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  1. Sorry, I'm afraid we're full now. Thank you for your interest though. I hope you find a game.
  2. It's not necessarily gone yet... might be able to fit one more in. Drop over to the site and submit a concept (doesn't need to a be a complete character), and we'll go from there. Thanks for the interest.
  3. We'd be be glad to have you, we still have one slot at the moment. Please drop by and give us an idea of what kind of character you'd like to play with a post in this folder: http://dhmementomori.freeforums.org/new-character-applications-f12.html?sid=4f3a3b115a870b0621fded86803626a1 No need for details or anything. Just say hi and give us an idea of what you want to. Look forward to seeing you there.
  4. I think you'd lose the unnatural senses if you got actual eyes. Maybe there are other option though. Anyway, now you're both over there, please do discuss everything with your characters on the site. The other players are super helpful, particularly with the crunch stuff, so don't be afraid to get involved. Once I have a basic idea of your concepts on paper (does not need to be complete; just the basic idea), we'll look at the mechanics and get them straight.
  5. I don't see any overt issues with that, but you may well struggle with the rest of the group as it has some pretty fanatical zealots. My suggestion would be to make this character hyper faithful, which would create some interesting conflicts. One the one hand mutant... on the other hand super loyal. On the sociopath side, just note that I don't accept the excuse of "that's what my character would do" when it completely screws up the game for other people, so it's best kept on the downlow and shown through more subtle interactions - limelight stealing personality traits don't fly. Other than that, I suggest you head over to the forum and post a thread here; http://dhmementomori.freeforums.org/new-character-applications-f12.htmlso everyone can get a look. We're all pretty friendly, and everyone likes to help out when new people get started.
  6. Note on the forum I'm using. There will be a slight delay while I activate your accounts. Unfortunately necessary, or you get a load of spam threads. Please do feel free to post there when I've activatred your account or just post/pm here. Anyone who does join, I'll obviously bring you up to speed with the story so far. But, basically, every game usually ends with thousands of civilians dying. Lots of collatoral damage with this group...
  7. Technically base gear/insanity/corruption/influence but I'll do a few special requests on gear so you get what you want. I'm actually recruiting early so my other players can factor in massive requisitions for the next adventure, as it'll be the last time they can use the Inquisition's credit card (all covert stuff after the next adventure!). As such, you'll be able to get almost anything you need. With PbP it's pretty hard to tell how long everything is going to take, but they are in the end game. If they don't finish up relatively quickly, I'll be doing a mini-adventure with the new starters which will give you a chance to pick up even more shiney gear. That will start whenever I get enough new players I guess. Thanks for your interest!
  8. I’m looking for two or three new players to join my mature play-by-post game, which has been running for about two years. You’ll be joining my motley crew of six regulars and a couple of other supporting players, who pitch in when they can with side characters. This game focuses on the grim-dark aspect of the setting, with your Inquisitor locked into a bitter feud with his rival even as the entire sector falls into anarchy and madness. There’s an extensive array of recurring NPCs for you to befriend and destroy, and our next game phase will focus specifically on making your character seem pretty **** heroic (although not necessarily alive to enjoy it!). I’m the kind of GM who doesn’t pull any punches but you’ll also find that I’m generous with good gear, and you’ll be starting a quite an advanced level (5000XP). Our current party has almost everything covered in terms of character builds, so I’m completely open to new characters provided they abide by the rules in the Core book and Enemies Within. Please note that I won’t convert any old character rules into the new rules, but I will help you find equivalent ways of achieving your concept if you need it. We also use a number of simple labour saving house rules, most of which favour the player. Please note that the current game phase is still ongoing and new characters can’t be dropped into that storyline. If it goes on too long, I have an introductory mini-adventure for newcomers to enjoy while you wait for the main game. I'm a very experienced GM and have been running DH games online since the original Black Library release, with one campaign running over several years. My regular players are all great folks and great writers, and they'll make you feel welcome with us. If you're interested in joining us, or just want a look, please head over to the forum. Slots will be handed out on a first come first serve basis, and they usually go pretty quickly. Please note that you’ll need to be able to post at least every other day during normal circumstances (if circumstances change after you join, allowances and changes can easily be made). http://dhmementomori.freeforums.org/index.php
  9. I'm afraid we're full at the moment, but we recruit periodically. Probably be a few months before our next one though. Sorry about that. Thank you for your interest though!
  10. Thanks for your interest. Look forward forward to seeing you in the forum.
  11. We still have a spot available if anyone is interested!
  12. All of the active characters are listed here; http://dhmementomori.freeforums.org/player-characters-f7.html Dice rolls are done on trust. You just post the results. If you're planning on joining in, you can just post up a character over there or hit me up with a PM to chat about what you'd like to play. Thanks for your interest.
  13. @Chrysalis Thanks for your interest. Hope you find a game that suits your schedule. @Asymptomatic I have no issue with min-maxing, but as a GM I'm not afraid of including “unwinnable” scenarios to force players to think a little off the page. I'm also a bit of a lunatic schemer who likes to plot ten steps ahead. I know that both of these things can frustrate players who depend upon pure statistics to win through; it takes a little more cunning and lateral thinking to get through my games. If that doesn't bother you, you might well fit in. 1) Experience is a fixed reward and it goes up for new joiners to match. Other rewards are issued as side-grades, or as minor Influence gains granted for completing tasks in game. Otherwise everyone is the same. At this time, there will be no cross-over skills etc. from the other systems for PCs. Maybe in the future, but at this level there is no need. 2) Always. But not for that. I use house rules to patch holes in the game; for example we have a sneak attack rule, a modification to how spray weapons work, some new gear that was missing entirely, a fix for telepathy, and so on. I'm always willing to listen to new ideas that make the game better or less complex. 3) Same as above, I've added some new gear – in particular, I've taken some unique attributes from gear in other systems and just made them weapon upgrades. I can add more. It's an ongoing project. I'm interested in giving players some signature equipment.
  14. Well... I say Space Hulk, but it'll be more Mad Max meets Alien. My current crop of players usually post everyday or every other day depending on their availability. However, we're good at accommodating various player speeds provided you are upfront and flexible about your availability and what you're willing to do in the game. For example, playing a full on combat character is only advised if you can post at least once a day – combat takes ages on play-by-post. But a support character – an adept for example – might get away with posting much more casually. As a GM, I'm also fine letting you run solo for a while if your schedule demands a different pace. I only ask that you don't join us if – realistically – you'll only ever be posting once every few days or less. As for the game, in this setting the Askellon sector is a reflection of the crumbling end of the Imperium events taking place at the end of the canon GW timeline. Everyone is corrupt – even those trying their best – and desperation is driving good men to madness. The meta-story (which is not necessarily a day-to-day part of the story) has two rival Inquisitors with very different philosophies fighting over the remains of Askellon's once grand resources in preparation for the arrival of a Tyranid splinter fleet. You'd be working for Inquisitor Weiss, a ruthless and callous man who believes that any sacrifice with worth the price to fight the Archenemy – perhaps even the entire sector itself.
  15. I'm currently looking for two or three players to join a yearish-old play-by-post game (characters begin about Rank 3 or 4 equivalent from the old system), joining my three regular players (plus some others in supporting roles when they can pitch in). We're open for all kinds of characters, as the other players have the basics covered. We'll be using the Second edition rules with any material from currently released supplements. The game will be played out on another message board (link below) and I'd only ask that you are available to make some sort of post every day (some accommodation can be made if you can't manage that consistently), at any time to suit you. This will be a writing/role-playing focused game. This game will focus on the grim-dark aspect of the setting, and already has a moderately hopeless and desperate tone. While we are aiming for variety, the upcoming scenario is a bit of good old fashion space hulking action horror. There will also be some accommodation for solo play if required on occasion, if you struggle to keep up with the pace; we leave no player behind. In addition to regular game play, I've also created a role-playing and exploration reward system that will allow the players to upgrade a mobile base to support their activities. I'm a very experienced GM and have been running DH games online since the original Black Library release, with one campaign running over several years. My regular players are all great folks and great writers, and they'll make you feel welcome with us. If you're interested in joining us, or just want a look, please head over to the forum. We'll be starting the game as soon as we get a couple more people, and slots will be handed out on a first come first serve basis. Forum: http://dhmementomori.freeforums.org/index.php Character Creation Rules: http://dhmementomori.freeforums.org/new-character-guidelines-t11.html
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