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  1. Would you like some X-Wing Wave 3 Ships before they ship??? OF COURSE YOU DO! We brought some extra from Gencon so Here is your chance! GENCON Wave 3 X-Wing Tournament WHEN: Saturday 8/31/13 at 1PM (Arrive early at 12:30 for registration) WHERE: DICE AGE GAMES 5107 E Fourth Plain Blvd #105 Vancouver, WA 98661 (360) 772-8967 WHAT: 100 PTS THREE ROUND X-WING Tournament with FOURTH ROUND PLAYOFFS to Determine the Victors! ***Sorry, no Wave 3 Ships allowed*** WHAT DO YOU BRING: 100 PT Printed List, all your X-Wing Playing Supplies (dice, asteroids, movement templates, tokens, ships). If you have a space mat could you please bring that too so we have enough. HOW MUCH: $15 Entry Fee Cash HOW MANY PLAYERS: 16 Max PRIZES: 1st Place - Picks 3 Ships from the pile, 2nd Place Picks 2 Ships, 3rd and 4th Place each Pick a ship in order.
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