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  1. Referring to this > http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite.asp?eidm=187 < I see banners for android & apple but no steam banner... way to indicate that it's available on steam. I only found out about it's availability on steam by stumbling across it while perusing titles rather randomly (on steam), glad I'd done so... I've really enjoyed it, but dang it needs to be promoted and a little steam banner would help. I'm hoping that FFG will continue to release other titles via steam, there really is so much opportunity for FFG to turn some coin by doing so. For peeps like I&I who travel frequently it's impossible to lug titles about, no way. But a net/note-book < you betcha! < add some multi-player aspect using steamworks & I'll purchase copies for mates so we can roll some (as long as they're NOT ridiculously over-priced o'course < bad ting that). C'mon FFG check it.
  2. I&I WELCOME additions such as suggested by Dragonlord and burchamj *Achievements, Trading cards & Full controller support (Big Picture et al) increases revenue for FFG by enticing more users to purchase Elder Sign: Omens (those on Steam of course). It broadens the user base and helps for future dlc & other titles forthcoming from FFG BEIING PURCHASED fer moar coin in turn...). C'mon FFG look at what so many devs on steam are doing, it's amazing!!!
  3. sorted has made roots in Old Orchard Beach, ME (Jus' south of Portland).
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