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  1. I plan to be at GenCon and I will attempt to report what if anything I see. I actually expect to see all the Wave 2 ships in the display case. If we are REALLY lucky maybe Wave 3 as well. (But only after the FFG presentation which I will not be attending.) I will keep the camera handy. Thanks, Duncan
  2. Based on past years at GenCon I would expect Wave 2 ships to be in the display case (I will take a camera) but not for sale. It seems too early in the process to have any for sale at this time. That said, I fully expect early production proofs to be displayed, possibily with cards. With a little extra luck we might even see Wave 3 concept art. Probably not models yet unless they are more ahead then they let on. Man, I wish I knew what Wave 3 will contain... Thanks Duncan
  3. I think this would be a great idea. I fear it would be too complicated however. But as a purely campaign player I would love it. It would be great if they would include a Hero card builder too so you could make new heroes. The lack of additional choices is unfortunate. Great idea! Duncan
  4. I plan to be at GenCon and hope to actually get a chance to play Armada. I have not fully bought in yet and want to try before I dive in. (That said, to round out a cart at Miniature Market I did get a Gladiator and a pack of rebel fighters...) I am hoping to find a decent deal at GenCon on Wave 1 plus a core set to push me into the deep end of the pool. Not sure when I will have time, but I would love to play if someone has models to share. Best way to reach me during the con is via Twitter. I am @vadersson. I also will be tweeting about my games. Thanks, Duncan
  5. I am not sure I agree with 3 yet. Armada at 300 points still seems kind of small scale. We also don't have a lot of choices in ships yet. But I think that will change with time. I do agree that the squadrons do make the game look cool and larger in scale. I think you could add a point about the capital ships in Armada tend to move like capital ships do in the movies. The maneuver tool works really well and makes the ships seem to have real mass and react as expected for their size. That is one thing that jumped out and got me interested. Thanks, Duncan
  6. I really wish they would reinstate the darn subforum. Seems like the general forum is overrun with (in many cases excellent) painting threads!
  7. Check out Maps of Mastery by Chris West. He has maps that include two starships linked by airlocks. His maps could be used for IA I think. Thanks, Duncan
  8. I think this is a great idea. I hope that we see it appear someday from FFG. Good ideas so far on the Imp side. Others could be The Emporer's Hand, Elite Stormtrooper (not heavy), Scout Trooper, COMPNOR agent. For Scum there are so many ideas. Basically Firefly Tactical game. Thanks, Duncan
  9. That went fast. Didn't have a chance to get one.
  10. Seems like Aftermath always goes down to the wire. I know my son and his friends missed it by one shot on the last terminal when the mission ended. This missions seems pretty well written and balanced. Being the first mission it probably got the most playtesting. Thanks, Duncan
  11. BTW MM has more Dust on sale up to 80% off. FYI
  12. I think if you start with "donations" before aftermath you might unbalance the somewhat tenuous balance the game already has. Since it is your second campaign, I would potentially recommend NOT playing aftermath and just applying the opposite result of the first campaign. Get all the correct rewards (and potentially crate bonuses too) so as everyone starts the next mission with the correct amount of stuff. That way you could see the other story path. Thanks, Duncan
  13. Don't forget that you can use threat to reinforce a unit too. Especially is the unit has the Savage Weapons enhancement, it might be better to bring back previously defeated guys.
  14. Anytime the missions are close like that, it is a good game. Aftermath was failed by a single shot on the final terminal for my group. So close is good. I think you are going fine. Just enjoy the missions. Thanks, Duncan
  15. I'll almost guarantee that they will have all the wave 2 stuff on display if not for sale at GenCon. I'll try to post a report.
  16. My players lost aftermath by 1 shot/activation. They were running 3 heroes, Fenn, Mak, and Diala. Of course they were 9, 10, and 7 years old. Still it does seem harder with only three heroes even with the bonuses. They did much better in the next two games where the other boys dad joined there team with the wookiee. Thanks, Duncan
  17. Yeah, I picked up a Pack 432 for my X-wing stuff finally. But I got just the box inserts for this as I basically only play campaign. I am hoping to protect my minis better this way. Thanks for the comment. Duncan
  18. Hey gang, I decided to go ahead and get the full box organizer. I'll let you all know how it works when I get it. Thanks, Duncan
  19. Hey gang, Battlefoam is having their annual 4th of July sale that ends today. They offer what looks like a nice box organizer for the core game. Has anyone gotten one of these? I am seriously considering both the miniatures tray option or the full option with room for tiles and everything. As a campaign player, I don't plan to get any Ally or Villain expansions so I think the number of spots works well (Until Twin Suns). Thoughts? http://us.battlefoam.com/star-wars-imperial-assault-foam-tray-kit/ Thanks, Duncan
  20. I just want some idea what will be in Wave 3. Unfortunately I think we will have to have Wave 2 released before we hear anything about that. Thanks, Duncan
  21. Wow, this thread just made me even more convinced that I am buying this for the Campaigns. FOUR coresets!?! WOW. Too rich for my blood. Thanks, Duncan
  22. Interesting thread that I am keeping an eye on. I got to watch part of an Armada game Tuesday after my 40K game that night. I have to admit, compared to 40K, the price of Armada is not that high. Just the rule book and a single codex for one army is a good $100 and that is with no minis. Now if you like the armies in some of recent boxed sets, you can get 2 small armies for $125 with a rule book but you will still need a full codex for each army (at $50 each) to expand them. (and you have to paint and assemble, which is a major problem for me time wise. I would rather be playing.) So why have I not gotten Armada yet? I really am not sure. I jumped on the old WOTC Starship Battles game, and comparatively the minis were crap. Of course they were individually cheaper, but the game play was also way simple. I have read the Armada rules and run around here looking at posts. It all seems really capital ship like and good stuff. I think there are 3 things holding me back. 1. The pile of unopened X-wing I own. I keep up with X-wing partly because I love the ships. But I rarely play. Will Armada be any different? Armada even takes longer than a game of X-wing. This concerns me because I don't want a pile of Armada to sit next to the pile of X-wing. (Only a little higher so we get the two level effect, with a little path running down the middle...) 2. Cards. One reason I don't play X-wing as much is all the cards. I just want to shoot things, and all the cards make the rules change and make the game much more complicated. I see Armada is heading down the same path. I quit playing CCGs for a reason, but these games seem to have a lot of the bad points of deck building in them just like old CCG. (At least the cards are not random...) 3, Choices. I know, odd compared to me just complaining about cards above. I wish FFG would announce wave 3 so we at least have some idea what else is coming. WOTC had a lot of ship types right up front (of course they mixed Prequel and Classic.) With the EU in such flux, I had no idea what we will see. I want to see Loronar Strike Cruisers, Carrack light cruisers, Dreadnought class heavy cruisers, Lancer anti-fighter frigates. I don't want to see a bunch of new made up stuff like the Raider when there were old WEG designed ships that would work. Actually if Wave 3 was announced to contain Correlian Gunships, Carrack light cruisers, and TIE Defenders I would probably jump on board. Ok, sorry about all that. That was a bit more than I had planned to write. Anyhow, that gives some of my thoughts on where Armada is and where it might go. If I cave in it will likely be after GenCon or if Minimarket has a sale on Armada. Thanks, Duncan
  23. So far based on 3 missions, 1 with 3 heroes and 2 one with 4 heroes I also recommend always using 4 heroes. While the Heroic and Legendary cards help with balancing, it is much better to have 4 heroes. Thanks, Duncan
  24. Out of all the bad that comes from the destruction of the EU, the death of the Vong is the ONE good thing.
  25. Bruce, that was just AWESOME. A good battle report and some cool space combat pictures. Thanks for both. You may have just sold me on this game and pushed me over the fence. Thanks, Duncan
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