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  1. It's less Munchtastic than RT or DW. I like that your above average but other wise reasonabaly normal people with some serious trainingh or perhaps you've bean around the block once or twice (or maby a combonation of both), going out there and doing somthing. then again I'm not realy a fan of "Acenchion" level games for the most part. so I think it more has to do wiuth Power Levling than feel of the game.
  2. After having his Brain Dry Cleend and Pressed that much even if he dose rember who he was is he realy still that person? or just someone living in his old body with some of his old menories.
  3. Commissars before they can take the job have to serve a term as a Storm Trooper or Feild Police then go to OCS then a term as a Storm Trooper or Feild Police Officer then they go to Commissars School. ofcause they start their lives as Orphans in the Schola Progenium. atleast according to the Fluff, but some units "Police Their Own" and apoint (unoffichial) Commissars from their own seinor NCO's and Officers.
  4. Also if you go for "Best" quality you get the WS Bonous and the +1 Damage, also if you start to use Bolt weapons the GM will start using enimes that can stand up to them, that means you need either Stormtrooper Carapace or Power Armor to survive their attacks. this is a good way to sneek a power up past the GM, without costing yourself the stars.
  5. That's correct Union & Reich together with the Generic tokens no longer fit in to the Core Box with the Insert, I dread taking the insert out as for the Chaos it would cause, anyone got any thoughts on what to do as I mostly lug Tannhauser to away games (when I can get one, that isn't that often thease days.
  6. If your not attacking you can slip past overwatch, or if your attacking an opponent mental Duel to not spring overwatch and be immune to counter attack, entering through non standrd start points, that kind of thing.
  7. We already had a Melee army before the Matriarchy came along, it was called the Reich, I was thinking of Japan as a Stealth/Melee army with Magical Backup instead of a Shock/Melee army like the Reich.
  8. Problem is Japan didn't get hi-tech till the 60's, this is due to miss-allocation of their Techs, about the only things they where doing good from the 20's till 45 was Naval Avasion, Ship Building and Bio-Weapons. Japan if it's done should be all Neo-Samurai, Ninja and Shintoism.
  9. True but due to the source meterial, none are "Action" Babes, so you need to Brake Type like FFG did with Yuri.
  10. Team needs a Babe, perhaps as an expansion character, may I suggest Dame Victoria Windsor of the SOE, very much for the Brain work (Archaeology, Reasoning)
  11. OK, ATM in the shops their are copies of the game that include the Revised Rules, and those without, their is a sticker on the back of the Box to mark the ones that have the revised rules, some stores and distributors may still be trying to clear old stock so their are still some 1st ed copies of the game out there. the ones strait from FFG come with the Revised Rules book You don't need the Expansions, but it makes the game better, any complexety added is optional, the 1st ed rules are included in the single Figure packs along with the Minituere Character Card, Character tokens and Bonus Tokens, the Revised Ed Rules are included in the Revised Edition Book, the Troops Packs are for 2nd ed and include the rules for the new Tokens that come in the pack. the Expansion Characters and Troop Packs add more options to you game allowing you to vary your force structure so you can try different tactics Novgorod is a Map Expansion, it adds a new Map and a new Faction, the Revised rules for everything in Novgrod appear in the Revised Rules. upcoming is Daedalus, Two new Maps, Campaign Rules, Campain Tokens, Bonus Tokens, a Campaign and a few odds and ends. Also coming are new Hero "Single" Figure packs (al in revised ed rules) the first being Hoax. If your undicided about the game buy the PDF of the revised rules (or DL the free preview that is still available on the Suport page) and have a read before you buy the Boxed sets and start buying Expansion Characters and Troop Packs.
  12. No, different colours, different paths, unless the weapon has a spechial Rule like Strife or Doom
  13. Ok, got all kind of weirdness cooking in my brain ATM, one that hit me as I slept was what would Section B of Capitan Mac-Neal's band of cohorts look like? for Grunts there would be your mixed bag of Alpha, Delta and Omega Commandos, but what of the Team Leaders? anyway I've hit on the following, just names and backgrounds so far. Lieutenant Cord Stone, came up as an Alpha Commando, not as sharp as the Capitan (but not by much) he's quicker on his feet and perhaps a touch tougher. Packs a Flash Gun, has a HB-3 Visor (Dropped to open up an option on the Command Pack). Don't know what to give him as a special item though, skills Hand to Hand, Stragety, Command & Nerves of Steel. Corporal Alex Fox, originally a Omega Commando, she can and will kick your ass, HtH, Athletics, Dexterity and Sneak skills. her Special Item is a Sword she nicked during the Castle Ksiaz raid, she carries a Trench-gun or a S&W 1917. Sergeant Marty "Tiger" Chen, Weapons & Technical Specialist, Airborne Demolition Squad, HtH, Engineering, Mechanics and Weaponry skills. Again stuck for special item but armed with a MK-19-A1. also cooking up a Bonus (non 42nd Union) Character with HtH Reasoning, Archaeology & Nerves of Steel
  14. Panzartroopen 5/5/4/7 5/4/4/6 4/4/3/5 Hand to Hand Special Object: Gefectspanzer, A combination of laminated metal plates and steel mesh mystically reinforced with occult sigials and runes it affords slimmer protection to the Union BG-42 vest but using only terrestrial materials and U-World energies. Hardware: If you roll a Natural 10 on any shock roll to resist an attack with a Pistol Weapon or Automatic Weapon, all attack roll successes are canceled. Combat Pack: Mauser C96, Stielhandgrenate, Extra Ammo Stamina pack: Mauser C96, First Aid kit, Vitamultian Command Pack: Mauser C96, The Dragons Teeth, Elite Vitamultian: A potent cocktail of pain killers and stimulats that when taken in high doses allows the user to act with almost supernatural abilities, but the drugs components are each highly addictive and even short term use can cause serious mental and physical health problems. Hardware until the end of the players next round the character acts as if unwounded and with a +1 Value to all Characteristics. The Dragons Teeth: or more correctly Drachenzahn are a brotherhood of Panzertroopen who specialise in brutal assaults, their Elite skills and Esprit d' Corps are almost legendary. Rank Discard this token to add 1 command point to your sides pool once per game. Elite: Through either natral ability or extensive training some have that little bit extra that mark them as Elite. Ability add one dice to all the characters dice pools.
  15. 1. the Automatic trait gives you the number of dice to use for making your attack, fail the roll and the weapon doesn't work (goes wiled, fails to prime or whatever), at least that's how where playing it till their is an official ruling 2. although it was disallowed to have two VOIVOIDE with the same equipment in the original rules it appears to have bean dropped from the revised edition. 3. the Tokens ate just to keep track of where the VOIVOIDE are for use of the Rebirth ability and R.U.R.
  16. OK working on my first home brew troops for revised ed, don't know when the official Commando Omega is due out so I'm cooking up one of my own as a place holder, also doing a Panzatroopen for the Reich. Commando Omega 5/5/3/7 5/4/3/6 4/4/4/5 Hand to Hand Combat Special Object: Close Quarters Expert, For each Natural 10 rolled in Melee combat roll an additional dice, do not roll further additional dice if natural 10's occur. Combat Pack: S&W 1917, Combat Knife, Keep Moving. Stamina Pack: S&W 1917, Combat Knife, Go! Go! Go!. Command Pack: S&W 1917, Combat Knife, Fox Platoon Fox Platoon: The members of Fox Platoon stand out even amoungst the ranks of the Omega Commandos when it comes to Hand to Hand combat. Ability you may re-roll the characters two lowest dice (including natural 1's) in melee combat, but if you do so you must except the new results. Bonus Tokens Tough as Nails: the during their extensive hand to hand combat training Omega Commandos learn how to take a beating often shaking off wounds that would cripple other men. Ability For each Natural 10 rolled on a Shock roll you may roll an additional dice, do not roll further additional dice if natural 10's occur. Lightning Reflexes: Faster than the untrained eye can see Omega Commandos rarely come off second best in close quaters combat . Ability Omega Commandos may counter attack any attacker in adjasent circles without spending Command Points. Panzatroopen to come.
  17. on Tactics and and Skill level in the original rules, Reich had strait forward and easily mastered style of game play, where Union called for a more developed player to get the most out of them and allowed for a wider style of tactics. the new rules evens up the skill levels for both the Core game teams but Union encourages more tactical play where Reich lets you get away with the many of the same basic but brutaly effective tactics or to try something with a bit more style, Expansion Character and the Troops Pack let you get fancy with Reich or indulge your inner Thug even more. the Union Expansion Character and the Troops Pack let you do more interesting stuff and give you options to neutralise some of the simpler Reich tactics. The Matriarchy from the first board expansion has some elements locked in (eg their is one character that for now you must have), but the options can be palyed with to suit most skill levels of player, once you find the combs to suit the players skill level and style of play. New Major Expansion is coming with a new Map and options for the existing Characters & Troops and a new Expansion Character for each team is coming. Two Expansion Characters are currently out of stock, one was originally a Limited Release, the other is the first Expansion Character
  18. Exactly, keep Minimum Ranges but have the Automatic trait refer to Rate of Fire related abilities and a other set of traits to Minimum Range.
  19. Automatic trait is also used to fix Minimum Range just like Pistol & Heavy. Min Range should have bean changed to Pistol, Longarm & Support or Heavy with the revised edition with Automatic Trait bean used for other things. As to speculation on Troops Pack II for each faction? for the Union I'm hoping for a Commando Omega Double Pack to give the Union some HtH abilities. for the Reich perhaps a Shocktruppen double pack being a mid range fighter with Armor & Grenades. For the Russians well once they've given us the new Bots perhaps some actual Troops?
  20. I know a wile back the last of the Wolf Stocks where run out, and the impression given that this was a precursor to a General Release Run, Is this still the plan? or are those of us who missed out bacause we couldnt make the US Con Circet back in the Day SOL?
  21. Posted this on the main Comments page Holy Heck I just used the same By-line for my E-mail notifaction I sent out to my mates, after mine arrived in the post this afternoon. For Union players all I can say is "Fire Makes All Things Good!!", the rest of the new additions will give less developed Union players a more level playing field For the Riech, Isn't the Serial Killer hard enough to kill alredy? and the Reich HtH stick is getting a bit overdone without spreading it to the Stormie, also it re-enforces the basic Reich Tactics and opens few new play variations for them. Where to put the Books & Cards? after Ramirez the Card Bay is over full in my Core Box and the Token Bays are just about full, the Minies Bay still has some space. I'm trying to keep Novgorod for the Matriachy When is the Matriachy Bot pack coming? I half expect after their new Hero. As for Troop Pack 2 for Union I expect it to be a pair of Commando Omega HtH experts and am at a loss for what will be in the Reich Troop Pack 2, Blusturm Agents perhaps? now I think about it the Reich could do with a Sharp Shooter
  22. They came in the mail yesterday (it's the wee hours of Saturday hear now), due to other games haven't bean able to get in any play time with them yet. I'm impressed by the Union pack but Reich feels like more of the same, not that that's a bad thing, but they could have given them something more than the HtH overkill they've had since the Core Box.
  23. True, but I've already got this song on the Jukebox, making this game feel like a Cover, it's shaping up to be a good one but a Cover all the same, at least one of the replacement characters looks like their not going to go Milliatant, favoring Hospitaller percousor options, where the last time all the characters went Millitant.
  24. I liked the idea because it played with the whole Voldermort Among Us and Heir of Slitherin angle.
  25. Quick rundown of the game so far, on Friday night I started with Shattered Hope as a shake down for me and the players. after wasting the lone Mutie with large amounts of gunfire Brother Doug's player was put out so ran headlong in to the first pack of mutants the party came across (brother Doug's player is a long time 40K player and believes in HtH above all else), blocking the shots of the rest of the party, he was ripped to shreds by the Muties, the one shot meant to offer him some support instead turned in to a Mercy kill shot when Sister Dom fired in to the Melle, the Muties fell quickily to Hand Canon, Shotgun and Laz fire. the party then ran throw their Slug Thrower ammo fighting the Abomination, when it came to the finle sean Phill who was a layrent Navigator, mutated badly and was Grenaded to death along with the Deamon and Stone. Confiscated Loot and the gear of the fallen was turned in for a Credit Note and the party headed off for Illumination. with time left on Friday we started Illumination, the new Nuns where introduced and we got up to the Shopping sean before we called it a night, Saturday lunch time we got back in to it and where finished by dinner time, Loot was handed in for an other Credit Note, no fatalities. and we did Edege of Darkness that night, everyone is up to Rank 3, but lack the XP in Hand to buy Rank 3 Options. Next weekend we do Maggots in the Meat.
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