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  1. I would go one per hero. If one player controls 4 heroes, they are playing like there are 4 players. Thanks, Duncan
  2. I figure I will mix in everything I can going forward. Since I am more GMing than competitively playing against the kids, I will add Stormtroopers with big blasters. They just feel Star Wars. If you are in a really competitive campaign, I would discuss it with the players. Actually that is probably the best idea either way. Thanks, Duncan
  3. I hope someone runs it! I plan to try and be there. I don't think we will know who can run it until after they hear from FFG. Give it at least a week.
  4. I think one big thing that will determine if there is an Episode VII Armada set is how many capital ships will we see? Remember that in Episode IV we only saw the Corvette and the ISD. That would not have made a good Armada game. ESB finally added the Neb-B and the Transport, but still, not a lot of variety. Only Ep VI added real fleet elements. Even so, most of out Imp ships are from EU sources. Given the lack of EU for Ep VII that does not offer up a very satisfying fleet based game. Now of course they could have a major fleet battle in Ep. VII and we could get an Armada game right away. However, I have not seen anything hinting at fleet size battles. There is a difference between using publicity to make money when something is hot and producing crap. Many people just make any tie in crap they can, I don't see FFG doing that. (Well, maybe a card game or something.) If there are not enough ships shown in the movie, I doubt we will see an EP VII Armada game yet. Thanks, Duncan
  5. Ok, sounds like the verdict is make a Speed 2 tool. Maybe I can cut up the other pieces to make a speed 1 tool also. I also like the range 1 stick idea. Maybe cut up a Popsicle stick. Thanks, Duncan
  6. Hey gang, I finally broke down and have joined the Armada players. I just got my core set last night and I expect my next shipment of expansions Thursday. I will be getting a 2nd Maneuver Tool in that shipment. So here is my question to all of you: How should I build my 2nd maneuver tool? My first maneuver tool is the typical 4 speed one. However I have seen a lot of discussion that having a shorter maneuver tool helps. Of course having a second maneuver tool also helps speed things up since with my friends I will be the guy supplying everything. So I would like some recommendations. What do you all recommend? How long should I make my second maneuver tool? Thanks, Duncan
  7. I would also point out that the rulebook is available for download. You could at least review the rules if not the campaign guide. Thanks, Duncan
  8. Keep in mind it is easy to release things based on images from the new films. However, basing something on a new story and new people is much harder. I doubt that FFG has even seen a full script or much beyond some still and maybe an outline. It would be hard to make an RPG or story based game off that. Look at how much their existing stuff draws from the old EU as well as 6 movies. Now we are talking 1 movie with very little new EU supporting it. I would expect to see more in a year or two, once they have more details of the new era. (For example look at the pilot names for the new X-wing core, only like 2 of the pilots have names yet.) Thanks, Duncan
  9. Yeah, I struggled a bit with this too. It always seemed like Pierce did not do much. I thought we were playing it wrong and was never quite sure. However, Patrickmahan's explanation of why not just +damage is awesome. That really made me understand WHY pierce works like it does. Well done sir. Thanks, Duncan
  10. I have heard the no Prequel comment a number of times. I really hate to see half of the current Star Wars universe excluded. Regardless of what people think of the 3 movies or the Clone Wars TV shows there were some really cool designs, characters, and battles. That said, to do it right you would really need a new (compatible) starter set. I would love to see a set based on a Clone commando team with Jedi leaders. Something like an Arc Trooper, Heavy weapons clone, Jedi commander, clone captain, etc. Thanks, Duncan
  11. Isn't there a rule about time lines and which mission cards you can include? They could easily release an EP 7 story set with missions with different time frames. That said, it will not be on Sept 4th because it will involve more story. Maybe early next year? Q2? Thanks, Duncan
  12. Ah, I do so love Miniature Market. Although they won't price match they would let me modify my order. So as a results I am now ALL IN on Armada. I got the CR90, Neb B, Imp and Rebel fighters, dice, and maneuver tool from MM. I also placed an order at CSI for the Core set, AFMkII, and Victory. Given that I already have a Gladiator, I will now have 1 of all wave 1. (and 2 of each fighter set.) I ended up spending more than I was planning right now, but at least I got a good discount. Thanks for posting this thread Crabbok! You helped me jump into the Armada pool. Thanks, Duncan
  13. Son of a... I finally broke down and ordered the Core set to fill out an order YESTERDAY at MM. I have been waiting for months trying to decide to take the plunge and now 1 day later the dang thing goes on sale somewhere else. AAHHHH! Sigh. Duncan
  14. Yeah. spent last night getting my current campaign in it. Very nicely done. The only thing that I would like to see added is something that tells where the cards are from (like agendas and missions.) Since I don't have anything but the core, I did not recognize some things. it would be awesome to add card images too, but that would probably require an official FFG app. BTW, does FFG have an official tracking app for Decent? If they don't already have something similar started, they should seriously hire the guy that wrote this. Thanks, Duncan
  15. I just have to put in my demand for a Gungan hero miniature. Gungans rock and I would love to see some sort of gunfighter gungan hero. Thanks, Duncan
  16. The more I think about it, I suspect something delayed wave 2 Armada in the design just enough that it missed the window to get in before the Episode VII products had to be made. All the Episode VII stuff (I suspect X-Wing, maybe a stand alone game, and possibly an RPG core book)pushed out the Armada manufacturing and that is why we are where we are. X-Wing Wave 7 and Imperial Assault Wave 2 made it into production before that and their schedules are less impacted. (Which is why we have IA Wave 3 and X-Wing Wave 8 announced. And Wave 8 has production numbers that have a gap for the Episode VII stuff.) Again, just my speculations. I really hope Armada Wave 3 is announced soon and uses a lot of old WEG/EU ships rather than new stuff like the Raider. Based on my bad experiences with WOTC's SSB, I just hope there is a wave 3! Thanks, Duncan
  17. So far there may not be any major fleet battles in Episode VII. We never really saw any fleet action until Episode VI in the OT. So it might take awhile for the ST (Sequel Trilogy) to have enough capital ships to be interesting. I personally really hope they do more EU ships, particularly for the Empire and from the old WEG books. I also know I may be an outsider here, but I would love to get some Clone Wars warships. That was when there were real fleet battles (i.e. two real navies vs. each other, not just a rag tag rebel fleet.) I would love Ventanors, Banking Clan Frigates, and Commerce Guild Destroyers. (Battle Bagels are always fun too.) Anyhow, on the topic at hand, I fully expect the Liberty class to show up. Thanks, Duncan
  18. I have not used this yet, but kudos to the author for not requiring any special permissions! Seems like every app nowadays wants access to your spleen in their apps. Thanks, Duncan
  19. I got my notice from Miniature Market that my stuff shipped. Fed Ex indicates it will be here Saturday. Twin Shadows, Force and Destiny Beginner game, core rules, and GM Screen. Yeaha! Now if they would just release X-Wing Wave 7 so I can get those and my Raider preorder... Thanks, Duncan
  20. This generally makes sense. Most navies in the real world maneuver in formations. (Of course real navies guns far out range their movement.) I would expect that people that can successfully maintain a fleet in formation without colliding with itself would do well. I will have to watch for that in battle reports. Thanks, Duncan
  21. Could be worse. My preorder of Twin Shadows is linked to both my Force and Destiny Core book and Beginner Game for the RPG. That has been out for a bit now and my friends keep telling me how great it is. Sigh. Same thing with my X-wing Wave 7 and my Raider. Thanks, Duncan
  22. Ah, Fulongamer strikes again. I figured he might show up in a thread looking for Star Wars parody songs. I remember hearing a lot of these on the D20 Order 66 podcast. Yeah, he has a lot of these stored up. Impressive talent I must admit. I love Iron Maiden Star Wars. Thanks, Duncan
  23. That sounds great to me! I love to hear other players thoughts and how their games go. Trust me, I try and do 40K battle reports and sometimes you just forget to either right things down or take a picture. I actually prefer non-video battle reports. Good luck! Thanks, Duncan
  24. Do you have any good Tactical discussions for Armada you would care to share? I would like to consider myself a bit familiar with "real" tactics (or at least i try to be). Sometimes they don't seem to translate as well into games as I would like however. I would be very interested if you would be willing to start a tread on Armada tactics to discuss. I like the IFF podcast, but actually I would love to have some more "crunch" to the show at times. (At least less singing...) Thanks, Duncan
  25. Don't forget the dry erase marker to fix any messes. And it let's you experiment. I missed that part. How does that work? Like a black dry erase marker or what? Now I am confused. Thanks, Duncan
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