anyone even use the straight 5? I think that the shorter maneuvers are much more useful and if more of them are green, that would help a lot. Still a speed 6 would help show off the speed the TIE/in and A-wing have. Thanks, Duncan
  6. I would check out some of the links in this forum to the videos. There is a good demo video and unboxing video from Gen Con. There are also pictures of the next set. FFG has preview articles that show the ships, but I agree that there is nothing to compare scale with. Thanks, Duncan
  7. I agree, this Forum has been a real nice place. Not as nasty as other online forums can be. Thanks for giving me someplace to talk about my new addiction. Thanks, Duncan
  8. Hey gang, Sorry I did not get to meet any of you at celebration. I did have fun with my two Demos and would have loved to play more, but there was so much going on. The temptation to buy the game was killing me, but I survived with waiting for my pre-order to come. Now if it would just get here… Thanks, Duncan
  9. You might want to just hang out at the FFG booth looking for opponents. Hope to see you, Duncan (Tall guy with grey Imperial cap on,)
  10. Hey gang, Quick update for C VI. I have played in two demos so far. First game was as Luke with Marksmanship against Mauler and Black Squadron TIE. The other guy accidently flew Mauler off the board and Luke hunted down Black Squadron easily. Lots of fun, but I think the demo guy should have let him correct his move. I don't think he had much fun. Second game I ran myself against a friend. I took the TIEs and he had Luke. Long game with no fire for a long time. Finally some good play got some head to head shots between Luke and the TIEs. Luke rolled 4 hits on a range 1 shot and I had a single evade. Boom. Second TIE was damaged with the laser reduction crit and hunted down in short order. Seems like TIEs have trouble with their low laser score damaging X-Wings, espically with Luke getting a free Evade from Focus roll. Overall I am loving it. I also ran into Sam Witwer at the FFG both today (Vader's Secret Apprentice from Force Unleashed and Darth Maul in the Clone Wars.) I told him how cool X-Wing was and he bought some on the spot. He is a cool guy in person. See ya, Duncan
  11. vadersson

    X-wing music

    The Battle of Yavin is the ultimate X-wing music I think. I love listening to that track. I tend to bob and weave a bit in my chair while listening to it. Thanks, Duncan
  12. Dude, they totally need to expand the game beyond the Rebellion era. There are some awesome Clone Wars ships as well ask KotOR and TOR ships. And many of them have never had miniatures. I suspect we will get a new base starter set and maybe a new name for other eras, so the games can easily be separated by era. However, I expect they will use the same rule system (or at least very similar like Wings of War WWI and WWII) Thanks, Duncan
  13. I would love to, but I don't have any ships of my own. If you want to meet up, I recommend following me on Twitter. That is what I am using for communication at the con. Follow me at @vadersson. I will have to approve you, but I should have no problem doing that at the con. Thanks, Duncan
  14. vadersson

    GenCon Reports

    Thanks, I will check it out when I get home. I may even have some ships by then. Depends on if I can maintan my self control at C6 and not buy more of the game than I already have coming via my preorder. Thanks, Duncan
  15. $30 each seems about right based on the cost of the fighters and the detail level on the big guys. I will hopefully get to see them first hand Thursday at Celebration. I really hope they do not plan to go any larger. This is a dog fighting game, not a capital ship combat sim. Thanks, Duncan
  16. I really think that we will see the TIE Bomber and the B-Wing. Both are movie ships. I personally hope they hold off on any more large ships. The Falcon and Slave I are both fast and Agile, but this is a fighter dogfighting game, not a scale for capital ship combat. While a Shuttle would be nice eventually, I really hope they wait. (And BTW, the extended length shuttle is a Sentiel class landing ship.) I really hope they do not add anything bigger because that is getting just silly for this type of game. I would say that they need to start feeling out the EU after the cannon movie ships. I think the TIE Defender would sell really well (and be close to a B-wing in shear firepower.) I could also see the Z-95 as iconic. Other cool options would include the various gunboats and missile ships of the empire. Those would be really cool. There is also always a chance of various "uglies" (i.e. hybrid fighters common with pirates.) After that, I would see a clone wars starter set followed by clone wars boosters. Just my two cents. I will see if I can weasel anything out of them at Celebration VI. Thanks, Duncan
  17. vadersson

    GenCon Reports

    R5Don4 said: Hey Duncan what happened to your spreadsheet? The link doesn't work anymore. i put the new link in my sig. on vacation for celebration 6 and these fourms do not like my phone.thanks duncan
  18. Sadly I read somewhere that the App will be $4.99. Seems a bit much for a dice roller. What is up with all the custom dice requirements that FFG has? The new Star Wars RPG seems a bit overboard with it. Thanks, Duncan
  19. BTW I updated my Basic X-wing data sheet with any new information I have. I will update again after Celebration VI where I hope to get the rest of the data. See my signature for the link. Thanks, Duncan
  20. Sweet, those all go into my spreadsheet. I hope to update it yet tonight. Thanks, Duncan
  21. vadersson

    GenCon Reports

    If anyone can post the offical names and point costs for the non-unique Y-Wing and TIE Advanced pilots, that would help. I think they are Gold Squardon, Grey Squadron, Storm Squadron, and Tempest Squadron. Upgrade bars would be good too, but I am assuming they are standard for the ship. thanks, Duncan
  22. These guys got thier unboxing video up now. Follow the above link and look on the right at the news for a link. It finally reviels the last TIE Pilot "Dark Curse". We also confirm costs and text for several ships. We now know all the pilots in the starter. As expected 2 each of Acadaemy, Obsidion, and Black squadron pilots. Thanks for the info guys, if you could go through all the pilot cards in a video that work rock. Same for upgrade cards. I will try and post an update spreadsheet at mediafire later. Thanks, Duncan
  23. Thanks guys that was great! New info seen in Video: Y-Wing Manuver Dial, lots of red. Both red and green dice have 2 focus symbols each. R2-F2 full text visible for first time 3 Damage cards not seen before. Too bad they did not get a picture of the dials on the other end of the table, those probable had the TIE Advanced. Thanks, Duncan
  24. The video demo posted in a nother thread here shows at least the Y-wing dial. I am still watching to see if the TIE advanced is shown.
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