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  1. The problem I'm seeing with the argument that the rules as are work for the setting, because it IS possible to kill vehicles with personal weapons, it's INCREDIBLY difficult and often takes very high point characters to pull off. While in the presented media, it's not too unusual for it to happen. They're not expecting a one in a million shot, or for it to be something only a crack commando can pull off; Grunts are expecting to do damage with a decent hit, and heavy repeaters are deployed as a weapon to use against vehicles.
  2. Ah, that crazy cannuck. New saber is beautiful.
  3. The one I've really been having a pain with, is a Selonian engineer. Even without a tail-knife. XP
  4. They're hanging in the cockpit, but they're so tiny... you'd practically have to be looking for them to see them.
  5. Here's hoping! I know building a good campaign is a lot harder than it looks.
  6. I'm both surprised, and saddened, that we didn't get more Rogue One content in Imperial assault. Would have loved to have those heroes in the game. Krennic wouldn't have been bad either.
  7. So I recently got my hands on a copy of Tyrants of Lothal. The bad news? I'm missing the rulebook. Now I know FFG doesn't sell replacement parts, and components on Ebay are currently horrendously over priced, so I was hoping someone in the community might know of some place I could track down a replacement.
  8. I knew of the sawed off rifle description, but I hadn't heard the slugthrower->blaster one. It's part of the reason I've curious how other people have handled it.
  9. Sadly, we haven't seen the classic and iconic sidearm of the EU in any of the rule books. Has anyone tried stating up this one themselves? Or hasn't, but has ideas of how they would?
  10. I know the game concept is pretty much the same, but are the mechanics really that similar? Idea and implementation are pretty drastically different.
  11. In the current system, the most the players have taken out was a pair of Imperial customs vessels... and lost their prized transport in the process. They've been wary of starships since. 🤔
  12. Pretty much all the weapons are in the core rulebook though. The only ones not are fairly uncommon, and often more niche use.
  13. Rotting corpse of a space creature... never considered that one. Magnetic storms are always nautical and fun; Stormy weather and 'lightning' in space. And while we're thinking nautical, there's always those areas of space plagued by gravitational anomalies to navigate through, that are much like trying to navigate a shallow reef. Keep trying to think of a way to have leaping flames in space, but short of a sun, or weird asteroids, drawing a blank at that one. You might have better luck though. =D
  14. There's actually two different versions of the YV-929. That's why the two entries are so different.
  15. So, the mobile version of the site has some... issues. Honestly, I think what it comes down to, if you're dealing with a galactic scale, or keeping all the adventure on a single planet, is more scale than scope. If people are gallivanting across the disc, then you're not going to get the same nuanced detail, than if you stick to one world. (Though I suppose a world locked game would miss some of the starship side of things). And travelling all of known space doesn't mean you're going to run into more exotic cultures than if you travel around a smaller area.
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