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  1. I am in winnipeg and i wnt to get more of the random starter boxes for the older sets and i was wondering if there were any left for ordering thank you
  2. the game is very easy to play easy to get into and amazingly fun, i dont really thing you need gamers even to play, i have a friend who got the game and played with her parents(her father has issues with rpg's being too out there), her whole family loved it. my parents are traditional game people( bridge, whist, scrabble, balderdash, trivial pursuit) and they would love the game(well my dad would not do well with the mean spirited elements but otherwise they would piss themselves) simple explanation you wont know who will like it and who wont until you try it with them
  3. if you lower a cards strength to zero with an effect that would kill at strength zero, and the effect lasts till the end of phase, does this make the army of the drowned an instant win if you have seven infuence available. as the strength lowering effect lasts until the end of phase and the save effect occurs before the army enters the moribund state, thus the effect seems fo stay on the card and therfore it strength would remain zero end therfore would still be under the "Killed if strength equals zero" effect, then this would trigger the "if army of the drowned has already been saved this phase it claims 3 power" effect and would allow the controller of the army of the drowned to trigger this ability repeatedly until he has acheived enough power to obtain victory. is this logic correct or is there a step in the resolution of the effect on the save that would nullify the death at strength zero portion of the str lowering effect to prevent this from becoming the single greatest army in the game
  4. BTW what's the point to write "(cannot be saved)" on cards like Bodyguard? i beleive there are some events and other cards that save attachments from being discarded, like Looking for Rubies, U122, a tourney of swords
  5. just wonderin if there was any way to get the rules for the old draft format. i took advantage of the holiday sale and my friends and i are wanting to try it but the drat pack box didnot come with complete rules for it and we need clarification on how the wouse affiliations and gold penalties work thank you
  6. as well as effects in triggered during challenges?
  7. quick clarification, on the plot card it states "after an opponent triggers an effect, raise the claim of this plot by one" does this effect happen only once or does the effect stack for every effect triggered by an opponent thank you
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