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  1. If you want to see the complete list of quests, check here.
  2. These quests will eventually be added to the Support page of Descent. I got this answer from FFG themselves when I contacted them about a month ago.
  3. Nice. I've added a link to your site in my Useful Descent LInks section.
  4. Click here to see the stats of Skeletons.
  5. Hi, Try the file located here. It is not complete though. If someone can reply and give the complete breakdown, I will add the info on the relevant pages of my site.
  6. Not that I know of, but would be nice. If you find anything, please let me know.
  7. This card is normally played during the ovelord's turn. It means that after a monster has attacked you with a melee attack, you get a free attack against it. The text says "if able" because a Giant, 1 space away from the Hero, could have hit you with the Reach ability. If you don't have the Reach ability yourself, no ranged or magic weapons equipped. you cannot counter-attack.
  8. In my own experience, it's not that easy for the heroes, far from a cakewalk. I wouldn't recommend boosting the monsters. The overlord just has to use his first experience points to make Eldritch, Beast or Humanoid monsters go Silver and the party will have a hard start.
  9. CanadianPittbull said: I am so stoked for this expansion AND I hope we also see the last LT's and the Overlord Avatar's would be cool as well. I'm compiling the info on this page of my site. But I can tell you this: There will be 4 new Avatars: the Master of Hunt, the Count, the Mistress of Serpents and Captain Bones. There will be at least 1 new plot called Leviathan. There will be new skills such as Captain (Fighting), Dead Eye (Subterfuge) and Alex the Wise, a compagnion (Wizardry).
  10. Looking at the first picture, we can see under the fist layer a map abou the size of the actual RTL map. Seems like it could go to the right or left side of it. I can also see "water trails" with one Encounter shield. That probably means that you have to roll the black dice and might have Water Outdoor Encounter. I also guess the party can buy Party Upgrade such as cannons for their boat. Looks great!
  11. mordak5 said: ... the heroes are 3 level 4 and 1 level 2 hero, the level 2 has spritwalker, ... What do you mean by level 4 and level 2? Heroes don't have levels in Descent. Do you mean conquest value (number in the bottom left corner)?
  12. Thanks to both of you (Danke, gracias). I already sent you a friend invite and contact details. If you want to see an example of the first step to show translated names, check the top of this page.
  13. I've added a new page to my site for Descent Links and Tools. If someone think of something else to add, just let me know. I also got in contact with the creator of the Descent Line of Sight Checker (the one that use to be on Free Pie Coupon) and got permisison to host it on my site. Click here to see this great tool!
  14. Hi, I'm thinking about adding some tables of correspondance between the English name of the cards and the official translations of Descent on my site. I already found someone to help me with the French version by Edge. So I'm looking for a volunteer with the German version and one with the Spanish version. I know there are other languages, but I'll start with this. Cheers!
  15. Hi Hammerdal, Problem with the Search box is that I have more than 400 pages, but Google has only indexed 200 or so (so far) of them. That means that some searches may turn up no results but there is actually something about what you are looking for. That's why I recommand using the ABC bar in the meantime. Thanks for your comments!
  16. There is a limit to the number of power card in play in RTL, like 2 power cards at the Copper Level of the campaign, I guess 3 for Silver and so on (don't have the book here), but they don't say you cannot play 2 identical powers. So yes, 2 DOOM! is legal. There are 48 cards in the core deck, not 49. You probably took the text from the TOI pdf that lists "Lone Wendigo" as a core deck card. That card doesn't exist actually (only Prowling Wendigo as a Treachery card). See the full list of Overlord cards here. Click on the Treachery column to sort and see all cards from the core deck (no treachery value).
  17. Thanks for quoting my site, Hammerdal, for skill cards. Nice to see it's useful. I have a bit of problem with the hero generator. No scroll bar on Chrome and Explorer. Need to click and drag down. I'll put that stuff in my list and will tell you when it's live.
  18. Hi Everyone, I'm planning on adding a new page on my site for Useful Links and Tools for Descent. I have a few that I put below but I would like to put more if you know of any: Line of sight checker: http://atdotdot.com/los.php Dice simulator: http://www.keldon.net/descent/ Antistone's Endurance Calculator ... Anything else? Blogs?
  19. When the leader of an Outdoor Encounter is killed, the Overlord cannot use the Reinforce ability of the Encounter card anymore (if applies) to bring new monsters on the board. So it basically means that the heroes have to clean what is left to end the encounter or flee themselves via one of the exit square. And Big Remy is right. Only Lieutenants can flee and encounter. Not normal or named monsters.
  20. Antistone said: Um...as quoted earlier in this very thread: "All monsters with the Flying ability automatically have the Soar ability as well." (RtL rules page 29) Maybe you meant the reverse, that it's possible to have Soar without having Fly? That seems weird, but I don't see a rule against it. (I don't own and haven't played RtL, so I'm just going by the online PDF rules.) * cough * *cough* Thanks for correcting me. Wrote too fast. In RTL, for example, the Dragons have Soar. They cannot Fly in a dungeon (same as in vanilla Descent), probably because they are too big and would hit the ceiling, but they can Soar during Outdoor Encounters. Razorwings are small and have Fly, so they can also Soar during Outdoor encounters.
  21. In RTL, all figures with Soar have the Fly ability but the opposite is not true. Monsters with Fly don't have Soar. It's a bit like "low flying" monsters (Fly) vs "high fying" monsters (Soar).
  22. Crycious said: So I just got done playing my new copy of Descent and was very dissapointed. We were playing without any expansions. I was the OL. I killed one hero 6 times and another one twice, yet I felt as if I never got ahead of the game. All the heroes (3 of them) ended the game with more conquest tokens then they started with. We played the into the dark quest 1 from the manuel. Is there something we did wrong? Was it the quest? Do all heroes gain 3 conquest tokens for every glyph activated? Most of hte monsters I spawned didnt even get to attack because, the heroes would move and ready with a gaurd, then inturupt and kill my monsters. the monster stats never got any better so the copper chests items destroyed all my monsters. I have heard that this game is awsome and was excited about getting it. Now im frustrated and want to send it back. Any input would be great. You might have done something wrong, because if you killed a hero 6 times and another one twice, the heroes should have lost something like 16 conquest tokens minimum. Heroes are worth between 1 to 4 conquest tokens each so 24 is even more realistic. The heroes normally start with 5 conquest tokens so they should be dead by then. The Party gets 3 conquest tokens for each glyph they activate, not 3 conquest token per hero. If you played like this, no wonder they kicked your ***. If the heroes stand back and use guard, no need to rush and attack them. Stay back, wait, gather more threat tokens and spawn monsters every turn if you can. Hope this helps.
  23. I would really love a Diablo board game, but a mix between Descent and Diablo doesn't appeal to me at all. Well, if FFG have the rights for Warcraft, they might have it for Diablo as well. Would be a good seller for them.
  24. Would be great to be able to play Descent online (even if a big part of the fun is throwing real dice with a few beers). Better present it as a "tool" to desing dungeon and calculate line of sight perhaps. In any case, keep us informed!!!
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