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  1. Any more ideas about Endor. I really like the Ewoks and honestly I'm not ashamed of this. I wish they would do a creature book, or an alien book or something that would allow us to play which ever species are out there. I know people hate the Ewoks as much as they hate Jar Jar though I will never agree, I just want to have fun with one of the things that drew me to Star Wars when I was I kid and that would be the Ewoks I was 8 when ROTJ came out and it was my favorite. I could never hate them. any how hope all is well.
  2. I can't wait to play this. This game looks amazing. I love the over look of the game. The graphic design is beautiful. I really want games that support them with adventures, campaigns, core books, splat books, and minis. So much of the gaming industry has done away with these types of things. I understand that money is an issue and that the hobby is struggling but with a name like Star Wars and the professionalism of FFG they have the potential to make something truly special here. I haven't been this excited in a long time about a game.
  3. I just don't see why FFG would go with another companies core rule books. That's like saying why didn't D&D use the story teller system for the World of Warcraft setting. No point in giving another company your hard earned cash and talent.
  4. I just don't see why they would use a different companies rules system. Why do that? Why not create you own game? Savage Worlds is fun but I don't think it would be FFG's Star Wars Rpg it would be Savage World's game and that would make no sense.
  5. Yeah I know they are still on Endor with no Death Star 2 being built but the Empire could have already scouted out the green moon. One of the Ewoks being curious as they are may have stowed away on a ship and walked off not know where he is or anyone know what he is. I know I know a long shot but I'm just waiting for the last game and then time wise I'm hoping I can make one. I think it would be funny to play an Ewok who really wants to be a Jedi Knight and doesn't understand why he can't be one. I think it's said only humanoid aliens can be jedi's or that's what I was told a long time ago by a game master when I came up with the idea. I always loved how he would follow around the Old has been Jedi in our group trying to prove he was worthy. But I will figure it out somehow.
  6. Yeah it says 39.99 for the box. Can't wait to get it.
  7. To all of you who have supported me in my Ewok loving coming out, thank you. I thought people were going to kick me out of the forum for admitting it. In 1984 I was 9 years old. I loved everything about Star Wars. Over my bed hung a poster of Wicket in his famous pose. I got it from a book club called Weekly Reader, every month they would send you a book, Frog and Toad, stuff like that. You got a little plastic book stand and a poster as a free gift. The poster was Wicket. I had bought a punch out book of vehicles of ROTJ and they had a hang glider of the Ewoks I had that hanging from my light in my room. With the Death Star in my head that could happen, the Ewok could fly on his hang glider and take it out. So I'm so excited about this game, I'm glad you can put together you own species and have fun without everyone telling you what you like is wrong. Guess I was stuck in Kevin Smith world where everyone hates the Ewoks. ANyhow any word on the release date yet? I really want to see this box set. I'm one of those who buys the Starter games so I can teach my group and intro them to the world in a flashy fun kind of way and then get the Core book. So to me this kind of stuff is all gravy and something I'll buy no matter what. And I think this quells some peoples worries that they wouldn't have maps and pawns of some kind. I love it.
  8. I love Beginner Boxes, with these I get my players excited. They love the nice character sheets, they like the tokens and maps. It's a great way to get them into a new game. I can't wait for this box. Can we pre-order yet cause I have the money right now come on FFG take my money.
  9. I'm getting more and more excited about this game. I got my Beta and I'm actually like it. I didn't think I'd like anything after Saga but FFG got me again. **** they know how to make a game. Now if they would just put some Ewoks in it and I would be perfectly happy. Yes I will keep begging for my Ewoks.
  10. I hope they let you play any number of species you want to play. Even little furry ones or giant big furry ones. lol I wonder what species do people want to see in this game.
  11. I know a lot of people out there hate the Ewoks and I will admit I don't. Since you are talking about species that were in the Rebellion era I was wondering you had them in there. I know I may be a small voice here in a very large crowd (those who don't like the Ewoks) but when I was kid about 9 Return came out and I liked them. I liked the cartoon show, I had the Ewok village for god's sake. They helped bring down the Empire. I know people will always say Lucas sold out with them and that it should have been the Wookiees but I like the fact that the Ewoks were even smaller and more primitive then the Wookiees. Any yeah they were cute. As a child I had a Wicket poster up above my bed and a hang glider on my ceiling. So I hope that Fantasy Flight will put them in somewhere. I got the Beta and I figure timeline this is earlier then Return so they wouldn't be out there. But I wonder was there never an Ewok who got off the Green Moon of Endor. Say a ship crash landed there and a curious fur ball stowed away on the ship. Yeah the crew could eat him, kill him, en slave him. But he could be a great help to. I know people may start hate me for saying all this. But I don't care, if they bring in the race at some point to be playable I will buy all these books and enjoy it but if they keep them out like others I don't not so much fun for me. I buy all the books for my gaming group so who knows. Sorry I'm so tired right now and all this may sound like a long ramble. I don't mean to say that if I buy this game it all rests on one race (guess I did say that) there are other species I like but when your playing an RPG where anything can happen, I say why not? Especially if there are others out there would like to play them too (and I know your out there even if your a closet Ewok lover) come on FFG I'll buy everything? What if they were a DLC? Anyhow just a thought and since this was a species thread I thought it would be ok to ponder these things here. Ok time for sleep sorry again about the ramble.
  12. There are people selling it on ebay and I'm wondering how in the world are they doing that, are they demo copies or pre orders. hmm…crazy really.
  13. Hi guys Im new here so I hope that you don't mind if I'm posting something that has already been talked about. I have problems with games that can be crazy with the rules. I bought all the Anima games but can't play them because I can't create a character. With this game I love the box I love the dice I love the books I'm just a bit overwhelmed with everything. But my first question or comment is, there's a book for wizards there's a book for priests but where's the stuff for fighters or other classes. Are there other classes, ok yes I haven't read everything but I"m trying. So many games so little time. Any advice on where to start on how to start, let me know I really want to love this game. thanks m
  14. At this point I'm willing to learn Spanish to play these games. FFG is great but they take too long to translate these games, We need more content so people will invest more into their characters, that's why the Gaia book is so great. I just don't understand their business sense, maybe they don't think people will buy them quick enough, but we love them. Please, also what's with Twilight of the Gods and there's a box set of all three card games with miniatures. This is one of the best games out there but it won't be known because they took too long to get it to us. I'll be dead before i ever get to play a single game.
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