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  1. Cosmic Encounter is, in my opinion, the most approachable game in the "nerdy board game" genre, second only to Settlers of Catan. It is an incredible game, I've played it with people who have never played more than monopoly and everyone has loved it. It's pretty much the best board game, period. My wife loves it, some of her friends enjoy it as well.
  2. Cosmic Encounter is my wife and my favorite game. We would love to play together. Could FFG publish some official rules regarding a two player version of the game in the upcoming Cosmic Storm expansion?
  3. I so rarely get more than one person in my home at a time that would be interested in Twilight Imperium. Will the expansion have official 2-player variant rules? I would love that so much.
  4. My wife and I are both eager to see what FFG will do to fulfill this hint found in the official CE FAQ. Q: Can CE be played with only 2 players? A: There is no official 2 player variant for the current edition yet. There are existing 2 player rules for the Eon edition that can be found on the web. We will be releasing official 2 player rules for the current edition as soon as we get a chance. Will there be 2-player rules in the upcoming Cosmic Incursion?
  5. I do have the expansion, I've seen different opinions about whether I should start with the Expansion Strategy cards or not. I already mixed in the Expansion cards wherever it's applicable.
  6. So, I've never played this game. But it looks like so much fun and everyone speaks so highly of it on the internet that I couldn't resist, I had to buy it and then convince my friends to come over to play. So far, I've convinced four folks to come over one Saturday and I am rapidly trying to teach MYSELF how to play before they arrive. I've read all the rules and I managed to set up the entire game board tonight but didn't have any more time to play due to all the questions that kept popping up that needed to be addressed. But this next question wasn't addressed: In a 3 or 4 player game, if someone chooses the Initiative Strategy card, do they not get to use the Strategy from their other Stretegy card? It clearly states on the Initiative Strategy Card "You do not take a Strategic Action during the Action Phase this round." Also, if anybody has any tips on running this game with 4 newbs and no experienced players, please give them to me. I need all the help I can get. In fact, I'm posting this on BGG also.
  7. Is there a maximum amount of ships you can have in a colony? The rules seem to skirt this issue, everything else in the game has a limit of 4.
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