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  1. Cybernetics and The Force

    This was more relevant to the first page of this thread, but if you're pondering if you need to be full of fleshy bits to use the force, keep in mind there are at least two species of rock with force based powers (Shards/Iron Knights, and I forget the other)
  2. Oh, here's one for you:. A Gank Politico who works for the Hutt cartel, and wants to elope.
  3. How do you store your tiles?

    That binder is frightening and makes me reconsider trying to use a binder or three.
  4. Female Stormtroopers

    No. Just... no.
  5. Player Characters Overpowered

    I haven't had much luck with having a single NPC being able to stand up to much, short of using something like a Wampa. People tend to focus fire, and they go down pretty quick, even with the Adversary talent. However, minion groups keep the party on their toes more than an actual dark jedi thrown their way. A group or two of four stormtrooper minions hits hard enough to make anyone in the party (besides the cybered up Gank in power armor) cringe. It's funny when mooks provide as much suspense, than a Wampa with literally infinite HP (Experiment I did one game), but that's how the system works.
  6. Fantasy Flight have been coming up with a lot of new ships and such... I just wish they worked out some art for them when they did. That said, there is a fighter next to the freighter on page 118. Is that the Tallanx, or can we identify that as something else?
  7. So they got their ship taken out...

    Whelp, I should have looked in more recently, or hit the notify button. XD I suppose a fighter screen would have helped them some. They normally do have a pair (A custom variant of a Z-95, and a HWK-260), but their fighter pilot is unavailable for game for a while, and the rest of the party was split between two ships, and couldn't afford to devote someone to a (still damaged) fighter. This, I absolutely love. Not the game for it, but I might need to pull something like that at some point. I hate to do it, but with this particular game, I might have to force the crew into a scripted adventure to get a new ship. Half of the party doesn't seem ready to accept the fact that their ship is so badly off; They want to take the time to fix it, despite the fact it's been so badly damaged. I guess they're pretty attached to the old girl.
  8. I just finished running Beyond the Rim, and the end of that was a very effective blockade situation. The Imperials only had two Patrol craft, and two groups of TIE Fighters on site. The Imperial ships aren't slow, and traveling in space is easier than in atmo, so they were able to block the best course of egress. Long story short, it was going to take a number of rounds to get clear of the gravity well, and they decided the best tactical option was to punch through the ships in the way. They took a SEVERE beating (and only managed to avoid having to abandon their ship completely due to some quick thinking and lucky rolls), but it resulted in one of the most tense and epic parts to their adventure.
  9. I usually leave the option only, but sometimes it's tricky getting them to be proactive. I have one player who only likes to deal with hard mechanics, one that tries to be creative with force powers and glosses over the rest. Two that are on the less experienced side. And one that tries to use dice rolls for things that don't require it while overlooking the actual rules for affecting narrative. So in short, sometimes, but they're not too keen on it.
  10. In the most recent adventure, my players got their transport taken out while trying to run an Imperial blockade. While the ship they were escorting managed to take out the last Imperial, and they fixed the party ship up enough to limp into hyperspace, it seemed like a situation where simply hiring a mechanic to fix the ship was too easy of a fix. Since they were feeling they might be more comfortable moving to a SMALLER ship (they were feeling the penalties from a Sil 5 ship fighting Sil 3 TIE Fighters), I've been putting some thought into how they could obtain a new ship. A decent ship is expensive. Waaaaaaaay too expensive to just drop in their lap. And more than they could afford if they pool every credit they have (unless they bought a barely space worthy junker). So I've been tossing some ideas about the air, but I thought I'd ask; How would you deal with the party needing a new ship?
  11. I don't see myself picking this up, but it seems like a neat item. I played the 2e waaaaaaaaaay back in the day, and it's a really solid system. I'm sure this limited run will find a good home with the old fans from the day, and new fans who want a piece of the history.
  12. Roleplaying Gamemat???

    I like the concept, but... we have an initiative tracker that doesn't have an explicit way to use it, and the information along the sides is not the most useful. That said, I can't say what I'd do different out of hand, unless they came up with a visual system so you could easily represent ranges between characters.
  13. Of FFG. How could you fail so hard?

    Oh, I hadn't seen that. Bigger... okay, that doesn't even make sense. Shouldn't a wargame like this be designed for a larger battlefield? =/
  14. Of FFG. How could you fail so hard?

    I'm waiting to see the scales on these. If they're the same size as IA, it's tempting to pick up some just for the different poses to add some variety... Sadly, about all we've seen are two Heroes, that we have IA specific minis for, and a bunch of basic rebel troopers and Stormtroopers. And honestly, Stormtroopers are not something I actually need more of; If I get my hands on the IA Stormtrooper booster, I'll already have more than I can use, so getting some of THOSE just for the poses, would be decadent. That said, if they had something like ISB agents, we get lots of cards with those but only one set of minis. Could always sub in minis there.
  15. Misleading?

    It's basically one of those 'some assembly required' things. Model planes don't show you chunks of unpainted plastic either; It's expected you'll paint them up as part of the assembly process, rather than let them sit there unpainted. That said, you do get used to telling a prepainted set of minis from one's done by hand afterwards. They just... don't look the same, once you get used to seeing both.