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  1. The answer is to play this quest with only 2 heroes. Then you'll never make it to the final room.
  2. James McMurray said: I forgot to mention our only house rule: Ghost Armor does not exist. That would drive one of the guys I play with crazy... he never fails to buy that.
  3. I'm about like you.... my photoshop skills are not amazing. I am not responsible for the nice card art on Descent Quest. The Warp did it. I've not heard this request before... I guess I'd have to think about it. I think DQ is pretty much done though, so if it happened, it wouldn't happen for a long time.
  4. Sorry, I should have provided the link. Here's the link to where I've got the file (first one in the table). The file itself is not yet posted on BGG. www.thegelatinouscube.com/descentjitd/
  5. I think it would take some very tailored dungeon designs... mainly star patterns where the heroes each start on a leg and are all trying to reach the central hub, with short hallways or portals between the various legs of the dungeon.
  6. Head on over to BGG for details and the download link. Essentially, it's Descent Quest, but you start with gold treasures and gold dice. You need Road to Legend to play. Thanks go to The Warp for his awesome card art!
  7. Glad you like it, and there's more coming....TONIGHT.
  8. Like he said. I do not know if there is a specific PVP variant, making each hero out for himself, but I see no reason why one couldn't exist.
  9. I'm sure you'll have fun with it! I suppose I should qualify my statement about Sea of Blood... lately Descent has fallen out of favor with me because of the following reasons: 1. It's only fun with at least 3 people and it's been literally months since I could summon that many friends 2. It takes WAY too long for us, at least before we did a RtL campaign 3. We've only done one RtL campaign so I feel like I have a lot of game remaining there 4. I also have tons of vanilla quests, including the compendium that haven't been touched 5. The compendium is a buggy mess without the errata, and I suspect Sea of Blood will be similarly flawed.
  10. There are possibilities for encounters in the halls, and even in the Inn where you recruit your party. These are rare though. The most drama that will happen in the halls usually is if another party sends a rogue to try to pickpocket someone in your group. I do not have the new game, Cryptmaster yet. That may change things up a bit with respect to hallway encounters. And if it means anything to you, I asked for Cryptmaster for Christmas instead of Sea of Blood.
  11. I don't think I'll regret waiting to buy this game until it matures.
  12. I have it. I love the game, but as mentioned, it's nothing like Descent. While Descent's core gameplay comes down to tactical combat, Tomb's comes down to strategic party management. All combat in Tomb is purely resolved by dice rolls; there are no concepts of range. Tomb takes far less time to play than Descent, and is easier to set up, so it's great if you want something lighter. But it doesn't really have a 'dungeon crawl' feel to me, since the board layout(s) are static; there aren't tons of maps built from pieces. It's true that you don't know what to expect in each crypt, but that isn't the same to me. Bottom line, I like it, but I feel it serves a very different purpose than Descent.
  13. That is quite an errata. You know it's bad when they need new maps.
  14. I've used the 'dip' technique (painting blocks of color, then applying minwax polyshade to the figure, then spraying with matte clear coat). It works great. So far I've done 4 heroes, all the skeletons, beastmen, the medusae, and the deep elves. I suppose some day (year) I could potentially have the whole thing painted but I'm in no hurry.
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