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  1. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy the podcast We are trying to get out an episode weekly, but getting Bobby (Spooky), me, and George together at the same time can be a struggle. Look for a more regular schedule at this point now that we are back on track post-GenCon. Also, I don't know if I updated the original post but you can use just http://www.TheLastProvince.com if you wanted to -Daniel
  2. It is a quest that gets a token whenever a development is played. You can removed two tokens to move a unit or support card from one zone to another. Between A noble quest (which puts a token on a quest) and Light of Morisleb (which lets you play two developments from your hand a turn), you could fairly easily start building up tokens and moving stuff out of their quest and/or kingdom zones starting turn one or two. Move support cards to the battlefield, for instance, and make them useless, and things like that.
  3. In every CCG that I have played in the past, the players of our casual games assumed that the rules of tournament play are the rules that are used for casual play as well. The only thing that any particular company has control over in regards to play formats is their tournaments, and generally the tournament rules are the most well balanced and thought out. That is why when playing Magic or L5R, for instance, most people only play the current legal cards and do not play cards that are not legal unless they are playing something that specifically ignores erratta or tournament banned cards or restrictions. In a sense, erratta only effects Tournament play the same as the restricted list and banned list since the only thing they have control over is their tournaments. If they took out the clause indicating that it only was for tournament play, it would not change anything at all since it would still only affect their tournaments and whether to adhere to the erratta and other tournament clauses would depend on whether or not your particular group wants to adhere to the most balanced set of rules and regulations or whether they want to blaze their own path.
  4. The newest pack was not allowed. They scheduled the Joust portion of the Game of Thrones championship at the same time, so we only had a 20 person tournament. Basically everything made a showing (Orc Blitz, Skaven, Reanimator, Dark Elf control, dwarf aggro, unitless indirect damage, normal indirect damage, Kairos, and Verena). If I remember correctly, final match was between last year's champ playing Dark Elf, and a Dwarf aggro deck. No idea who won. Correct me if I am wrong.
  5. It was more of an idle curiosity. I just had a thought that what I was looking for is easy to see when I have it in hand, but what is the chances of drawing it in the first place, or if it do not draw it what is the chances a mulligan would look better.
  6. I have a general question for the audience, to anyone that might be able to answer. I was giving some thought to some of the decks I have built, and I was curious if there was a good way (or preferably a good program) that could be used to calculate the exact chance of a specific hand being dealt, and in addition to that if there was a good way to calculate the chance of one of several different hands being dealt. For example, assuming a deck of 50 cards (taken from my Reanimator build), among which are included 3x each of Grimgor, One Orc's Scrap, Innovation, Raise Dead, and Rip Der' 'Eads Off, and 35 other cards, what would be the chances of having a hand that included at least 1 of each? Additionally if I was wanting to check for a different combination (say one hand that had two of innovation and one of the others), and compound the probabilities together to find a general probably of any one of these possible hands from showing up from any number of possible draws? These odds might be fairly (or at least subjectively) easy to figure out since you are usually only looking for one specific hand or a small subset, but I have a different deck that I was trying to put together and there is probably (at a guess) 4-5 possible ways (combinations of cards) a perfect hand could show up, another 10 or so a good hand could show up, and another 10 or so that a sub optimal but ok hand would show up. I figure this kind of computation would be beyond what I would be able to do myself, or at least beyond what I know how to do. Any math gurus out there able to offer any suggestions. If so, thanks for answering my random curiosity
  7. It more comes into the fact that Hate and other such cards specify that you are taking resources, which are marked by the resource tokens sitting on the player's capital board. A resource token does not necessarily denote a resource, it is just a generic marker used by the game for various things. When sitting on other cards, they just represent markers and have no direct relation to the resources the player has available to them to use.
  8. It depends on your opening hand to a large extent. If your hand needs a few more resources than the starting to get flowing, and you do not need card draw immediately, then I usually develop the kingdom first to a sufficient level then develop the quest zone. On the other hand, if my opening hand has nothing great and card draw would be more beneficial, then I develop the quest. It is also important to be aware of just how much of your deck can be played with your initial starting 3 resources. If a great deal of the deck will not work with this, you may want to develop in that zone quickly, even if just a little, just to support future expansion.
  9. Well the nice thing that I like about Orc is that Easy Pickens and Lobber Crew have no targeting requirement, and nothing is destroyed, so it prevents things from keying off that. However, I am at the point where I think burn it down and Pillage almost is a requirement in the deck. I'm almost at the point where I think it is mandatory in ANY destruction deck. I have considered throwing those in, and maybe the Sorcerer, but that is for a future build, and hopefully more cards in the future that help build it up some more. Additionally, I was originally running the Dark Elf support card that gives a penalty to HP in zones without developments, in addition to running the Orc development destruction tech to help some against Judgment decks, though that still feels a little weak.
  10. The version of the Dark Elf control deck that I was running ran Orc and Dark Elf for things like the Lobber Crew and Easy Pickens, in combination with three Offerings to Hekarti and three ancient maps. The way I saw it, if you can get one quest down you can get a permanent lock on units with one HP, two quests gives you a lock on two, and so forth. Since very few people will have more than 3 HP, and most have 1 or 2, a couple of quests is usually sufficient to lock the board and between ancient maps, dark offerings, and the quest it self you usually have a good chance of getting two out fairly quickly. With sacrifices and a couple of other cheap units, you can populate the quests, and use cards such as the lobber crew to "prime" the quests and get some initial tokens on them to start things moving. The deck works fairly well but the problem is that against the current empire monster, it is just too little and too late. Against other decks, it fares a little better, though churches completely shut the deck down unless can also find room to run pillages and burn it downs.
  11. You have to follow all restrictions, but it should not matter since his ability triggers at the beginning of the turn anyhow.
  12. Personally I would just like to see the card changed so that it only affects Units. That would be a simple fix, and would bring the card back more in line with the other movement tech that Empire has.
  13. Due to the nature of LGCs, there is not really a secondary market for the cards. They are not a limited resource, since FFG keeps things in print as much as they can, so I've not seen anybody selling the cards piecemeal yet.
  14. No, it is correct as unit or development. This way the attached card does not get discarded away when the units turns into a development. That is my take on it at least. Plus it still works on all of those Wood Elves that turn into developments.
  15. Personally what I use for individual decks are normal Ultra Pro deck boxes. I use both MTG styled ones and generics. The MTG boxes cost the same and the plastic is more durable. For carrying around all of my decks I picked up an artist box at my local Michael's crafts store. It ran me $25, can hold up to 10 deck boxes, or in my case 5 deck boxes in the top row, 3 in the bottom, plus being able to sit all the capitol boards and containers for tokens. Box Image 1 Box Image 2 Box Image 3 If you want to get absolutely crazy, you could also grab a case from Pelican and fit your decks in there.
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