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  1. You guys are all nuts with the statistics.  I love it.

    40K and Armada are two very different beasts and not really comparable.  I recommend enjoying each for what it is.

    I am a big fan of Armada and a fan of 40K (Tau, Necrons, Ultramarines and Orks.)  I would tend to say Armada is more balanced and a lot of that is just in trying to balance all of the different factions in 40K.  Overall 40K seems to get more dominate builds.



  2. 1 hour ago, Admiral Litje said:


    Yeah, I love the Venator more than most, but I'm not sure how you would balance this.  It straight up one shots that Clanker frigate, and If it wasn't included, I would feel like it was missing something.


    Supposedly that was a SPHT artillery vehicle in the hanger bay shooting.  (Those being land walkers with turbolasers from Geonosis in EP II.). That is actually not a ship gun.  You can see it does come out the hanger bay.

  3. On 4/3/2018 at 12:07 PM, GrandAdmiralCrunch said:

    There has been rumors and the cryptic “something big,” from FFG.

    This may be heresy but I would love to see Armada Clone Wars.  In the Clone Wars you did have lots of ship to ship combat and some great designs.  The could have a ton of CIS ships and some good new ships for the Republic.  It would also be easy to reskin them for Imp and Rebel use.  I think it could add a lot.


    Just my wishful thinking.  :)

  4. Luckily for me I never bought more than one set of Flotillas as I hated them.  Might be a good time to cruise eBay and pick up a second of each finally.  :)

    Overall, I like most of the changes.  I have not been playing much lately but has Yavaris and Gallant Haven become that big an issue?  Seems surprising.




  5. Yes, more ships please.  There is a ton of cool stuff from the old EU that would still likely work with the new EU.  Check out WEGs old Imperial Sourcebook.  Carracks, Lancers, Lonar Strike Cruisers, Dreadnaughts, etc.



  6. Wow, this was a good episode.  I was really happy to hear your tournament stories.  Here are some of my thoughts,


    I played in a 6 man event.  In the end the 4th place went to a guy with no wins and 13 tournament points.  He beat out the other two guys (1 being me) who had 1 win but only 10 tournament points.  I have never played under a tournament system where the wins were not the primary condition for determining the overall victor.  While no one at my event was a runner, I can certainly see it happening.  Overall I am not sure how fond I am of the FFG tournament system at this point.


    Also related, the guys in 1st and 2nd place played for real and had a like 9-1 or 8-2 game.  It was just enough that the guy in 3rd (against me) won well enough to take second by 1 point.  Boy that caused some hard feeling.  If the guys in the top game had just agreed to 5-5 the game, Mr. 2nd place could have keep that spot.


    Some days I need to remember that you guys are in one principle area and what you see may not be what is in my area.  I built my imperial fleet specifically to counter 2 or 3 AFM2 lists.  Of course none of the 3 rebels at our tournament played more than 1 AFM2.  And the one rebel I played against I did beat 7-3.  (and only that poorly due to my poor flying.)


    I love when you guys talk about the cards.  Gave me some new ideas to consider.


    Looking forward to more discussions.



  7. Today I played in the Massing at Sullust at a shop called Beyond the Board here in Columbus Ohio.  Really nice store and a good TO.  Friendly players all around.  However it was my first real tournament and I had to learn a few things the hard way.


    The story was 3 Imp and 3 Reb.  I ran my Imps with:

    VSD II - Screed, Gunnery Team

    VSD II - Overload Pulse, Gunnery Team

    GSD II - Demolisher, ACM

    I wanted some fighter, but the build did not support them.  I really designed this to fight double Assault Frigate lists.  Of course there were none of those...


    Round 1

    I played against a Rebel with an Assault Frigate, a Neb B, and a CR90B.  He also had Dodonna and a bunch of fighters.  1 B-wing, Luke and a 2nd X-wing, and 2 A-wings.  I made him 1st player and he choose my Advanced Gunnery.  He made the CR90 his objective ship and I made my flagship it.  Deployment had me clustered but he pretty well spread out along his edge.

    It developed that my GSD attacked his Neb and CR90 while the VSDs focused on the Assault Frigate.  The GSD destroyed the CR90 and the VSD and GSD managed to take out the Neb.  Both VSDs together destroyed his AF, but not before it was able to destroy my flagship.  And my GSD flew off the board.  So I lost the GSD and Flasgship Objective VSD vs. his whole fleet.  His fighter were strangely ineffective, but he had them spaced out too and the B-wing was way to the side.


    Round 2

    My opponent had 1 VSD and 2 GSD.  He had expanded launchers on one and ACM on the other GSD.  The VSD had Screed and OP too.  Here there was a bad ruling that certainly did not help me.  The TO misread the clarification on things like ACM in the FAQ and thought the expanded launchers added 2 black even at long range.  That hurt a lot.  But that is how they played the first round, so I stuck with the ruling.  We played Contested Station with me as player 2.  Things were fairly even with my GSD doing a fair amount of damage and killing one of his GSD when the other GSD basically one shotted my VSD flagship.  On 2 red and 5 black he rolled 4 crit/hit and an accuracy.  My shields were already gone and he accuracied my brace.  Boom.  Things went down hill from there.


    Round 3

    I played another imperial who was also at his first tournament.  He had a VSD I and a VSD II.  He ran Motti on them and had plenty of fighters.  Vader, another Advanced, Rhymer, another Bomber, 2 TIEs, and an Interceptor.  He choose me as second player and we used my Contested Outpost again.  All the VSDs ended up pointed at the outpost, but my GSD was pointed at his VSD and fighter swarm.  Second turn I made my critical error.  I fired the GSD II on the fighters then navigated through them all at speed 3 to fire a broadside on the VSD I.  That left all his fighters to my rear and my attack really wiffed.  The fighter return fire was fierce.  With Rhymer and where I was all of them got to pound my rear shield.  I took 3 hull and lost most of my shields before it was done.  Then next turn the VSD I used her black dice and polished me off (with a CF side arc I believe.)  I lost the GSD for very little effect.

    Meanwhile I waffled on if my flagship should target the VSD II coming at the station or the fighter carrier.  In the end, I had my front arc pointed squarely between the two and unable to hit either.  I eventually got to a point where my other VSD was bumping the on coming VSD and just trading front arc.  While I sat on the station for 4 turns and keep him outside distance 1, eventually his bigger hull (from Motti) lasted longer than mine and he blew me away.  The other VSD tried to salvage it by killing him, but I missed.  He had 8 damage out of his Motti 10.  Sigh, another loss.


    In the end I went 1-2 with a total of 10 tournament points.  Out of 6 players one other guy and I both had 1-2 with 10 points.  Another guy had 0-3 but had 13 points so took 4th.  I find that really odd, but so goes life.  At least the TO let me have two of the ISD cards which was really all I had expected to get today.  And I got my first win.



  8. I had a buddy back east who has an Armada fleet, but because of life had yet to play any actual games. He asked my advise, I put together a double Vic I, Demolisher, Screed list for him, and he went and played it today. He came away with second place out of 14 and took Home One as his prize. Talk about a good first three games. Admittedly, he was a phenomenal BFG player back in the day.


    Well this gives me hope.  I have a 2 Vic, Screed, Demolisher list myself.  I really wanted some fighters, but I ended up pretty tricked out on two VSD IIs.  Still thinking about changing some stuff before tomorrow.  Hopefully I can do as well.

    Thanks for the encouraging story,



    The entire point of this thing is to play the final round so we can get some war stories of the new ships.


    As a fellow Australian disappointed to not get Sullust either, the idea of people having to wait around and watch 2 people play a game with new ships (so lots of fumbling and checking details) sounds utterly terrible and not fun at all.


    This is so true.  I have played some 1 hr CCG rounds where the final was just the top 2 or even 4.  It was so boring just sitting there doing nothing for an hour.  It would seem worse if it was 2 hours.  And that was after only 4 hours of swiss play.  After 6 hours?  That is just too long.  I would totally pass on the final game if my opponent agreed.  


    It is kind of a shame that Armada is such a great game, but takes so long to play.  Same thing keeps me out of 40K tournaments too.


  10. May the Force be with you!  My first Sullust game will be my second game ever.  I have a bad feeling about this...


    But I am mostly going just to get the ISD custom card.  I never liked alt art cards till I saw how cool these are.


    I'll let you guys know if I have any luck at all in getting a good performance.  Best of luck to everyone else!



  11. Ok, I'll join in,  Based on all the Aces sets and such for X-wing I have keep to just one of each expansion pack, with the exception of two of each squadron pack.  So that gives me.

    1 Core Set (VSD, Neb-B, CR90)

    1 VSD

    1 Glad

    1 Neb-B

    1 CR90

    2 Imp fighters

    2 Reb fighters


    One of the places holding a Massing at Sullust event is going to have everyone buy an expansion pack for their entry fee.  Thoughts on what I should get?  I am tempted by a second Glad, but that would be a more expensive choice.  A CR90 seems like a cheaper option as do additional fighters.  Thoughts?



  12. Just to chime in, I am 43 currently.  Really enjoying Armada.  My 9 year old son is playing it with me, but we are currently at the shooting at each other with some movement phase.  Just added fighters and will actually use upgrade cards to build a fleet next time.  I was just practicing moving ships for the first time and he saw me and joined right in.


    I too have a long history with games, but mostly RPGs.  I did do some crazy SFB action back in Junior High.  I spent all the money I earned mowing lawns on the huge Commander's Edition rule books and minis.  Played PanzerBlitz too, but it tended to degrade into an argument over the rules.  :)  Heroclix was awesome for quite awhile and my son is showing an interest in that now too.


    Gaming is really something for all ages.  My dad just got back into Magic recently.  He is 65 I think.


    See ya,


  13. I have something very similar from Broken Token for my 7 Wonders set and something coming from Slugfest Games for Red Dragon Inn.  While a nice chit and bits organizer would be awesome for IA, I agree that the minis area does not look supported enough.  He needs to make a combo deal with battlefoam.  Thier box organizer does a good job on the figures but sucks for components and bits.


    Either, I wish his kickstarter does well.  If my wife had ever gotten Elder Sign we might be getting one.



  14. Stinks to have somebody who's so involved, yet so handcuffed on what he can talk about with a product. I wonder if the interview would have been different if this was post SW day or even post Sullust weekend.

    I gotta agree.  It was great that an FFG guy was willing and able to come on the show, but it seemed like almost every topic was "I can't really talk about that."  Even his anecdotes were pretty restrained.  Too bad I was hoping for some real in sight into the game and the design.  Still it was nice to show up.





    4. Finally, the 3'x6' play area - does the 6' include the space for cards and tokens, etc? It felt like the first two rounds were just getting up to speed to engage or attempt objectives. 



    This sounds a bit like you might be setting up on the short ends.  Set up is along the 6' length, not the 3' length.  So the play area is twice and wide as it is across.  Hopefully that is clear.




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