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  1. They didn't word it well, but I have to think that an 'extra reload' is like having an extra magazine for a modern gun, or a rechargeable battery. It's not a disposable item, but you do need to fill it up again once you empty it.
  2. Enjeryuu

    Lich Master, an unofficial companion application for Genesys

    Brilliant work. Even though it's not being built for it, I think I'd like to give this a shot for running Star Wars. Things are similar enough.
  3. So in regards to the original question, the Clone Wars show never talked about cloned Jedi, but Battlefront: Elite Squadron on PSP has a story about two of them. Never finished it, so I don't know how the story goes. Also, with the source, dunno if you'd consider that =P
  4. Enjeryuu

    Sacred Skywalker Blood

    I think you answered your own question when you stated 'fanfic'. Skywalkers are... celebrities, due to the whole famous for saving the galaxy, but the only thing in the movies that could possibly relate to sacred blood, is all of the fun Anakin details from ep 1 =/
  5. Enjeryuu

    Missing Ship Ideas

    That's a customized one, but the standard TIE Hunter is in Stay on Target.
  6. Enjeryuu

    Training Required?

    Unless it's something completely new, like force powers, I tend to stick to the assumption that spending xp is the stats catching up with their life experiences. They don't go 'oh hey, something tells me I should get better at shooting, so I'm going to spend days shooting until I'm better', they've been getting tiny and tiny bits better all the time, by using the skills day to day (Or more often, in the case of shooting). This isn't always the case, but I find it more often than not.
  7. Enjeryuu


    Speaking of fanboy to max, if you feel the need to emulate Rex some more, remember the paired weapons modification.
  8. I've been running adventures from all three lines with my (technically) EotE game. Only had one hiccup where the players were upset about something needing a Knowledge: Warfare check, when that skill isn't in EotE. Besides that, the biggest point tends to be tone. Rebels are out to save the galaxy, scum are out to survive in it. Worst you're going to have to deal with converting AoR to EotE, is sometimes you might need to come up with a reason to do things beyond 'personal profit', but that's it. Out of the two hard covers I've done so far, Beyond the Rim would work at least as well for AoR as it does for EotE, if not better. You're dealing with a clone wars 'treasure ship', an inhospitable jungle planet, and are fighting Imperials a lot of the time. Jewel of Yavin... isn't bad, but it's not a 100% fit. Most of the story is subterfuge and criming. If your party has the skills for social manipulation, rally racing, and heisting, then it will work fine. Otherwise, it might clash a bit with a more military focused party's methods. As for FaD, that would be harder. The force is tied strongly into the story and mechanics there. Unless you found one you think would work really well for your game, I'd tend to avoid them.
  9. That... is technically an option, but it would be an odd fit. The Howlrunner was developed after the TIE Fighter, and honestly, probably doesn't exist yet. V-Wings are good, and if they're backwater enough, maybe even Cloakshapes. They're pre-Clone Wars, but they were Kuat made, so I could see the Empire buying their old stock and dumping it in fringe installations while they build up new supplies.
  10. It isn't a matter of it being a tactical board game or not. People don't like to describe things like pulling up on the six of the enemy fighter and lining up the shot, when they know that being behind the enemy puts them right in front of the enemies guns (ie: rear turret).
  11. Enjeryuu

    Gand and Janwuine-Jika

    On my way to the planet Gand, I met a Gand named Gand from the planet Gand. With this Gand I spoke of Gand in Gand, and of his travels from Gand... This is just begging to be a limerick.
  12. "As many additions to Defense as you have available"... until you hit a cap of 4.
  13. Enjeryuu

    The Iron Blockade

    Still my favorite mobile SW game to date ❤️
  14. That's a good point. I always allowed for the fact that for campaign players, you might not want to have to pay for the plastic for a figure that appears in 1-2 missions, but skirmish players needing to buy the whole box to get Deathtroopers in their squad... never thought about that side.
  15. Enjeryuu

    AT-ST not to scale?

    I find it gets good use in the campaign. Honestly, stat wise? It's not too impressive. But when the players walk into a hangar, or it breaks out of the forest? The psychological impact is just beautiful. Sure, IG-88 might get more punch per point, but he just doesn't have the intimidation factor.