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  1. Ships make their first move for free, so I never had to spend a single energy to move
  2. Yesterday my group played a game where I happened into a somewhat difficult to pull off but basically unbeatable tactic. I started on a copper planet (we refer to the metals as copper, silver, and gold by the colors of the card, as we are all veteran fantasy game players, and that paradigm is well established) and my three opponents started with copper, food, and fuel. My first move was to fly my ship to another system and landed on an alien planet. I drew the "alien blueprints" artifact, allowing me to later build a ship for only two different ores. Through trading and the other copper player producing resources, I ended up in the second turn with five copper, two silver, and three gold as my entire resource hand. I played a build card as my first action and produced three ships, followed by a ship scoring card and a movement card. I now had an insurmountable ship lead, and a presence in five different systems, guaranteeing me at least a couple turns of dominance in system presence scoring. Additionally, I landed two of my ships on copper planets, allowing me four production each time that metal was produced. The net effect was that I could guarantee dominant scoring in two of my score cards, and at least rack up four points (if not seven) just dumping the four copper on the same/different scoring card. Needless to say, I gave up resource harvesting completely and pressed the scoring advantage mercilessly for a victory at my first action of the fifth turn.
  3. I spoke to customer support at Mayday and they are shipping me 20 of the blue Euro packs right away, with return shipping label for the existing product - Grade A customer service. The person I spoke to did mention that he had discovered the size discrepancy over the weekend and was just about to make a post to their website about it. It seems that the cards for Descent and a couple others are actually larger than the 56x87mm spec listed by FFG, and the sleeves had been made based on that data. They are revising the purple label sleeves to reflect this new info. The existing sleeves do fit a number of other FFG products perfectly, such as Kingsburg.
  4. I ordered a boatload of the purple label "Standard USA Game Size Sleeves" (56mm x 87mm) based on the compatibility .pdf on their website. I'm sad to report that these do *not* fit Descent cards correctly as advertised. They are too tight width-wise and not quite long enough to cover the length of the card. I have tested samples from all 20 packs to make sure I didn't just try a bum pack. The sleeves would need to be at least 1-2mm longer in both dimensions to fit, and usually a little extra at the top is preferred. The blue label "Euro Game Card Sleeves" (59mm x 92mm) would appear to be the appropriate size. I hope this assists others in ordering the correct product.
  5. Oboewan said: Lord Foul said: It doesn't say "If he gets his normal action" does it? The hook attack doesn't seem to be contingent on anything, it is just letting you know he gets to attack with it every turn regardless of what else he does. Actually, it kinda does. IIRC, the "In addition to his normal action" is straight off the card. "If he gets his normal action" can only be interpreted as a dependency, whereas "in addition to his normal action" could be interpreted as merely informational. letting you know that this attack is an extra one, not a replacement.
  6. It doesn't say "If he gets his normal action" does it? The hook attack doesn't seem to be contingent on anything, it is just letting you know he gets to attack with it every turn regardless of what else he does.
  7. I wouldn't call it an interrupt attack per se. It does occur on the OL turn, but doesn't occur until after the triggering monster attack has resolved (which means you have to survive the attack to play the card in a useful manner).
  8. Basically the FAQ makes it clear that they want you to pretend no mention of "Recuperating" was ever in the RtL rules.
  9. Ghost Armor, the shop tunic (and its treasure variants), and the skull shield should be able to negate wounds in all of the circumstances except for 4. The only requirement is that the hero is on the receiving end of wounds. In the case of being transformed into a monkey you cannot use any items, thus the special effects of these treasures are unavailable.
  10. I tossed the copies that came with JitD as the RtL versions play just fine in the vanilla game.
  11. Burnhamalive said: Why would the genestealers stay onboard the ship after it's empty? The only means they have of leaving the ship is when another ship docks to investigate (and is then overwhelmed and infested with genestealers, starting the cycle anew). I suppose the occasional hulk might drift into a planetary system and crash on one of the worlds therein, and genestealers escape to start gathering strength to summon the hive fleet.
  12. Not by the rules as written, but it seems insane not to allow them to travel with their owner (using a staircase isn't grounds for stripping a hero of a skill or inherent ability), so this is a case where usability prevails over perfect adherence to rules in my games.
  13. I think we have to interpret "blocks LOS" as "blocks LOS through, but not into" otherwise it would already be impossible to shoot a figure in a tree, rendering shadowcloak redundant for the most part. This reading also allows hitting a flying creature as it moves through rubble.
  14. I'm going to have to come down on the "8 cardinal directions" side of the argument. Picking a target point and then moving the rubble token towards that point works fine as long as the rolled range is exactly the target point, but things get dodgy when you have to pick a point along a "nonstandard" straight line path to stop on.
  15. He may always make one Melee attack, rolling 1 Red and 1 Green die, in addition to his normal action. I don't see where stun would explicitly prevent the extra attack, and it seems consistent with the design and spirit of the character to let him have it. As long as he gets to take a turn and isn't prevented from attacking by Sleep or some similar effect, I'd let him make the hook attack.
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