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  1. In the Whitehall Mystery rulebook there is mention of Whitehall Casebook as an app on Googleplay and Applestore. I could not find it on either. Does it have a different name, not yet released, or something else?
  2. While the X/Y scoring is very clear (saying 2 to 6 points helped) I wanted to verify the scoring on the X/X resource. If I had ten water resources and four food resources and wanted to maximize my points would I get: 14 total off all 10 only get all of one type 7 total of all 'pairs' 5 total of one ype of resource 'pair' We play 10 in the above but wanted to verify from one of the designers or other folks. Thanks!
  3. You misunderstood the scenario. A person NOT PLAYING the Admiral is killed/executed (but their are Human). They pick a new character who has a higher rank than the current Admiral. Would they then become Admiral? As stated we played they would become Admiral (even if this meant a 'known human' Admiral). That said, we also said this same case would NOT occur for the President (meaning just because someone has the higher likelihood to be President, it is still an elected position). So to clarify the situation: Current Admiral is William Adama Current Human Executed (say they were playing Kat and were human) and they pick Helna as their NEW character (So Adama is still Alive). Helena becomes the new Admiral? {and also verify this would NOT happen for the Presidency {say current President is Gauis and the former Kat person {meaning Kat was just killed} picks Laura as their NEW character (so President Gauis is still Alive), Guis keeps the Presidency} Thanks
  4. I looked around (rules and forum) and do not see this asked. While the President is elected the Admiral is by rank. So the questions is: If a HUMAN player is executed and they pic a new character who is higher up in the Line of Sucession what happens to the titles? Since President is elected I assume no change (the president stays with the current player). Feel free to show in the rules where this would be wrong. The one I am not so sure on is: If the new charater has higher rank does the Admiral title change to the new player? We played 'yes' since it would align with the series (Helena become higher than Adama in the show when she arrived). For example if Will Adama is current Admiral. the 'Boomer' charater is executed in a turn, she shows she was human (moral goes down, etc), she picks Helena as her new character. The Admiral title now goes from the Will Adama character to the new Helena. Is this right? This turned out to be important as it is a way to quickly have a known human Admiral in the second half of the game (assuming you are willing to take the Moral hit). Thanks!
  5. We also lay as not costal since the adventure track does a great job covering it.
  6. In our case the 'Wild' die was preferable to the 'Conan+Court' die as it prevented another player from taking the 'Wild' die. Sounds like one vote for 'Wild-Court' is close enough to 'Court-Conan' that it (Wild) can NOT be taken if 'Court-Conan' is available....That would have broken the tie we had in our group (fyi I voted same as you but it was my 'Wild-Military' action that was being prevented) ... has anyone else seen anything official and/or had to deal with this situation?
  7. The rules state: "When selecting a wild die, a player may never choose an action that would have been available to him had he selected a different available fate die." Then uses the military, Intrigue, military/intrigue as the examples. The rules also say when doing the Court action he "...ignores the Conan part of the instructions..." So the question: Can a player choose the Wild die to do a Court action if there is a Conan + Court action die available? We played it as she/he could use Wild as court even if the Conan+Court was available (since technically they are different) but am looking for something official. Thanks!
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