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  1. Hi everybody, yes, there has been already lots of dicussion about this, but I still have an - at least for me - important question. According to mosts posts in this forum it seems to be obvious, that a reanimate can be activated during the turn it is summoned. But the rulebook clearly states: "Essentially, a hero player with a familiar must choose whether to activate his hero first or his familiar first." p.17 As the hero can't fullfill this "essential" requirement - the famliar isn't on the map and until the hero is activated and summones the reanimate - he IMO cannot activate the familiar during the same turn. Later on it is stated: "When activated, a familiar may perform a move action following the same rules as heroes. […] The familiar may perform additional types of actions during its activation, as noted on its Familiar card. " As the familiar can't be activated - due to the above mentioned requirement - it can't move and/or attack. Does this make sense? Best regards, Mario
  2. Same thing but different: Playing twice a "Unholy ritual" card during a turn, choosing the same monster, is not allowed, too? Is this a triggering condition, too? If yes, is there a definition for a "triggering condition"?
  3. Hi everybody, I was wondering if it is allowed to play, i.e. two times dash on my ettin monster, during one turn. I read about a rule in this forum, that you are not allowed to play the same OL card twice on the same monster group, but I didn't found a reference and I didn't found these rules neithe rin the rule book, nor in the faq. I found "Two Overlord cards with the same name cannot be played on the same target in response to the same triggering condition. " in the rules (p.16), but the monster group isn't a triggering condition, or? Can anyone help? BR, Mario
  4. hi folks, i'm don't really understand the big advantage of Friedrich Hemmler. Why is he part of so many listed empire decks? My own units will suffer the damage, too. thanks for helping me out with him. best, Mario
  5. Feanor said: RTL rules-page 10 under "party actions": Hi Feanor, thank you very much! I've read the RtL rulebook serveral times, but I didn't recognize this point. It would have been great, if FFG included an overview reference chart to RtL. Regards, Zwergenkrieger
  6. Feraldis said: 3. Explore a dungeon for the first time (1CP) Hi, I was wondering, because I can't find this in the rules. Can anyone provide a reference to FAQ or rulebook? Kind regards, Zwergenkrieger
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